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The Paris Hilton Carls Jr Burger Ad has created a significant amount of controversy. Advertising is the method by which companies reach their consumers in hopes of increasing sales. The type of advertising used is dependent upon the target market and their interest. Creating a vision for what a product is and how it can help the consumer in some capacity. It shows how a product could be used and, in essence, how it would make their life easier. Advertising is intended to increase sales and overall company profitability. Companies spend millions of dollars yearly in efforts to reach their target consumers. There are many different outlets of advertising such as television, magazines, radio, and virtual avenues as well. Advertising is not only about notifying the consumers of a new product and the benefit of the product, but creating an appeal.
The first appeal that was utilized within this advertisement was sex. Sex, whether it is the actual act or the sexual appeal, sells to a significant range of consumers. Effective sex appeal traditionally appeals to a specific demographic. In the case of this advertisement, the company is appealing primarily towards men. The second appeal would be a bandwagon. The utilization of Paris Hilton with a high price car, washing it and devouring a Carls Jr Burger Ad. When consumers feel that owning, or, in this case, eating the burger is cool, it creates appeal to purchase the product. If others, such as celebrities, endorse an item it has to be something that the traditional consumer could benefit from. The bandwagon is a great way to increase the appeal of advertising.Main Claim Paragraph
The essay focuses on the Paris Hilton Carls Jr Burger advertisement. The ad has been banned in certain locations and has raised a significant amount of controversy. However, as dictated in the classroom learning of advertisement, sex is a significant appeal. Unit one addresses the various appeals that are used to reach consumers. Sex sells virtually any product; it creates interest and appeal equally. The argument within in this paper is that even though sex sells, in this specific situation, it does not serve the purpose. The main claim is that using Paris Hilton in a sexual manner does not promote Carls Jr burgers product and the overall purpose is lost within the advertisement.

Essay Body—via Toulmin’s Method

The Toulmin’s method requires a gut-level response to the advertisement. The claim is that it is sexy to eat a burger from Carls Jr. Paris Hilton is known for being ‘hot’ or associated with what is ‘hot’. The company based their advertising on the assumption that consumers would make that link. In advertisement, sex sells – however in this situation the attempt is very incomplete. What makes this advertisement successful? What are they trying to sell? How are they presenting it to their consumers? All of these questions have gone unanswered in the Paris Hilton Carls Jr Burger advertisement. The data is supported by the evidence in which the company is trying to portray. However in this advertisement the actress is washing a car in a bikini, and the very end takes a bite out of the burger. There is no factual data supporting the taste, value, or need to purchase this burger. There is no expert opinion unless the advertiser considered Paris Hilton is taking a bite out of the burger as being credible. The ideal claim for Carls burger is to increase sales with this advertisement; however, the burger holds no relevant purpose within this advertisement.
The warrant provides interpretations of the data and also supports the claim. So what are they trying to sell? Is there anything that can be inferred from this advertisement? Is there evidence of a wider principle or outcome? For Carls burger, if the focus were selling the burger it would provide valid consideration on what makes their burgers worth buying. Take for example Burger King, they utilize the “have it your way” commercials to validate that their burgers will meet their consumers demands. A warrant should be able to provide a simple reasoning towards interpreting the facts. There is no room for assuming the facts void of evidence of supports. With this specific advertisement, the issue that arises is they utilized appeal, however, failed to provide any Data + Warrant that supported it.


The Paris Hilton Carls Jr Burger advertisement creates a sex appeal for eating burgers. It will gain the viewer’s attention, and they will remember Carls Jr burgers as a result of this magazine and television advertisement. The overall purpose of advertising is to make a product known and make it memorable. A significant amount of consumers will remember this advertisement even if it is not because of the general product. Therefore, arguments of its real success are highly debatable. Carls Jr has focused on reaching the young male demographic. They have successfully done so by using Paris Hilton washing a car. At the very end, the burger is shown in a very appealing manner. It will gain the attention of the male viewers.
In addition, it is important to consider for the purpose of the rebuttal that focusing on the young males as a target audience is ideal for a fast-food burger joint. They are the higher percentage of individuals who would utilized this type of service. So the need for Data + Warrant that usually comes with successful advertisements are not relevant in this situation. Carls Jr has utilized this form of advertisement on many occasions therefore it has to have served some purpose for this company. It is not an ideal form of advertising, but the company considered their target market, implemented sex appeal and came up with the Paris Hilton commercial in efforts to promote Carls Jr Restaurants.

Backing Paragraph

The claims associated with the Paris Hilton Carls Jr Burger is that the company is sleazy, turning towards pornography in efforts to sell a burger. Feminists and parents alike have gathered to sign petitions to ban this commercial based on the nature of its contents. The argument is that it is not relevant to the purpose – it is just an excuse to advertise porn. Sex sells, but it has to be within reason. Advertising tells a story; it creates value and appeal to the consumers. The Carls Jr Advertisement does not promote the necessary values to be considered a successful advertisement. There is no claim, no data, and no warrant.
It is vital to consider the fact that the majority of the commercial does not even have the burger in sight. There is no menu products, talk about the company, or anything that adds value to a traditional advertising campaign. Again it is important to consider that sex sells; however, there needs to have some relevance in association with the product the company is trying to sell. The commercial is offensive to over half of the viewers and is highly inappropriate for children. The type of censorship that it requires has also raised a significant debate about the success of this advertisement. For a traditional piece of advertisement, it does not conform to the traditional standards by which good marketing is measured.
Counter Claim + Rebuttal pair
Despite the significant amount of debate against the Carls Jr Burger advertisement, there is still some reasonable claims that disagree with the main claim. The Carls Jr Burger advertisements have reverted to the sex sells commercials for a number of years with various sex symbols acting in a similar manner as the advertisement with Paris Hilton. As a result, it became the third most-shared Super Bowl commercial. Despite the overwhelming proof that this commercial is void of the necessary values required in a successful advertising promotion, it has proven to hold some forms of success. With the substantial amount of views and sharing among viewers, it has inevitably found a way to reach the target market despite the opposition. Carls Jr. has put their burgers on the map; they are no longer a no-name restaurant living in the shadows of McDonalds and Burger King.


The highly controversial advertising practices of Carls Jr according to traditional considerations did not serve the underlying purpose. Using Paris Hilton in a sexual manner does not promote Carls Jr burgers product and the overall purpose is lost within the advertisement. In no capacity did they add value or provide any relevant data to the consumer that would promote the product over that of their competitors. There is no claim, no information, and no purpose of the Paris Hilton commercial. Carls Jr took the idea of sex sells and twisted in a manner that consumers considered it to be nothing more than a short porn made by a commercial. It is difficult to determine the claim that Carls Jr was making as a result of this advertisement. Therefore, there is no data and no warrant that can be determined to validate it.
The opposition of this advertisement went unanswered in many different situations. The company felt that it was their best option to utilize these ‘hot’ celebrities to create a name for themselves. Having a fraction of the marketing budget of the large burger companies they had to find a way to create a name for themselves. The advertisement lacked purpose and the products being sold were barely represented. Regardless of the findings in association with a traditional – successful advertising program, the company did make a name for themselves. Negative controversy is not an ideal method for reaching consumers, however for Carls Jr Burgers has become a household name even if it is for the wrong reasons.

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