Writing an Essay on Humility? Find Inspiring Examples Here

Humility has a complicated history in our society. It was honored as a virtue for centuries. Then it was seen as an obstacle on the way to reaching your full potential. Then it was forgotten.

Now, however, it is vastly misunderstood. It is regularly confused with self-deprecation and the feeling of inferiority. Those are often played out for comedic effect (quite a trend lately). However, humility is not the feeling of being "lesser than." It merely an acknowledgment of being "no larger than."

It is indeed the opposite of hubris. However, in no way does humility contradicts healthy self-esteem and the feeling of one's worth. The true meaning of the word "humility" is hidden in its origin. In Latin, it means "being grounded" or "being of the earth" - and as such, it is related to the word "human." Humility, therefore, can be interpreted as the understanding of your place among others as equally worthy.

Already feel a little dizzy as if you have just looked inside the rabbit hole? That's often the way with philosophical concepts and that is when written samples are very helpful. Indeed, reading what others have to say before writing your own take on humility is arguably the best thing you can do. After all, what is humility if not recognizing the value of others' opinions and giving it your full open-minded attention?

Whether it's a short essay on humility or a comprehensive research paper that explores a history of the concept, you may be sure to find it among our collection of humility essay examples.

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