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Business Plan: Bonne Journee

It was quite a challenge to decide which type of business I would like to create, however, from the very beginning I was sure that it would be ‘business to customer’ business. I thought that the business that I will create should reflect my interest, so that I can do what I am really passionate about and what is going to bring me not only potential profits, but pleasure from work. I realized that I like doing many things, like spending time with friends, travelling and doing sports, but also I enjoy cooking a lot. Therefore, the idea that I came up with is bakery-café that will serve clients with fresh pastries and bakery products, based on French recipes, as well as fresh-brewed coffee. The business title would be Bonne Journee, which is a French version of ‘good day’.
Thus, Bonne Journee will be the French pastry and bakery products confectionary located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Bonne Journee will be a small cozy place with comfortable furniture, where customers will be able to enjoy delicious pastries and bakeries with a cup of finest coffee or tea, Moreover, customers will have an opportunity to purchase the products on ‘to-go’ basis, and share the experience of French cuisine with their friends and relatives outside of Bonne Journee location. Unbelievable tastes and smells will attract customers to our place to dive into the atmosphere of world-famous French pastry and bakery products, such as fresh croissants, macaroons, and apple tarts Tatin, and much more.
A person who had background in French pastry and graduated from French culinary school will carefully prepare pastry and bakery products. Everything will be cooked with care and pleasure in order to make customers happy. Moreover, all the confectionary products will be prepared at the sight of customers and they will be able to observe the process of creating French pastry and bakery. Moreover, you can always enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea made from the best ingredients. Enjoy and open the world of unbelievable French tastes and smells with Bonne Journee.
Thus, the main idea of the following paper is to analyze the legal requirements and possible risks that appear while establishing a private business, Bonne Journee in my case, to look through possible social responsibility activities that the business may get involved in, and to observe whether the idea is real to implement in life.
The very first step that is needed is the decision which type of legal entity Bonne Journee will operate as. After reviewing possible business structures on the official website of Internal Revenue Service, I made the conclusion that sole proprietorship would be the best fit for Bonne Journee ( U.S. Small Business Administration defines sole proprietorship as “the simplest and most common structure chosen to start a business. An unincorporated business owned and run by one individual with no distinction between the business and you, the owner” ( Moreover, in sole proprietorship the owner will hold responsibility for all the liabilities and losses, as well as will be assigned to all the profits of the business (
As any type of legal business structure, sole proprietorship has its advantages and disadvantages. The first most obvious advantage of this type of business is that it is quite easy and cheap in formation. The costs for starting up sole proprietorship are very low, and the costs for legal regulations are only necessary permits and licenses, depending on industry. In addition, sole proprietorship gives the owner complete control over his or her business and over all the decisions. As far as sole proprietorship is not taxed separately, the preparation of taxes becomes quite easy, and the taxes for this legal entity are the lowest among other types (
The disadvantages of sole proprietorship are also associated with the nature of the business: there is only one owner, who takes full responsibility for all the losses and debts. The fact that the business is not taxed separately is an advantage, but from the other perspective, it is a disadvantage, because there are huge risks and the owner is personally liable for all the business’ operations. Moreover, for the sole proprietorship type of business structure it is sometimes hard to find enough resources for the start-up capital. To some extent it is also hard to raise money when necessary, because this legal structure is unincorporated and there is no possibility to sell stocks. Plus, in the eyes of banks and investors sole proprietorship does not represent a very reliable entity to invest in (
The steps that are required to take in order to register a sole proprietorship can differ from state to state. As far as Bonne Journee will be operating in Wisconsin, I had to turn to Wisconsin State Government official website. First, it is important to choose a name, which Bonne Journee already has. After deciding on the name that does not use any restricted words, the owner has to register the name. The next step is filling necessary documentation and obtaining necessary permits and licenses. For sole proprietors it is essential to register a tax account that Wisconsin Department of Revenue would use for taxation purposes. Moreover, it is important to remember that, according to the Department of Workforce Development, the employees that the owner of the business would hire, would be covered under the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act. According to common regulations, the owner of such business structure as sole proprietorship is not a subject to this Act. However, the owner can request it, filling in additional papers, in order to secure oneself (,, and
Those were brief points that the registration of new business entity would face in the state of Wisconsin. In order to provide more of concrete information on the legal work of Bonne Journee, I would provide a sample of employment contract. Before issuing any contract, it is important to review all the policies describes by the U.S. Department of Labor, in order to be aware of all the regulations and restrictive practices while hiring employees. In order to keep high quality of the offered products, I would hire a person, who has experience in French culinary arts, bakery in particular. It is important to consider all the elements that the contract with the potential employee should include. The contract should clearly represent the job position of the employee and his or her responsibilities. The compensation guarantee and the actual amount of compensation (which should comply with minimum wage requirements) should be included in the employment agreement. In addition, the frequency of compensation should be also indicated. The employment agreement should also contain the statement about over-time, indicating that the employee is not required to work beyond his or her working hours, unless two parties will discuss the compensation in this case. Social benefits, such as medical insurance, or payment for transportation costs, for example, should also be included in the contract. The date of contract terminations and the conditions of termination before the expiration date should be listed as well (

“As of March 5th, 2015, the following employment agreement will be made between the owner of Bonne Journee, name surname, and an employee, name surname.
An employee will perform the responsibilities of bakery chef in Bonne Journee and will be compensated on hourly basis. The owner agrees to pay the employee the wage of $12/h, which is over the minimum wage requirement of $7.25/h in the state of Wisconsin ( The owner will pay provide the employee with a paycheck two times per month, on the 15th, and 29th. The employee will be working 70 hours per week, with an hour lunch break every day. The owner will not require the employee to work over time. If it happens, the employee would be compensated $18/h for every hour of over time.

The owner will not provide medical insurance, and will not held responsibility for the personal liabilities of the employee.

The contract will be valid until March 5th, 2016. Each party who signs the contract reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time, giving a one month notice to the other party”.
We have already discussed the nature of business, the type of legal entity and the requirements that the owner of Bonne Journee will have to follow. It is also important to discuss the social responsibility activities that the business will undertake in order to create a positive business image. Social responsibility is essential to every business, though it sometimes implies additional costs. As far as Bonne Journee will be operating in the bakery café industry (food service industry), there are several possibilities for the company to be socially responsible.
First, we will be using only disposable tableware that would go to recycling. Contribution to recycling is a strong move to creating a kind of ‘green’ image of the business and it serves the environment. Moreover, as a part of social responsibility Bonne Journee will be holding small charity events. Probably it is not convenient to call it charity, but the owner of Bonne Journee once per month will be raising money for orphanages, and all of the revenue of one day of the month would go to support orphan children. This act will bring positive emotions to the society and, of course, to the owner and employees of Bonne Journee themselves. In addition, the owner of Bonne Journee will set certain happy hours, during which with every purchase customers will be given an ecologically clean reusable bag. This would be used as not only social responsibility activity, but also as the promotion tool. It will help to raise awareness about environment in the region and to attract more of loyal customers. Those are the brief descriptions of social responsibility activities, which Bonne Journee will be implementing. Throughout the years of operations, as the business will be expanding, the owner will implement more of social activities.
It is also important to remember that as a sole proprietorship business at the beginning of the operation Bonne Journee will not provide any social benefits to the employees, though all the compensation and working hours’ requirements would be complied according to the law. This is the ethical issue, and it is important to remain honest and integrity towards the employees and customers. What concerns the customers, it is essential to use only fresh high quality ingredients in preparing the pastry and bakery products, and to carefully comply with the expiration date of the products. The employees should also carefully follow all the storage requirements of all ingredients, and dispose them in case something goes spoiled.
As far as Bonne Journee will be registered as a sole proprietorship type of business structure, the whole liability will lie on the owner. As it was mentioned above, sole proprietorship represents an unincorporated type of business, and, as the results, Bonne Journee will not have any shareholders. Moreover, it would be hard to find the investors, and in most of the times, sole proprietorships are self-financed by the owners. Bonne Journee would not be the exception and the owner will completely finance all the start-up activities. Though there are high risks, this fact eliminates the risk of possible disagreements among investors and shareholders. Still, if the business goes well, there is a possibility of making Bonne Journee as an incorporated business. It would require additional resources and strengths, and if it will work out, the owner of Bonne Journee will definitely have to consult with the legal requirements. Moreover, as a future corporation Bonne Journee should operate as an ethical business entity that complies with all the regulations and meets the customers’ needs.
However, many other risks can emerge throughout the operating activities of Bonne Journee. The very first critical issue that Bonne Journee may face in the first year of operations is failing to attract enough customers. The perception that ‘what French is good’ may be not accepted by some people Wisconsin, because there are many factors that often prevent even people with an income higher than average to travel, and, therefore, they may not be willing to come and purchase French pastry and bakery products.
In conclusion, I would like to say that despite the risks, there is a big room for further expansion of the business, and for transformation of sole proprietorship business structure to the incorporated business in future. The project of Bonne Journee is innovative in a way that it brings new products to the Wisconsin Dells market of goods and services. In addition, this business will bring social value to the customers, and thus will raise awareness about sustainable development issue and about the life of society in the region. The uniqueness and innovativeness of this idea lies in the fact that French confectionaries are world-famous delicacies and the expanded idea of bringing them to Wisconsin Dells should justify itself in the future.


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