American Bioscience Meets The American Dream Literature Review Sample

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Published: 2020/12/08

I can attest that America is one of the states in the world that has undergone several transformations owing the fact that several drugs have been introduced over the years. The author describes how different scientists have introduced diverse drugs that have since been used for several purposes. Apparently, the author authenticates that people want to undergo a state of self-realization thus opting to apply different approaches. It is evident that the author designates how American doctors have used the medicine tool for enhancing the state of a particular group of persons. Subsequent to reading this article, one can understand why people have to take the measures above as a way of realizing oneself.
Despite the fact that Americans use these medical technologies in the process of finding true selves, they do not lead to total transformation of one’s nature. They only improve their self-confidence, outward appearance as well as body modification. It is usually applied as a way of refining one's identity. On the contrary, these enhancement tools do not heal the physical illnesses that should be dealt but only shapes one’s personality. It is evident that these drugs are used in improving “lifestyles” of the people other than influencing their personalities. America is attributed to be consuming these drugs that are usually used as antidepressants, a fact that has seen its market grown over the years.
Several cases have been explained with regards to use of enhancement technologies. An individual has to undergo certain transformations in the process. However, this may not lead to satisfaction but may influence their well-being. For example, in his journey to self-realization, a publisher in New York had to use anabolic steroids to enhance his body size. It is evident that the person was terrified considering that he was not attached to his new environment. As a matter of fact, this led to the idea of bodybuilding that he used as a scapegoat. It did satisfy him owing the fact that his personality was influenced, and this may not have changed his life entirely, but it led to self-recognition. The article depicts how a person can get his realization, however, much time it may take.
According to the article, it is apparent that several people have been influenced and have since changed in the process. The author attests this to the ideologies people have and what they believe. In the process, they decide to do activities that may transform and enhance their lives. For example, some people had to undergo voluntary amputation of their limbs since they feel they were not satisfied with having both limbs. They view themselves to be incomplete by having both and by doing away with one, they will come to realize themselves. I differ with the fact that some have to be influenced by their concepts that may have adverse impacts. However, it is important to note that several transformations may be of utmost importance to those who feel that they are incomplete.
As described by philosopher Charles Taylor, it is important to ensure self-authenticity and fulfillment in order to live a promising life. He ascertains this to the fact that attaining self-acceptance is a personal goal. It is evident that this leads to self-transformation by the use of technologies. In the process, people will devote themselves fully to ensuring that they attain self-fulfillment and live a decent life. Moreover, the philosopher attributes that one should be true to oneself in ensuring that they accomplish self-fulfillment. Seemingly, it is the role of an individual to ensure that they live to their expectations and what they aspire to life.
The psychological well-being of the people has since improved through several treatments. Cosmetic surgery is evidently seen to be a practice that has transformed the lives of the people. This is an intervention especially for those person’s with low self-esteem and whose aspirations had been hindered. In the beginning, doctors were viewed as persons treating illnesses but with the rising technology, they are tasked with performing surgery. People developed personal inferiority and as a way of dealing with issues of inferiority complex, cosmetic surgery was adopted. It is influenced by the way they see themselves as well as by others thus leading to the notion of cosmetic surgery. The American market for enhancement technologies has developed drastically over the years.
In spite of the enhancements paving way for market, it also creates a lot of illnesses. It is apparent that the working conditions and tools used by doctors have led to medical problems. However, new technologies have been established to curb the menace. For instance, “infertility” problem has been addressed by medical specialists. This has since reduced cases of stigma whereby once was disowned by the community when discovered infertile. It is therefore seen to be an approach to increasing social identity among people in the community.
In a nutshell, technological advancements have both its negative and positive attributes. America has since met its dreams through this technology enhancement. However, it is apparent that one’s social status is linked to self-presentation that is further attributed to self-respect. It is of utmost important to embrace technological advancement if it leads to self-fulfillment.

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