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Drought in California is a serious dilemma for the residents as the drought enters its fourth year. The severe lack of water is building up, and the inhabitants are being urged to conserve their water supplies to prevent an acute water shortage that will seriously affect everyday life affairs.
The main dependency on water supplies is that from precipitation. As the month of December ended, the period of little or no rainfall begun that will continue till April. The repercussions of low rainfall occur directly on the vegetation and trees that need the most of it, in order to prevent acidity in the atmosphere. The lack of lush greenery is dangerous for the environment, and it has a negative impact on the lives of birds whose natural habitat is affected
The evident claim of the severe lack of water in the state is the dried up reservoirs and canals all around which are proof that their water reserves have gone down to a dangerously low level and the precipitation level is causing the resources to get further depleted in the region. In many parts of the state, the situation is pretty serious apparently. The dangerously lowered water level is a warning sign of the worsened water loss by the lack of precipitation.
The natural reserves of water are also finishing up which affects aquatic and marine life adversely. The drought and the lowered rainfall causes the water present in lakes, and smaller water bodies are drying up at a very steep rate which poses serious threats to the ecological and environmental state in the area. This affects the lives of birds and other predators who need to consume fish for their dietary needs and it negatively affects their population when the marine life is depleting.
With the current threat that Californians are faced with, various measures need to be taken in order to conserve water in the area so that it can be used for the more important purposes which include, water needed in homes, for domestic and industrial purposes and medicinal and pharmaceutical use of water. Many Californians have taken practical steps in order to preserve water for the betterment of society. One measure was the abstention of using meat and consuming less of it in order to preserve the water required for feeding and keeping buffaloes and other livestock. It takes six hundred gallons of water for keeping one buffalo and maintaining its health. The area where livestock is kept is already pretty arid, and its maintenance requires large amounts of water.
The reasons why the drought is being accelerated is the lack of precipitation, however, the reserves that are left behind need to be controlled as well. It is estimated by the government that a year’s supply of water is left for consumption by the state. If the rainfall does not help to accumulate enough water to give a longer supply or to alleviate the problem of the drought, then the present supply needs conservation. Like the steps for lowering or stopping the consumption of meat to help save water, and then the basic steps for water conservation need strict implementation. The most important one is saving the water present in the state. That can be done by preventing leakage of water from pipes, restricting use of sprinklers and water hoses for gardens and swimming pools. Also, preventing the loss of water from running taps in homes, schools, hospitals, offices and possibly anywhere in the state is a must.
The alarming situation of the drought and scarcity of water in the state needs to be taken seriously and the people need to push themselves to work for water preservation because it will ultimately cause them to suffer when the water shortage goes to a dangerously low level, and it will threaten their lives.

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