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Telesup University is located in the republic of Peru with 33 branches all over the country. The university main campus is located in the downtown of Lima while the other main branches located all over the major town within Peru. The university is one of the major renowned high institutions in the republic of Peru. The university has highly embraced the new technology of communication which has allowed the introduction of distance open learning, making more students to enroll in various degree programs offered. The university has many social responsibilities that impact the community of Peru positively. The nation of Peru like most of the South American nation has great concern in protecting the environment. Peru as southern America nation is covered with many forests and most of the country is covered green all seasons. The ministry of environment of the nation has called the major stakeholders to assist in the protection of the environment. The Telesup University as one a stakeholder has shown great concern on protecting the environment too. This work will focus on the social responsibility of the university in Peru.
The Telesup University has come up with policies within the management where it uses the recycled paper in the office. The university has collaborated with a paper industry to remodel the waste paper for repeated use within the university. All education centers are known for using the bulk of paper material for writing thus making it to have bulk waste material of the already used paper. In most of educational institution, this bulk paper waste ends up disposed thus making it an environment hazard. However, recycling of paper by the Telesup university helps the community of Peru to conserve the environment from non- biodegradable. The university new approach to offer distance learning which is administered electronically is also environmental friendly (Ahmad and Crowther, 2013). This is a major improvement to reduce paperwork which has more waste compared to the electronic education system.
All the university branches have embraced these policies of using recycled paper for administration thus assisting in conserving the environment. The recycling of paper for us also assist to reduce the cost of running the university which translates that the university has reduced prices for enrolling for offered courses (Eweje, 2014). This is not the only efforts that the university that the university does to keep the environment clean. The university also have set some programs that offer community services. The student who have enrolled in various degree programs within the various faculties in the university usually organizes themselves to community service of cleaning the towns around the campuses.
The management of the university has a policy of selling 5000 computers after every two years to the recycle companies. Just like many institutions, the new technology has impacted the education sector without leaving behind the Telesup University. The university has a large budget for technological tools, especially computers as they assist in learning. However, due to the large bulk of computers within the university, the company has a policy of selling 5000 computers after every two years to recycle companies (Ahmad and Crowther, 2013). This assists the university to protect the environment other than disposing these non-biodegradable items. This selling of worn out, partially broken up and old computers recycle companies helps the Peru community as it makes second hand computer cheaply accessible. The university shows great collaboration with recycled companies both in the computers and paper in an effort to try conserving the Peruvian environment so as to go green.
The Telesup University also shows social responsibility by budgeting 400000 Nuevo soles each and every year for charities (Eweje, 2014). Peru just like most of the South American nation is a developing country. It has most of the people being of the lower strata of the society. The university has taken this a responsibility to assist many poor institutions by allocating some fun for charities every year. The university supports many child orphanages with the country, especially in the major cities. The university supports this orphanage financially giving them funds, items and services within the located budget.
The university also has many donations to various lower schools within the republic of Peru providing them with funds, books, computer and other items that assist in learning. In the 2013, it is approximated that more 50,000 Nuevo soles were donated to three schools in Lima to assist buying the technological tools to assist in the effective learning. The university also goes further to offer charities for poor families, especially in the rural areas by providing them with free basic medical shake up. Over the last few years the university went to various field operations to offer medical support to the poor families in the rural areas and street families. In the year 2012, the university allocated 30,000 Nuevo soles for medical check up for streets, family in Lima (Soule, 2009). The university charity allocations are also dedicated to providing communities with projects such as water drilling and opening up community schools run by the university administration
Telesup University has not been left behind in ensuring that people who are interested in learning, but they cannot afford to pay for their education still get to fulfill their desires and get a good education. They do this by offering scholarships to students with low income thus enabling them to achieve their goal by obtaining a good education. We should not forget that Telesup University has 33 branches in different parts of the country and it is their responsibility to ensure that their students get the best training (Ahmad and Crowther, 2013). In order for this to happen Telesup offers scholarship to students with low income in all their branches, thus enabling continuous training without interruptions due to lack of school fees. This in turn helps them to produce students who are very well trained. We cannot therefore deny the good work that Telesup University is doing.
We all understand that education training is extremely relevant today since we live in a changing society that has become technologically - dependent and therefore the need for continuous training. In the century we are living in, the main source of wealth is knowledge. Without education one misses out on so many great opportunities. One is also not able to keep up with the pace of competition out there (Eweje, 2014). Because of universities offering scholarships to students such as Telesup University, our society is not left behind as most people are able to get the education they want. This in turn contributes greatly to the development of our country’s economy. This happens because education produces great leaders who are expected to be our leaders in the future. Jobs are also created and innovations and high specialization create a competitive society which in turn produces a well-developed society. All this would not be possible if people don’t get the education they need. It is therefore important for the Telesup University to continue with the good work since it is their responsibility.
It is amazing how Telesup University is able to raise funds so as fulfill its social responsibilities. The university is known to give a lot to charity which is very recommendable. We all learn from them the good act of giving to the less privileged people in the society. It is undoubtedly evident how such kind and caring actions are changing the societies we live in. Telesup University is one of the schools which have come out to show not only us, but the whole world the good of sharing and the good of giving to the less privileged. The most fascinating thing about how Telesup has managed to give so much to charity and what has made them stand out is the fact that Telesup works with its own supplies to obtain funds for charity. They are able to mobilize and get people who are part of Telesup University to work to as a team so as to raise funds for charity. This has enabled them to give back to the society enormously which is very good of them. Through their work they have created a better country and society which is developing at a supersonic rate (In Idowu, 2009).


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