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All of the electronics items that can be worn on the human body are considered as the wearable items, and the technology which is used to devise these items is the wearable technology. These items are used as the form of accessories and are a part of the clothing of an individual. Additionally, the technology has incorporated an access of the internet technology to these wearable items. The internet incorporation is the great advantage for these devices. The foremost advantage being the ability through which the data can be transferred and exchanged between different devices and between device and the network (Tehrani et al., 2014).
It is notable for the earlier shows and comics that the evolution of wearable devices was in the list of the researchers. In 1930s, Dick Tracym was shown to communicate through the wearable wrist radio. On the other hand, Dick being the comic hero, another hero from an animated show on the television which was aired in 1960s was shown to handle many wearable devices.
In recent years, the evolution of wearable technologies is mainly due to the introduction of mobile networks. The development of easier tools for getting a connection to the network has made the invention of the new wearable technologies. These devices include, the Bluetooth headsets, web enabled glasses, smart watches etc. these devices helps the user to get free from the handy devices with the Wi-Fi connections.
The use of the wearable technology has been advanced for the business terms in order to stay connected and updated with the data gathering and the news regarding the new markets. The demand of this technology is increasing day by day which makes the inventors ponder over the construction of more devices and better technology related to the wearable technology.

Aims and Objectives

The following research paper will cover these objectives:
The advantages of the wearable technology
The disadvantages of the wearable technology
Some of the examples of the warble technology
Advantages of Wearable Technology
The wearable technology has made the usage of the data from the internet more quick and immediate. The information which is required in a short time period can be access through this technology. Moreover, it keeps the user updated with the surroundings and environment and also provides the updated knowledge related to any business market. The discreet nature of the wearable technology helps the user to stay connected to the internet and many applications without getting others disturbed for instance, the student sitting in the class room can get knowledge of the application by the view on his wrist watch without making others disturbed by pulling out the phone.
On the other hand, the wearable technology allows the fashion to retain its significance while using the wearable devices. Most of the customers are interested in buying the devices which are better in the looks along with the abilities and performances of the devices. For such customers the wearable devices are great choice because they are being developed in the manner which is based on the latest fashion. The small, slim, lighter, sleeker devices are the priority designs for the companies which deal in the wearable technology. The pods and pads which are large demand will lose their significance if they are not designed according to the fashion protocol since, these items are used in replacement of the accessories which were once the definition of the fashion (Castleman, 2015).
Furthermore, many applications are formulated only for the wearable technology in order to keep the employees updated regarding their data and work of the business and job. Similarly, those companies which usually adapt the new technology quickly are more seek the good employees. Hence, the incorporation of wearable technology in a company becomes the means of attraction for the employees. In the similar manner, the organizations can handle the data collection, the performance of the employee through this technology. In this way, the organization can work better (Viswanathan, 2014).

Disadvantages of the Wearable Technology

Every technology brings the demerits along with the merits. Likewise, the wearable technology also comprises of the disadvantages. The technology is replaceable to the smart phones and tablets but still they cannot help the user in many ways. The bracelet which is the product of the wearable technology cannot allow the user to write an email to this device. Consequently, only notifications for an update are possible. However, the devices do not allow the other functions. Moreover, the pair of glasses or watch cannot help the user in making the call. Subsequently, the user is not able to respond to the messages received. Although the functions of the wearable devices are present in different devices. On the contrary, the devices lack the functions which are necessary. The size of the wearable devices is smaller than the size of the tablets and other conventional devices. The reduction in sizes makes it difficult for the user to use the device for the browsing, etc. functions (Castleman, 2015).
It is assumed that these devices will not be accepted for the larger time span because the people will get to use this technology sooner. The major risk in using the wearable devices is the security concern. The security of the data within the organization becomes an important issue because the data is transferred to many individuals using this technology through the network. For instance, an employee can use a smart watch which is not detectable because it looks like a fashionable watch. Consequently, the employee can record the data through this device and use it for the wrong intentions (Viswanathan, 2014).
In addition to this, the wearable devices used to keep a check on the fitness and health can be manipulative by the IT department since, the information related to the user is accessible to the department. The most significant demerit of this technology is the cause of distraction. The students and the employees are easily distracted from their tasks (Viswanathan, 2014).

Examples of Wearable Devices

Smart watches are the devices that connect the mobile of the user with the watch. Thus, the user can enjoy the digital windows through the wrist watch. The smart watch enables the user to be updated with the calls, messages, and other notifications. For the women, the smart jewelleries are constructed which bear the same functionality likewise the smart watches. Hence, the fashion and smartness are incorporated in one device (Martin, 2014).
Fitness trackers are also the form of the wristbands which keeps the record of the steps taken by the user. In this way, the walking steps can be determined by the user who can help an individual monitor his walking needs in terms of the exercise. Moreover, the fitness trackers now also come with the feature which monitors the heart rates.
Sports watches are the wearable devices in order to get information about the selected sport for the exercise. This helps in the training of the sport or exercises as the user is offered with the knowledge regarding the sport while continuing the sport or exercise.

Smart clothing is the clothes which are fashionable in looks and makes the body look fitter and smarter (Sung, 2015).

Implantable are the wearable devices which are incorporated into the skin of the individual surgically. These devices have the medicinal purposes to serve. The level of the insulin and insulin pumps, or the contraception, etc. is the ailments which are detected by the implantable.
Google glass is the invention of this technology which is a kind of the headset along with the pair of glasses. The headset of the device possesses a prism-like screen. This screen is present on the top of the Google glass. This screen keeps the user or the individual with a constant update of the emails, calls, and other notifications. Hence, not a single update or notification get missed through the use of this device (Tsukayama. 2014).


In conclusion, it is determined that the wearable technology have been raised to an extent where the people are becoming used to it. Wearable devices are in demand due to the benefits it provides. On the contrary, the demerits cannot be neglected. The development of various devices has made the individual use more of this technology. Hence, there is the requirement to work on the demerits in order to consume this technology better.

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