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The roles and responsibilities of the American citizen is a matter that is perturbing United States. Prevalently, it is through the citizen responsibility that America can prosper both politically and socially. The American constitutions have completely empowered its citizens with defined roles and responsibilities. The US populace must, therefore, use the constitution right to exercise their roles and responsibilities. The US citizen has right to engage in civic participation. To be specific, the citizens must take part in choosing their leaders. The constitution has provided voting to be a right to the entire US citizen. Secondly, the citizen has a right to engage in political rallies; through the rallies the views of the citizen can be heard and addressed. Furthermore, the citizens are privileged to critic and oppose bad laws from the leaders and any existing government. Moreover, the citizen has a duty to take part completely in the decision-making process. Through participation in decision-making, the views of the citizen are taken into consideration. The American citizen must play a role in understanding their community and the existing institutions. The knowledge acquired in schools must effectively be used in ameliorating the state of community and institutions. Similarly, the citizen must be selfless and able to address the social problems that affect the society. A notable fact is that it is only through public participation that American can transcend to a better nation. Citizens are responsibility to defend and protect the Constitution at all cost. The paper seeks to elucidate the responsibilities of an American citizen in a democratic nation.
Prevalently, for America nation to attain its full democracy, its citizens must equally play their constitutional responsibilities. It is only through civil engagement that the government and its citizen can improve the nation. Evidently, through critic from the public, government of the day has been able to be on track. The citizen must, therefore, take complete advantage of the right provided in the Constitution to oppose bad laws coupled with putting the leaders to task. The fact is both the government and its leaders must be put on the watch to ensure it embraces and follow to the latter all the wordings of the constitution. The citizen, thereby, has a duty to be the watchdog of the constitution. Similarly, the American citizen must take full charge in public participation. The mentioned public participation includes engaging in political rallies, giving your view pertaining to certain policies among others. Also, the citizen has a right and responsibility to seek information pertaining to policy in question.
Plausibly, improvement of America democracy will demand that the citizen be involved in critical and all decision-making process. The American populace must, therefore, ensure that his/her views are taking into consideration. Above all, the citizen must ensure only workable and better policies are implemented by the chosen leaders. The citizenry must rally against bad policies. America can only develop when citizens come together to local projects, for instance, church building, fundraising in building of schools. Interesting to mention is the fact that myriad structures have been initiated and constructed through fundraising. The best way for American is to ensure that each and every American plays a role in building the community. Another imperative aspect is that citizen use the knowledge acquired at school to improve the community and institution. For instance, the elite can take the time to educate the members of the society on their roles and responsibility in building the nation. The mentioned responsibilities will lead to the success of America.
As a citizen of USA, I have a duty and responsibilities to play, as such ensure my country prosper in matters of democracy. The constitution has imparted me with the voting right; I will use the mentioned right to vote for all the elective posts that are within my jurisdiction. Obnoxiously, failing to vote means I will not be exercising my constitutional right. Similarly, I will engage in all the political rallies as a way or raising the fundamental issues that affect my community. A notable fact is that the political rallies invariably provide a platform for citizens to air and vent their challenges. On the other hand, I will use the knowledge acquired at school to impact my community positively. Similarly, I will use the mentioned knowledge to solve the social problems that have plagued my society will be a matter of great interest.
Similarly, I will ensure that defending the Constitution will be my primary goal. I will not permit any bad law or policy to be implemented. I strongly believe that good governance work towards a common good and should not pass laws and policies that negatively affect its citizenry. Moreover, if there is a dire need, I will be at the forefront in defending the Constitution, I will not allow the government to initiate unconstitutional matters. Moreover, I will obey and abide by the federal laws all the time. In obeying the federal law, I will remit all my taxes in timely manners. Through payment of taxes, the government generates the revenue necessary for meeting the national expenditures. Above all, I will take part in policy making process to ensure that my views are heard. I will also have a positive attitude towards the state and ensure that the state protect my rights and freedom.

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