Emotional Intelligence And Its Dimensions Essay

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Published: 2020/10/11

Emotional intelligence is the capacity recognizing our own feelings and that of the other for the purpose of self-motivation, management of our own emotions that is within us and in our relationship with the others (Goleman, 2015). This is an important aspect of human resource planning, recruitment interviewing, job profiling, as well as management development and customer relations.
The key dimensions of emotional intelligence include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. Self-awareness is knowing one’s internal states and preferences. This includes emotional self-awareness self-confidence and accurate self-assessment (Meyer, 2015). Self-management is managing one’s internal states and resources so as to facilitate the researching goals. On the other side, social awareness is the awareness of the others’ feelings, concerns, and their needs. Lastly, social skills are the adeptness at inducing the desirable responses to others.
Some examples of emotional intelligence includes when one agrees instead of arguing when there is no hope. In this case, an individual understands that it is better to lose an argument instead of losing a friend (Goleman, 2015). Another example is to act instead of reacting. In this case, one becomes responsible for the actions he has done in a more positive way. In addition, another example is self-control. This involves good management of emotions before reacting in a negative way.
An emotional intelligence test is a complex process that one undergoes. In this process, one needs to answer the questions in accordance with his or her emotions and how that particular individual will respond to them (Goleman, 2015). The experience in this emotional intelligence test is that it is a nice thing that needs one’s emotions and self-actualization. Combination of these two concepts will help one to succeed in the test.
My emotional test results were fair, and I was able to discover some little concepts in my life. I scored 57 out of 100 in the test. I learned that I had to work on my attitude towards the other and different situations that I might find myself in. I also learned that I need to acquire some important skills on how I perceive and express my emotions towards myself and the others (Meyer, 2015). This is a good thing, and thus every individual need to acquire these important concepts in order to manage his or her emotions.
Emotional intelligence is an important thing that can guide one in his or her life. The first importance of emotional intelligence is to be able to cope up with other people who may have different emotions from us. With emotional intelligence, one can stay a happy life without being emotional to some situations that may need simple solutions (Goleman, 2015). Emotional intelligence will make one make critical decisions that might be hard to solve. One can tackle several challenges that might come in his or her way.
One way, of enhancing emotional intelligence, is trying to understand that different people have different feeling and perceptions on different issues in their life (Meyer, 2015). Another way is to have self-control towards his or her life. One needs to practice patience so that he or she can enhance his or her emotional intelligence. In addition, another way that can make one enhance his or her emotional intelligence is through socializing with different groups of people.


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