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Nonetheless, the doctors and the society in general should advice the parents with autism children to enable them handle them with care and learn to accept them. In some cases, children with autism have faced discrimination in the societies due to the failure to interact freely with the other children. In addition, the governments should establish centers where such children can access the health care in order to help them recover. It is necessary to show children with autism the care they deserve because it also helps them to recover. In addition, the condition is not permanent if the children get the necessary care and support from the community members. The early child educators should also possess the skills on how to handle such children because they determine a child’s progress in relation to the speech development. Therefore, the medical experts should provide the parents with adequate information on the signs and symptoms of autism because the earlier they detect it the better.

Autism in children

Autism refers to the disorder that affects the nerves development in a child thereby prompting a child to engage in repetitive behavior, lessened on the basis social interaction and communication. Some of the countries have not taken into consideration the need to help such children despite it becoming common to most people. Therefore, the authorities and the leaders should set up centers to enable the children from the poor backgrounds access the medical care in order to improve the living standards of the citizenry. Nonetheless, the parents detect the disease in the children mostly at the age of 5 years. However, the issue is mostly influenced by hereditary issues although other factors also contribute to the disease development. Therefore, children with autism develop challenges in their speech thereby unable to communicate. However, there is hope of recovery if the parents detect the disease early and seek medical; intervention from the experts. For instance, the doctors could engage in speech interventions in the child thereby helping one develop the speech again (Schopler & Bristol, 1993).
Therefore, the signs can start showing at the age of one and a half years. However, autism affects different areas of the body, for instance, the speech and the interaction with the other children. Nonetheless, the parents need not give up on the children with autism because the doctors can remedy the condition. However, the parents should constantly observe their children in order to detect the disease early because treatment acts faster in the young children. Therefore, a close monitoring of a child’s behavior can help in determining any abnormality in a child (Wall, 2010). The parents should then take action before the disease goes to the extreme or does not do what the age mates do. However, the parents should never take chances if they detect developmental delays in a child because most of them would tend to think that the delays are normal. For this reason, the parents should learn to trust their instincts and act according. Therefore, the parents should visit the doctors for confirmation thereby alleviating the uncertainties.
The case involves two children, Martin, and Paul, and it is an example of an early childhood issue with autism. Paul’s parents detected the issue at the age of two, and the parents also sought for intervention. However, at the age of three, the parents enrolled him I n a preschool but did not respond as the others expected. On the other hand, he objected the noises from both the school and at home thereby covering his ears to deter the noise from him. These were some of the signs and symptoms that autism children portray. In addition, he also did not socially interact with his mother when she came home from an outing. On the other hand, he played alone in most of the times and repeated them constantly (Schopler & Bristol, 1993). Therefore, it became hard for him to associate with his peers in the playgroups because he retracted from them. He depicted the signs of the unsocial interactions with the other children because he would constantly cry.
Nonetheless, the inconsistent behavior brought in the discrimination elements because they would not understand the condition. As a result, the other children would never want to engage in plays with Paul because they would fear the discontinuation of the games. For this reason, they preferred playing without him because they would associate and coordinate well without him. In addition, it became difficult for Paul to transition from one game to another due to the effects of autism. In most cases, children keep themselves busy with the toys, but it was not the case with Paul.
However, the parent needed to take Paul to a special school, which he could receive the specialized attention from the experts who would engage him in speech therapy (Schopler & Bristol, 1993). The preschool did not expose Paul to the many things that needed address. Therefore, they did not help him to develop his speech and social interactions with the other people. Nonetheless, the parents needed advice from autism experts and not a social worker who would advise them on how to develop Paul.
Nevertheless, the case should help advice the parents with such children to take them to specialized care in order to help in the development of the speech. Therefore, it is not necessary to assume that taking a child to a school guarantees the development of the speech. Parents should leave such children in the hands of experts. On the other hand, they should also get advice from the same experts on how they could work together at home to ensure the continuation of the therapy for the positive results (Wall, 2010). Nonetheless, Paul’s case was different because he also suffered from mentally retarded, and it complicated the matter because it required more expertise to come at hand.
On the other hand, Martin showed the symptoms of autism but when his parents took him to school, he positively responded. However, the condition was not extreme because he portrayed some signs of speech development because he would repeat what the teacher said. Therefore, the developments prompted the teachers to include him in a normal class in increase his social interactions. Nonetheless, the school did not have the experts in autism but they significantly helped in Martin’s development. As a result, Martin played with his toys, and he interacted freely with both the teachers and the students (Schopler & Bristol, 1993). Nonetheless, the teachers understood his condition thereby gave him time to learn because he was not as fast as the classmates. Therefore, development of the children suffering from autism depends on the extent of its development and the tactics applied to help the child to recover the speech and the social life.
However, the parents should not leave everything to the experts and the teachers. For this reason, the parents also need to seek advice from the experts who advise them on what to engage in when at home. As a result, the combined efforts helps to hasten the development process in the child thereby becoming more responsive to the environment. On the other hand, parents with children who suffer from autism should come out in the open and seek help because locking them indoors does not help (Wall, 2010). In addition, the children have the rights of exposure to the surrounding. Therefore, the children officers should summon and take the appropriate actions against such parents. However, both the mother and the father should get involved in getting the relevant information because, in most cases, the husbands leave their wives to handle the condition alone thereby increasing pressure and stress. As a result, the condition could also bring about family breakages due to the misunderstandings that exist.
Nonetheless, the community members also require education on how to interact with such children because it helps them acquire a sense of belonging to one’s community. The humanitarian organizations that deal with children should also get involved in ensuring that children from the humble backgrounds access the facilities. The parents should get both emotional, and the physical support they require for them to stay strong and associate well with the children. Additionally, the governments should also engage the people to increase awareness of the disease by conducting campaigns. On the other hand, the researchers should also conduct a detailed research on what causes the condition in order to warn the parents from exposing the children to predisposing factors, thereby controlling the prevalence of the disease.
The educators should also explain to the other children on the need to relate well to the children who suffer from autism because it helps in strengthening the social ties in schools and at home (Schopler & Bristol, 1993). Additionally, it helps in the alleviation of the discrimination that most autistic children suffer from their peers. However, the relevant authorities should increase the number of the specialized schools and teachers to provide support to such children because they need patient expertise who understand the condition thereby responding to it accordingly.
In summation, autism is not a life-long sentence, and the children have a second chance to develop the speeches and the social interactions. For this reason, parents should not lose hope in helping autistic children because they could inhibit the development of the children’ talents thereby affecting the living standards, in the long run. Therefore, handling the autism condition in the right way and with the right people helps in the growth and the normal development of a child.


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