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The book of Basic Theology defines angels to be spiritual beings that were created by God to serve Him and were set up to be higher than man. The nature of angels is that they are like human beings and carry out their activities just like humans. This book of Basic Theology brings the fact of creation of angels was to praise God, and God commanded for their creation. Angels do not have their time of the creation stated, and it is just known that they were created before the world was created. Agent of creation in this book is God, who created all things both in heaven and on earth. Nature of creating the angels is host and was created in bulk unlike human beings and animals that were created in pairs. Procreation among angels is then never stated, unlike human beings. The types of angels mentioned include good ones and evil ones.
As the angels were getting created, Satan came up with rebellion and exalted beauty in order to compete with God. A future conflict of angels then was prophesized and would cause tribulation. The fallen angels then competed themselves with God and are today known as the demons. Satan is the evil angel and is the leader of unholy angels. Basic theology also mentions this evil type of angels to be God’s great antagonist who hates both God and people. The good angels, on the other hand, serve God with love and normally intercede for human beings to God. These good angels are mighty servants of God and do His will always.
An activity of angels is the protection. Angels protect and that is why human beings often talk about guardian angels. Angels provide since they are sent by God to provide sustenance for human beings. It is then known that angels have a role of provision, and that is why they provided for Jesus in the wilderness during His forty days fasting. Another mentioned activity of angels is that they proclaim God’s truth, and they communicate messages directed to them by God (Akinn, 61). Angels do punish and carry out God’s judgments. Angels have an enormous God-given power that helps them to carry out anything they are sent to do by God. Ultimate end of angels come with the deception of evil and fallen angels. Good angels have always existed and will not die according to this book whereas the bad angels are always punished and exist in the vacuum.
Systematic theology mentions that angels are celestial beings created by God and their purposes for creation are not mentioned. This systematic context of theology omits a lot of details about angels and only mentions a function of angels to be messengers (Newmann, 45). Angels here are both holy and evil with the holy angels acting to serve God in His bidding. The fallen angels on the other hand serve Satan and agree to his terms and lifestyles. Illustrated angels act to pass messages to humans, bear divine messages and act as impersonal agents. The said angels are holy and are called sons of God although they are not created in God's image. Angels are strong in this context and have better knowledge as compared to a man. The angels are created above man and that is why they harbor more knowledge and strength. Ultimate end of angels is not clearly stated, and their death, resurrection or eternal living is not discussed.
In comparison, both the authors believe in existence of angels and their creation by God. Angels are believed to be superior as compared to humans but are not in the place God. Both contexts mention angels as messengers and connect God with humans although Basic theology went to an extent of giving more functions of angels including protection. All the angels in both basic and systematic books have their functions linked to the Bible and examples of how they worked with people in the Bible are mentioned. Further, both authors talk about both the good and bad angels who support God, and others oppose Him. Both the authors also mention that angels had no specific time of a creation, but it is evident that they came before human beings.
In conclusion, all the authors agree about angelology. However, the single difference is that the author of basic theology talks much about the angels including their origin, functions and end. Systematic theology author, on the other hand, mentions a few things including types of angels, their creation and an activity of messaging. I agree with Charles, who is the author of Basic theology because he relates angels both to man and God. Basic theology even gives a history of how good and bad angels came to exist and thus explore so much about angelology. Charles also explores all the possible activities of angels and in the process they serve both man and God.

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