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In view of the white house policy concerning innovation, business organizations have started to appreciate the need for innovation with an understanding. The innovation policy by the White House has a great impact on the SMEs success. The American innovation is in problem, as there is little innovation in the young generation. Innovation policy will improve SMEs by the incorporation of new technologies for profitable production. The paper analyses on what it means by innovation from a wider perspective in reference to the white house innovation policy for the success of the SMEs.
The process of coming up with innovative practices important in the SMEs development. Innovation success happen when the society and organization encourages the invention of business efficiency mechanisms (Fareed, 17). Some organizations do not encourage the innovativeness of women because of stereotyping. Practices related to technological advancement has ended up linked with the male. Allowing business efficiency techniques and practices from all stakeholders without stereotyping leads to successful SMEs.
The implementation of the white house policy of innovation through the strengthening the architectures for a network will develop SMEs. The production of goods in an effective and efficient manner through innovation requires a network business system (George, 55). The establishment of small-world networks will open ways for the flow of innovative ideas and activities across the SMEs established. The network will allow the flow of material to the industries with ease. According to Peter, the levels of contribution to the economy increases as individuals operate in a network manner (801). Additionally, networked interprises lead to utilization of the locally available resources and opportunities.
Collaboration with other businesses and institutions causes a success in innovation. Various institutions and Companies can invent efficient and effective productivity processes under collaboration. Adele argued that the situational problems affecting SMEs could get solutions by the collaborating with the existing large companies (571). Under teamwork, the existing learning institutions and business organization will help the upcoming business entrepreneurs to achieve their business objectives.
Consultation from the Companies, universities and technology centers will help the SMEs to utilize the invented business efficiency methods for more profits. Consulting from the existing large business organizations, technology research centers and learning institutions allows the SMEs to apply the newly identified methods appropriately (Lily, 43). The suitable application of new business systems through consultation will assist the SMEs to meet the demands of consumers.
The movement from the existing order of Companies operation and management causes the SMEs to create more effective and efficient business practices. The innovation policy calls for flexibility in business ventures for the production and performance that encourages new idea implementation in an effective manner (Lisa, 33). New business ideas for solving business problems lead to SMEs growth. Loss in time and resources occurs by the failure of enterprises to adopt new business models for increase in market coverage and high competitive advantage. Today, the changing environment of business requires the American government to support SMEs by adopting the new business models. The new business techniques like the use of information technology in business will lead to the success of SMEs through effective communication. The invented company programs like advanced information and communication system leads to efficiency in data flow.
Through innovative thinking, the SME solves problems related to changing business models in a creative manner. The efficiency in the production and performance will improve the growth and success of SMEs. Research shows that the American government is facing a challenge of collapsing SMEs in the last decade because of fewer innovative practices in business. The level of creativity in the young generation is reducing, and the innovation in America is in trouble as reported by Fareed (44). The government has to come up with ways of encouraging innovative thinking in the young generation as a way of improving SMEs.
The high need for employment will end up solved by innovative young people with the ability to come up with SMEs for self-employment. Entrepreneurs will end up offering employment opportunities to the jobless youngsters (Adele, 566). Having an innovative generation opens avenues for increased economic development through employment. The innovation policy has an agenda of increasing the contribution of the population in the economic development through the creation of employment opportunities. As SMEs grows, many Companies will end up established in America leading to many employment chances.
A lesser innovative business environment lowers the degree of increasing innovation levels (Rayvon, 651). SMEs business objectives might end up not achieved, unless young people start to think critically on how to innovate ways of performance and production in an effective manner. Innovation in the technology industry will increase the competitive advantage and market coverage by the upcoming SMEs. Innovative thinking and implementation of the invented ideas in the young people supports the American government to solve the problem of unemployment through the critical solving of business problems affecting SMEs. Additionally, the Americans in the technology industry are old showing a lower level of innovativeness in the young generation. The future of America’s entrepreneurial activities through technological advancement is at risk. The innovation policy by the SMEs establishment will encourage the young in the technology industry in search for Companies’ performance and productivity effectiveness.
Allowing the diverse workplace in SMEs allows the contribution of various business ideas from different people towards efficient productivity and management (George, 66). Individuals are differently talented with varying skills to offer innovative business suggestions for high effectiveness during production and marketing of goods and services. The instances like the stereotyping of the black as poor at innovation and American as lazy employees reduce the innovativeness of SMEs. To increase the efficiency of SMEs all people across gender, races and historical backgrounds ought to end up included in giving innovative business ideas. The many entrepreneurs in some marginalized groups with efficient business thoughts ends up not utilized because of stereotyped business structures (Elizabeth, 76). Entrepreneurship only becomes effective when all people in the society access technological advancement despite of their race and backgrounds.

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