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I attended a Jazz concert at the Churchill’s Pub which was being conducted live on stage as part of the premises entertainment. This pub is located 5501 NE Second Avenue in Miami in the state of Florida. Indeed, this pub has a deep history of such entertainment ventures by seasoned musicians. This history is enabled by the fact that the pub operated since 1979. The pub is open from 11am to 3am with no necessity to make any reservation. As such, the lack of stringent requirements conceivably increases the number of audience and affects the type of audience attending the concert. These are some of the pictures showing the appearance and the facilities available at the pub.
I attended the Jazz show two days ago particularly on 13th of April this year as part of entertainment and making observation. The first group included two performers in a well coordinated duo. This duo comprised of Mel Dancy as well as Mikewoods. Mel Dancy was playing the keyboard in a conceivably proficient manner. On the other hand, Mike Woods played the Konrtabass with Mel Dancy on stage. The second group comprised of performers such as John Yarlin. The groups played two different songs including Cuervo and Ungreatful Wasp. Cuervo is one of the oldest bands in America because it was actually conceived in 1795. It is also one of the best-selling tequila in the world due to the vast history. As such, this was an adventurous venture with essentially many observations. This review will reveal some of these observations in correspondence to how they unfolded during the concert. It will also seek to provide a vast evaluation of those observations in order to provide a critical analysis in context of the music industry as well as entertainment.


Indeed, the pub is quite old as stated in the introductory stage since it was founded in 1975. As such, all the instruments look essentially old including the public speakers and the microphone holders among others. In the light, one can clearly see the stained white walls around the stage and all over the pub. However, the stage is quite well structured bearing in mind it is essentially elevated above the rest of the floor. As a result of the elevation of the stage, all audience observe and enjoy the performances from the musicians comfortably regardless of their positions wither at the back or the front. Upon entering the door, the mood is all set. The stage is also spacious in structure assessing from the fact that it held about four performers at a time with all their instruments. It has a sufficient keyboard area and the Kontrabass among others. The elevated floor of the stage as well as the space can be viewed in these two photos.
During the concert on this day, the premise was lighted with white lighting which was just concentrated at the stage leaving the audience floor partly dark. This brings out the entertaining mood all over. Combined with this, the musicians’ attires spice up everything. They wore cream-like t-shirts setting a less serious mood on the floor. However, one of them wore a dark blue track suit which appeared black under the light on the stage. The musicians were engaging in fast and well coordinated but informal communication. Nothing was essentially serious to make the event serious in any way. With the audience taking their drinks, the floor looked even more entertaining and in the mood. Importantly, the idea of couples trickling in for a night-out spiced up everything. Indeed, every situation and person is in the entertainment mood mixed with the accent of leisure.
Essentially, there were two distinct music tracks which were played during just as it was mentioned before in the introductory part. In particular, the players performed Cuervo and Ungrateful Wasp as the main and notable genres. In this case, the Cuervo was the best performance for the day. Indeed, this is one of the world’s most popular and favourite. As such, the players seemed to be more passionate with the Cuervo. In addition, the main player captured the moment by taking up the suitable and internationally preferable tone all along the performance. In fact, I noted that all through the performance the audience was more responsive to this performance than any other track. In addition, it was noted that the audience applauded after the performance of this song. Importantly, the tone variation during this song was done in both a professional and perfect manner. For the entire performance, the tracks had maintained a soft and low tone all along. However, when performing this song, the main player sought to vary the tones perfectly well. As a result, according to their responses during and after the performance on stage, the audience was really excited and satisfied by the players. On the other hand, the other song titled ungrateful wasp was essentially less aggressive. The behaviour was uniform across the stage with all the players taking a lukewarm performance and movement of the body. In fact, the same feeling was transferred to the audience is a vast way. They were relaxed but the innovative creations of the main player could make the audience fall in laughter. Indeed, this would even evoke some claps from the audience due to the evoking effect of the main player of the first group. As such, there was a clear difference and distinction between the two songs as performed by the groups.
The performers during the concert were quite effective as far as the performances were concerned. One of the most outstanding features of the performance was the coordination shown by the performers. In the first and second groups, the Kontrabass player, the keyboard handler, and the rest coordinated to maintain a low and soft tone for the music. The idea of having different role-players bringing out the desired tone and maintaining it over time was quite amazing. In fact, very few mistakes were made as far as the consistency of the songs’ tone was concerned. In fact, the performers responded to the rise and the fall of the tone of the leader. This provided the impression of music mastery by the performers which was quite commendable. In addition to this, the position of the musicians was well organized.
The keyboard player was to the far left hand, the Kontarbass handler was at the far right hand while the other two guitarists played from the centre. This arrangement was quite tactical bearing in mind that the light was well concentrated at the centre. This implied that all the audience would see the main singer at the centre. Indeed, of course the eyes of the audience mostly concentrate on the main singer during such performances. The lighting directly below the main singer was therefore very appropriate. Of importance was the fact that the musicians were able to use the non-verbal cue effectively during the performance. Importantly, the idea of tossing the head as the musical lines ended was amazing. This carried the audience along the performances. In addition, the main singer for the second group was quite humorous besides using the body gestures amazingly. In this case, the audience would laugh to his jokingly framed lines in between the song especially when performing the Cuervo.
Of course, this was what the audience came to hunt. They came to find for fun and leisure. Whereas the main singer was quite active, the behaviour was uniform across the group. All the members of the groups were quite active. They were singing with their tones kept low to avoid distorting the voice of the main singer. However, although their voices were low, one could read their lips from far. It was evident that they not only mastered the keyboards and the Korntabass, they also had a great mastery of the songs presented by their main player. Importantly, the keyboard player for the first player was amazing. Bearing in mind that he was disabled, it was evident that he was very jovial and physically aggressive.
Although the performances were amazing, it was evident that the band members were clearly from a single gender. Evidently, all the players were male as far as gender was concerned. Indeed, this was essential insensitive in nature since most of the effective and popular bands and music groups choose to involve female and male gender. Although, this was an evident insensitivity, it did not affect the performance of the groups essentially because the skills are regardless of the gender. However, it was clear that the audience were not really interested with the gender components. Nonetheless, it is probable that the response would be really different if the gender was drawn from both genders to balance the emotional connection between the audience and the performers.
The audience also formed a critical part of the observations which were made during the concert day. On the day, the audience was quite mixed up in terms of gender and age. However, most of the people who formed the audience for the concert included men and youths. Most of the girls who showed up for the concert were accompanied by the boyfriends or conceivably close friend. Indeed, it was evident that there were few people beyond thirties and attended as couples. In essence, this audience had come to specifically enjoy the drinks in the pub. This implies they were not essentially coming for the jazz specifically. This explains the presence of quite aged people during the concert on that day. The response of the audience was amazing because they sheered up the players after the and during the performances. However, most of the members of the audience, were talking among themselves. All along, one could hear them murmuring and laughing to some conversations which were not inspired by the performances on the stage. This was evidenced by the movements of the audience during the performance. Some were most concerned about their couples rather than the performances. They also took drinks in the pub as part of the entertainment. Importantly, the low-toned noise was heard coming from the audience. Interestingly, the noise increased and reduced according to the variation of the main player. When the tone of the main player increased and the general tone of the song was raised, the noise intensified accordingly among the audience members. When there was reduction in the tone of the song and the sound of the main player, the noise reduced significantly. However, the reactions and the noise from the cloud were not accompanied by vigorous physical movement and aggression. This would be attributed to the fact that the performances were not very vigorous. Importantly, there was very little emotional connection between the audience and the audience. In this case, it could be observed that performers were not motivated or de-motivated by the respondents significantly. Nonetheless, they were motivated by instances where the audience clapped or laughed to a jokingly articulated section of the performance. This disconnection can also be attributed to the fact that the audience had been provided with seats to spend with their colleagues. As such, this made it difficult to trigger an informal and applause from the audience during the performance beside the lowly performed songs.


Indeed, attending the concert was quite helpful because it provided an opportunity to experience a live performance from popular and proficient players. In addition, it provided an opportunity to observe and analyze the performance of players on stage. Indeed, from the notes I took, it was helpful to make observations in details. Although it seems very easy to observe and distinguish the important happenings from those that do not matter, it is evident that making observations practically is very difficult. However, as I continued taking notes, I gained momentous experience such that I continued noting detailed happenings from both the audience and the players. For example, I had not noted that the keyboard player was somehow handicapped. However, I later paid attention as he woke up and noted that he had a problem with one of the legs. As such, the ability to observe is one of the milestones that arose as a result of attending this concert. As a student venturing in the music industry, I consider the ability to observe as an important trait especially when it comes to evaluating ones flaws. When one is able to identify his/her own mistakes by learning through others, they always correct them when their time comes. For example, I observed that the performers in this concert were very poor when it came to involving and provoking the audience. In future, therefore, I will ensure that I make a show lively in case I present any content. In fact, during this concert, I genuinely did not enjoy the performance because the songs presented did not trigger active involvement from the audience part. As such, this is something that one would consider in future in order to make the audience lively and jovial. In addition to this, I can confidently say that the concert presented nothing unique from the others which I have attended in the past. Nonetheless, this does not imply that the concert was not helpful just because it was neither unique nor interesting. I say this drawing from the fact that the lack of uniqueness and joy among the audience has becomes a critical lesson. On the side of the audience, the response essentially reflects my individual feelings about the concert performance. This was shown by the fact that the audience shown very little applause all along the performance. Nonetheless, it can also be argued that the lack of applause and active appreciation by the audience made the players not to involve it actively. Lastly, whereas the appreciation and satisfaction of the music was essentially low, the quality of the music presented was of quality. The players had personalized the studio versions such that they brought out the impression that the groups were creative in nature.


As stated in the in the introductory part, it is evident that the concert was held at the Churchill Pub which is located in Miami. The concert included two different groups with different presentations for the audience. The songs were of soft tone and low pitch such that the applause from the audience was very minimal. Indeed, it was also stated that the audience was a mixture of teens and the middle aged people in the population. Whereas I was not impressed by the general performance of the performers, it cannot be disputed that the players were experienced. They played the songs with quality and creativity in regard to the pitch, tone and the content of the original songs as presented by the original developers of the songs. Indeed, attending the concert was a great breakthrough when it comes to the capability to observe. It has also presented the opportunity to analyze issues from critical perspectives in respect to presentation of music. In addition, it provided a basis on which I can build on my future performances in case I venture into the presentation industry. Importantly, I have learned that involving the audience is critical when it comes to presenting effectively.

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