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Racial and sexual discrimination has dampened the spirit of our society in different ways. There are a number of people who have fought against such odds through different mediums. These people have authored a variety of literature against such injustices, delivered speeches and also they have created awareness through various other methods. This paper is going to discuss some of these great souls and their contribution against fighting racial and sexual discriminations in the American society.
Richard Wright is a well-known American author and civil right activist who tried to create awareness among African Americans by writing a number of novels, poems, stories and fictions. A majority of his literary works were considered controversial as they were full of hatred against white people, but Wright believed that his duty was to create awareness among his African American brethren. Wright used to express his feelings in a straightforward manner that strained many people, but even his staunch critics suggest that his literature improved lives of a large number of people (Wright).
‘Black Boy’ is autobiography of Richard Wright wherein he describes the problems that he suffered in his childhood, as well as, in his life. This book was a big hit among African Americans. ‘The Outsider’, ‘Black Power’, ‘White Man! Listen’, ‘The Long Dream’ and ‘The God that failed’ were other famous works of Richard Wright that people liked. At one hand, his literary works created awareness, and at the other hand, he also motivated African American people to fight against racial discriminations without giving up. Richard Wright devoted his whole life in order to fight racial discrimination (Wright).
Martin Luther king Jr. contributed significantly in freedom of African American people. Dr. King worked as a social activist and fight against racism and discrimination that was present in American society. King through his speech “I have a dream” touches emotions of black people and provoked them to fight for their rights. Dr. King informed black people that the legal and political system of the country is corrupt and Negros are not receiving fair treatment, which they deserved. King described slavery, inequality, sufferings, and pains of black people by citing different examples (King).
King also wrote “letter from a Birmingham Jail” that point out racial inequality and discrimination faced by black people. King mentioned that constitution provides freedom to all people irrespective of their race and colour than why government and other authorities are against it. King through his speech established a connection with the people and conveyed him that things can be improve. King informed blacks about their rights and generated a hope for better future (King).
King through his letter addressed authorities that were against his movement. King’s speech was very influential that it encouraged black people to come out on the roads and fought for their rights. King’s efforts impacted the Government and legislative authorities in great way. The moment caught speed and government formed Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in 1964 and 1965 respectively.
Zora Neal Hurston is a well known name in literary work. Hurston herself lived in an era of racial inequality and discrimination. Hurston being a black person faced all problems that black people used to face. She saw that black people used to live separately and they were not part of white community (Hemenway). Hurston travelled to different parts of the country to understand local culture and life of black & white communities. She described her feelings in her literary works. In her letter “paramour rights” described the sexual practice of white men with black women for pleasure and for the child (Hurston).
There are many ways how a better society can be made that is free from racial and sexual discriminations. These people showed that if people are determined, they can do anything and can fight any odds. King Jr. Wright and Hurston were not very influential people of the United States of America, but they represented the oppressed class. They fought war of others and stood with them in every situation. They encouraged them to fight and motivated them to do better in their life. We can adopt their ways to fight against racial and sexual discrimination.
After observing contributions of all the above mentioned authors and civil right activists, this paper concludes that these great people made significant and positive changes in the American society. They created awareness among African Americans and changed lives of millions of African Americans by motivating them to do positive things in their life. By efforts and acts of all these great people and many others like them, United States of America has emerged as a mature and developed society. Today, people can grow and live freely and with equality.

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