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Performing System Recovery:

System recovery in Windows 8 (now updated to Windows 8.1) is required when the computer has severe boot issues, crashes often, or has become extremely slow. Other scenarios, where system recovery is required, include when the user decides it is the appropriate time to give away their PC, recycle it, or start afresh. In this case, the user usually has no interest in keeping their files and settings on the PC, and will most probably back up required data in an external drive. The appropriate recovery option to use in this situation is the reset option. This option reinstalls Windows 8 to factory settings and deletes all applications, files and settings except for those applications that came with the PC.
If the user wants to keep personal data, applications, and settings, the best recovery options to use are system restore or refresh options. However, system restore comes as the highly recommended when the user has a particular problem with a driver or application. It involves restoring Windows to an earlier point in time (restore point) when the system was functioning properly. This option does not affect personal data but might uninstall recently installed drivers and applications. The refresh recovery option reinstalls Windows 8.1 but keeps the user’s personal data and settings.

CIS 332 WEEK 10:

Windows Firewall:
Windows Firewall is integrated into the Windows operating systems including Window Server 2012. In fact, Windows Firewall does the same job of blocking incoming and outgoing connections as just as third-party firewalls do. Third-party firewalls such as those included in AVG, Kaspersky and Norton may have more pop-ups informing the user that they are indeed working and prompting the user for input. However, the Windows Firewall does the same job in the background without a lot of notifications. Windows Firewall is also integrated into the operating system and runs automatically unless manually disabled, or a third-party firewall has been installed. When a program wants to send outgoing connections or receive incoming connections, Windows Firewall creates a firewall rule automatically depending on the trust level of the application or prompts the user for permission. Third-party firewalls are only suitable when an advanced level of control is required especially for outgoing connections, but that also introduces a lot of unnecessary complexities.
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security in Windows Server 2012 has several prominent features that are quite useful. Two of these features include Windows PowerShell cmdlets and Windows Store app network isolation. Windows PowerShell cmdlets help administrators to configure and manage Windows Firewall, IPsec and other features at the command line level using powerful Windows PowerShell scripts. Windows Store app network isolation is a new Windows Firewall feature introduced in Windows Server 2012 that allows system administrators to customize Windows Firewall configurations and fine tune network access if more control is desired for apps from the Windows Store. This feature allows administrators to set and enforce effective network boundaries and ensure that compromised apps can only access networks where explicit permissions have been granted. This reduces the scope of compromising the network, system, and other apps significantly. Apps can also be protected from malicious network access by isolating them.

CIS 498 WEEK 10:

Project Evaluation and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF):
Feasibility studies are consulted when planning a new project or business idea to assess whether the project/idea is viable with the emphasis being on the identification of potential problems. The main question answered by a feasibility study is the overall project viability. Cost benefit analysis tools are used to evaluate project/idea viability from a context of potential costs and benefits i.e. evaluation of idea/project merits in monetary terms. These two evaluation techniques must be aligned to the organization’s strategic plan to ensure that a project is financially and functionally viable and that it will help the organization achieve its objectives. If feasibility studies are not conducted, the organization may face issues such as project failure since potential problems had not been identified. Lack of cost-benefit analysis may lead to project overhead costs and lack of profitability since financial estimation, and costing was not done.
Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is a highly versatile framework developed by Microsoft to guide project planning in IT projects and software development. MSF is flexible since it does not lock the developer to a specific methodology such as Agile or Waterfall but allows them to choose their own methodology. Given its flexibility, MSF incorporates a series of models that could guide any organization in assembling people, resources and techniques for aligning technology infrastructure with the business objectives. Its functionality is thus not limited to Microsoft since it has been used successfully by other organizations to implement technology solutions meeting or exceeding the business vision, goals, and objectives.

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