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Training Assessment: Ford Motors

Training is one of the functions that human resource managers are tasked with. Training is primarily a basis from which staff is educated on various aspects regarding an organization’s operations. As much as training is necessary, few organizations consider these aspects. Further, those who conduct training sometimes do it partially to an extent that it does not produce the required results. In this respect, this essay attempts to analysis ho Ford Motors, a well-renowned company in the motor industry, emulates a learning organization. This was done by analyzing Ford Motor’s training programs and any other programs that the company has employed to ensure that its staff is well educated on what is required of them. Case analysis in respect to the topic of discussion was majorly used to come up with conclusions. It was found out that Ford Motors indeed has a well-structured and effective training program referred to as Fordstar. The effectiveness of this program is manifested in the company’s ability to cut training costs and saving time while ensuring the presence of a skilled and well-educated staff.


Training is defined as practicing to improve on ability. Furthermore, it incorporates aspects of teaching and learning various aspects that relate to a specific working area. In the working context, training is one of the significant aspects that directly affect staff performance (Noe, 2010). Training sharpens employ skills and talents ensuring that they deliver optimally on their duties and responsibilities (Noe, 2010). Studies have proved that organizations with effective training programs perform better than organizations without training programs or ineffective training programs. However, the significance of training programs remains a subject matter under discussion. Notably, the effectiveness of a training program is an element that remains a stumbling block when it comes to employing a training program (Noe, 2010). Firms with effective training programs are referred to as learning organizations. It is important to determine the effectiveness of a training program to help establish the best ways to improve on the program or alter it to come up with the best results. Understanding the effectiveness of a training program is significant for coming up with appropriate training interventions.


Ford Motors Co. being the largest automaker in North America is one of the companies faced with fiscal challenges. Remarkably, Ford Motors is one of the companies that have initiated successful training programs. Whenever the company launches new products, it ensures that its staff across its dealership stores all over the globe receives training on how to handle operations. For instance, during the 1990s, the company engaged in the production multiple products simultaneously (Careless, 2003). Given this huge load, the company was unable to provide training to all the staff across the dealership stores. Furthermore, it is noted that, even if the company was to hire trainers, it would take hundreds of trainers to ensure that the learning/training process was a success. Significantly, this forms the basis of the fact that indeed Ford Motors is a learning organization. Due to this, the company had to consider internal communication networks to ensure that the dissemination of learning information was effective and achieved the ultimate objective.
As a result, the company, in 1995, moved the training program out of the prevailing system to a more effective system that included a satellite-delivered platform. This system was thereafter called the Fordstar Dealers Communications Network (Careless, 2003). This platform is characterized by a system that provides training and teaching lessons in over 112 working areas. Moreover, this system broadcasts instruction on procedures and ways of handling organizational processes for over 70 hours per week (Careless, 2003). All the classes on management, technical training and sales are produced at the company’s headquarters and transmitted in both audio and video formats to the dealership stores. Notably, the company currently has over 6000 dealership stores (Careless, 2003). This aspect points out the effectiveness of the system.
In these classes, the staff can interact virtually with the instructors. As a result, they acquire educational experience as well as technical training. One significant aspect to note is how the company has been able to cut costs by employing this system. The conventional model that included assigning trainers different dealerships stores to train in person. Furthermore, the effectiveness of this training model is manifested in the ability to save time. It is more time-efficient and content delivered can be accessed even after the class is over. Ford also uses this training platform to offer market research and significant communications to its employees all over the world. Through this training program, the staff is presented a two way discussion and learning platform which facilitates significant communication as well as equipping them with skills and knowledge on how to go about the company’s operations (Careless, 2003). The ability to add teaching on more working areas results in even better-trained staff. This shows how Ford Motors is a good example of a learning organization. Given its cost and time-saving features, this training program is more effective especially considering the outcome that is a skilled and well-educated staff.

Conclusions and Recommendations

In summary, it has been established that Ford Motors has an effective training program that is offered through a platform referred to as Fordstar Dealers Communications Network. This program is effective given its ability to offer instructions and technical training in different working areas of the organization to over 6000 dealers across the world at the same time. Furthermore, its ability to save costs and time used for conventional training programs depicts that indeed Ford Motors is a learning organization. Through the platform, training on different working areas can be incorporated anytime when necessity deems. Nevertheless, it is significant to consider some recommendations that are significant for the organization's training program. First, it is significant to have extra real-time training sessions for the staff. Real time training sessions are significant as the interaction is much more practical and encourages learning. Furthermore, it is also significant to come up with ways of evaluating the effectiveness of the system rather than considering costs and time. For instance, an assessment of how employees improved performance after the training should be conducted. This helps in improving the program and changing it if it is not helpful.


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