The Re-Birth From Ralston And McCandless Essay Sample

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Rebirth is a doctrine that the strum of consciousness upon death becomes one of the contributing causes to the arising of the new aggregation. This consciousness is termed to be neither identical nor entire different from the diseased but in the two forms a casual continuum .this can include animals, humankind, and any animals. It is conditioned by the karmas of the previous lives, and it is believed that good karmas will yield a good rebirth and vice vasa. An analogy that describes these is that of the ray of light that never lands. In discovering one’s selfhood, there must be a long process and challenges to overcome. We are often forced by the internal and even external events to realize who we are and what we need in life and maybe how we act towards other people. Environmental or nature relation also needs to be looked at. In making all those considerations, we need to decide which path that we should follow to achieve our goals. Ecological identity is the way people construe themselves in the relationship to the earth and relation to personality, actions, values and their sense. This ecological identity can be used to interpret the personal experience and the new ways of understanding this personal identity. The process uncovers some to the tensions between ecological identity and the environmental actions. There will be a comparison between the solitude for one’s desire and the sense of responsibility in becoming involved in the political action on its behalf. Ecological identity and the commons address the connection of the individual identity and the collective action through the discussion of Commons. The future of humanity and Earth depends on whether the human understanding will commune with the natural world instead of exploiting it. Already the planet is damaged, and now the future is challenging because of the rising human population which makes the terms of survival to be beyond anything that has been known in the past. We the human population stands a defining moment in our history that the earth herself calls out on us to get on the re-socialization of the nature which will be a new ecological beginning. In the quotes of McCandless, he said that there comes a time that be last for a few hours or a day. In the notion of living alone with the cabin beside a pond and the planting of the beans will seem strange and seductive to some people. In the story of the lecture patient girlfriends on how such life of the purity and the denial makes sense of which McCandless never passed through that stage. In him, we get a man who is devoted to rebirth himself by going to the forest to with the books of survival and the edible things. It is further explained that he wants to “build fire” this means that he is ready to rebuild his life from a different perspective. By the time he returns back he has redeemed himself according to his dream lifestyle. He meets his friends who the calls them as hardly rejecting the society and the drinking friendly farmer. In this film, we realize that by compromising the choices we stand a point to benefit not from friends but sometimes strangers. In the second film for Aaron Ralston, it is also the same scenario where he compromises his choices to climb a dangerous canyon without telling anyone, and he runs out of food and water and his arm is jammed and immovably under the colossal boulder. He is trapped there with no water or food to eat. This leaves him will a lot no space to breathe but broadly think on the way forward. Thinking of rebirth this is the only chance he has to change the situation to better same as when McCandless decided to go to the wilderness without food or anything for survival but only left with choices to make for him to change his way of living. In comparing both films, they have a goal that was the same, rebirth. This saw them change their live and started viewing things from a positive perspective of life. Both films have one thing in common, to fight for life as a man but there is a difference in the films since in McCandless’s film he went to the wilderness determined to change his life and learn from what the world gives out for him. He well knew he could stay for long passing through the transgressions’ that is the reason as to why he carried the books that could show the best animals to take while in the wilderness. On the other hand, the other film for Ralston attack the rebirth issue after he has been stuck in a mess that is when he realizes that nobody to help him if he can’t think and help himself. He fights so much until he cuts his arm to make sure he survives. Those are the motives we all need to have for if we need to succeed in this life that is full of challenges. At the end of both film, we get that Ralston survives as a hero though without an arm, and McCandless died and brought back home as a hero too. In ecological identification, the future of humanity will depend the defining moments of history where the earth itself will embark on realizing itself on the new ecological beginning. Man’s response to the call will depend on how we realize and nurture the ecological identity. Both films are very educative from their perspectives, but I choose Ralston’s film because of the way he fights through all the problems that he faced. His film brings us to the real life happenings and shows that we all need determination and perseverance for things to work out the way we need them to be. Unlike McCandless, Ralston shows a compelling film of what he passed through. His choice was a terrible one but again it could not be avoided since it wasn’t his plan but he got himself there, and he had to get ways of coming out of there. In McCandless‘s film after watching it, you don’t see the real suffering that he went through to learn about life. That is the reasons as to why one can prefer to say that it is partly good because it benefits the director of the film more than it can give the message to people. Life is what we make and if we decided to get together with determination, we would achieve our goals but we need to realize what we need and go for it no matter the circumstances that we may face before attaining our destiny.

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