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Article Analysis Questions

Invisible Inequality:
The main argument for the article is to measure if social class or race were more or less influencing the way a child is raised. The study was of both black and white families of different socio-economic backgrounds. Examining their lives based on where they lived and the income of the parents, they saw that race was less of a factor in the outcome of the child than the financial position of the family. Reading the article made me consider that the opportunities of people who are financially stable are better off, but the kids may not necessarily be as well rounded. I felt that if there was a balance of the opportunities mixed in with the quality of simple life that the less fortunate kids had, that would be the best mix for the overall outcome of the children.

The main argument on the topic of this reading material was stating that masculinity is heavily shown through making derogatory statement about sexuality, and portrayal of highly sexual heterosexual behavior and conversations aimed at the girls. The study found that boys in high school were extremely mindful of how they carried themselves in order to avoid being labeled a fag.

The Frailty Myth:

The reading material for this book states that weakness and frailty in women has been cultivated from the beginning. Evidence was shown that girls were given less instruction to develop motor skills compared to the boys. The lack of motor skill development is what limits the female sex, not nature. Reading this made me think that separation of boys and girls in sports teams should be reconsidered when looking at the sports played during younger childhood.

How it’s Done (in 3 parts):

The text that was provided seemed to point toward the various factors involved in creating a study and the methods used to obtain information. Three primary stages of action are involved in the process. The idea, research, and the conclusion. Different types of sources were mentioned in the processes used for researching whatever the topic of study would be. Regardless of the type of study, the three pieces are always part of the process.

The Military Academy as an Assimilating Institution:

The article argues that the goal of the military academy to redefine the identity of the cadet who comes to train in the academy. The discussion shows that the assimilation process is to properly indoctrinate the individual who is about to take on a challenging and noble task such as members of the Coast Guard do.

Gang Leader for a Day:

The portions that I will refer to from this book show the disparity of the poor black urban population in a different light than what most are used to seeing. The study that the student is working on to understand urban poverty is made to be seen from the vantage point of the limiting reality that is common for those who grow up in the projects. The information gathered made me gain a deeper understanding for the challenges of poor black people. The battle is an uphill battle and outside resources from groups of people who genuinely want to help are needed before anything changes.

Making Faces:

The reading material of this article displays the role cosmetics has played in the shaping of female identity through the feminine appearance provided by the use of cosmetics. The multi-billion dollar industry has clearly been a ploy that woman have fallen for and continue to remain slaves to. Make-up is a normal daily task of any woman’s life without which many feel unattractive. A value of a woman is still heavily associated on appearance which make up enhances.

Our Babies, Ourselves:

The concepts of the information in the reading material explored three different cultures and the values that were integral in raising their babies/children. The Gussi of East Africa, the Japanese, and the American cultures showed the values that had and how that transferred in the way they interacting in their parenting methods. I found the Gussi culture’s idea of the mother’s breast feeding method and lack of verbal interaction interesting. I could not imagine how that would be for any American mother is less likely to nurse her baby but would most definitely interact verbally because anything less would be neglect.

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