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Pseudoscience claims refers to a methodology that falsely asserts findings and discoveries using the language of science. This principle, however, disregards to produce standard proof and confirmation that marks a factual science. Bogus claims, such as the pseudoscience, produced harm impact to individuals who are not knowledgeable and have no awareness of its existence. It is, therefore, important for humans to have an understanding of the warning symbols and indications that depict a pseudoscientific claim. One of the warning signs about this conduct includes use of misleading language. Claimants use terminologies that sound like scientific to convince individuals who have expertise on the subject to consider the reports that are meaningless and possibly incorrect. Pseudoscience claims demonstrate absence and failure of progress. Most claimants of such methodology never advance towards a clear cut evidence of its assertion. Claimants, by no means, correct their reports and most of its statistical claims remain unproven over time. Another warning sign for a fake claim is its failure for testability by investigators and experts. Announcements made by claimants do not undergo professional examination such as peer review. Most of the time, proponents of this methodology avoid undertaking certified appraisals. Claimants even criticize peer review process as biased in providing expert paradigms. Moreover, pseudoscientific claims tend to personalize issues and assault the motives and professional opinions of anyone who clarifies and questions their claims. If closely analyzed, this methodology utilizes vague claims that are not capable of testing and appear as overstated. This kind of belief lacks specific indicators and measurements and fails to utilize operational definitions, controls and basic principles of engineering and physics. These claims are normally short and lack depth in explanation and supporting facts. Lastly, pseudoscientific claims tend to become over dependent on authentication in lieu of refutation. Presented data for such kind of claims are more favorable to the pseudoscience and fails to compare and contrast with other conflicting data. As it appears to become vague, claimants rely mostly on testimonials, personal practice as well as unreliable evidences .
With the occurrence of pseudoscience claim in different field and industry, it is important that people has basic knowledge of what it is, its warning signs and its potential impact to their lives and environment. This basic knowledge will prevent misconceptions as this kind of claims can easily spread through different types of media, especially the internet. Understanding the warning signs of pseudoscience claims will guard every individual about what the reports are as against the fact supported by data. Obviously, pseudoscientific claims, if exaggeratedly reported, attract and seduce its target individuals. This instance may become harmful and risky for any individual who has no comprehension of the signs of this methodology. It is, therefore, critical that individuals must acquire awareness and knowledge of the indication of false science. Whenever possible, every individual must take extra effort to see and research examples of pseudoscience claims. Using of multiple sources will open and broaden the mind of an individual and will have the ability to make a thoughtful decision in case such circumstance occurs.
Find two examples of pseudoscientific claims made in newspapers, magazines, television, or the Internet. Describe the claim made and state the media source where you found each claim.
In an article exposed by the Federal Trade Commission, the agency confronted the marketers of a smart phone application that allows detection of skin cancer. It appears that these marketers mislead its consumers that its mobile application has the ability to discover warning signs of melanoma especially during its early stages. Based on the complaint of the trade commission, these marketers are the companies of MoleDetective and MelApp. As described in their grievance, each mobile application tells its users to take a photograph of the user’s mole using the cameras of their smart phone and key in other information about the mole. With the photograph and inputted information, the application automatically computes for the risk level (low, medium or high) of the user having the melanoma cancer cells. The trade commission criticizes that such procedure and calculation produced by the application fails to produce scientific evidence that supports the claim produced by the mobile software .
Another pseudoscience claims reported in CBC news that a young Canadian passed away after the lady drunk a tea concocted from tobacco purge in Peru. According to the report, the lady, an English teacher in Saudi Arabia, travelled in Peru and disappeared for nine days in a rainforest haven. The family of the young Canadian claimed that the tea that she took had medical reaction in her body when she underwent a ritual with a shaman. The doctors who tried to revive her did not succeed and eventually died. The result of her test, however, explained that her death is because of pulmonary edema where there are build up of fluid in her lungs that led to respiratory failure .

For each claim, cite and describe the warning sign that applies, and show how it applies.

The pseudoscientific claim about the mobile application utilizes vague, un-testable and exaggerated claims. Taking of photographs of the mole and inputting of additional information without further explaining how it actually affects its risk level results is an obvious indicator of a bogus report. Also, the manufacturer of these mobile applications fails to progressively update its users on the accuracy and validity of result of the software. On the other hand, the other article displayed an over dependence on the confirmation of the family of the young Canadian, which appear to become illogical. The claim that the young Canadian died because of drinking tea has no factual explanation and appears as personal experience.

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