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There are quite a number of big cities in the USA that are famous for one reason or another. However, life in all the big cities is similar. Same holds for the life in small towns. When compared, the lives in towns and big cities are quite different from each other. This difference is not only evident in the outward aspects of life but also makes itself felt in every decision or choice that has to be made.
In a small town, almost everybody is expected to know each other. The population is small and is spread over a lesser area. A small market becomes the meeting place for everyone. One or two fancy coffee shops and restaurants are the sources of everyone’s entertainment. The community is usually tightly knit. Neighbors take care of each other’s needs and stay in touch. Quite the opposite happens in a big city like New York. With huge malls and markets, there is no common place for everyone to visit. Due to the huge population, no one expects to know each other. An indifference to each other’s presence is usually established. Neighbors do not strive to know who lives next door. This difference is largely attributable to the way routines work in big cities. In New York City, for instance, almost everyone works in a nine to five routine. This is due to the difference in living costs. Wives take up jobs to support their husbands and children by providing the finance needed to run the house. Therefore, due to lack of time for extra activities, the regular routine of running around and handling tasks makes it impossible for people to bond with their neighbors and other people around them. This also explains why there is more warmth in friendly relationships in small towns than in big cities.
In a small town, however, opportunities are limited in terms of education and employment. For parents who are keen on admitting their students to a high standard and illustrious school or university, have to send their children to boarding schools out of the city. In New York City, there is an array of schools from which one can choose to admit one’s child. Employment opportunities are also numbered in towns. Offices of multinational firms and head offices of national firms are all located in the big cities. Therefore, the jobs available in towns are usually lower paid and of a lower position than those in a big city like New York. The exposure in working environment that is attained by an officer in a big city company is also different from the one in a town.
Although the towns are not full of huge malls and fancy infrastructure, they still have access to all methods of communication and all the basic necessities of life. The smaller population is the primary reason of the peace of a small town. It is a foregone conclusion that the smaller the population, the lesser the traffic on the roads. Traffic is one of the major sources of pollution and, therefore, the air in the towns is usually less polluted than that in a big city.
For a family that is not worried about the cost of living and would like to go for the best educational and employment opportunities, living in a big city will suit them. However, if a family is looking for a peaceful life in a well-knit community, it should go for living in a town.

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