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HNTT 104: Research Project


Chapter One: Introduction 4

1.1Research Aim and Rationale 4
1.2 Research Questions 4
1.3 Research Objectives 4
1.4 Significance of the Research 4

Chapter Two: Literature Review 5

2.1 Introduction to Literature Review 5
2.2 Main Body 5
2.2.1 Research 5
2.2.2 Sampling and analysis 5
2.2.3 Conclusion 5
2.3 Conclusion of Literature Review 5

Chapter Three: Methodology 6

3.1 Research Philosophy 6
3.2 Research Approach 6
3.3 Research Design: 6
3.3.1 Research Strategy/Methods 6
3.3.2 Research Methodology 6
3.3.3 Research Instrument/Tools 7
3.4 Sampling 7
3.4.1 Identifying Population and Research Site 7
3.4.2 Sampling Strategy 7
3.5 Ethical Implications 7
3.6 Research Scope and Limitations 8

Chapter Four: Timescale 8

Chapter Five: Conclusion 8

References 10

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1Research Aim and Rationale
The significance of this research is to find out the success story behind tourism in The Bahamas. Many people are always attracted to the island for many reasons, and it is in this project, where the answers will be found (Ary, Jacobs, Razavieh and Ary, 2009, p. 90).
1.2 Research Questions
Research questions in this project are
What attracts people to Bahamas?
Is the tourism industry doing well?
If so, what can other countries copy from the Bahamas?
If not, what can be done to improve the tourism condition in the Bahamas?
What lessons can be learned from this tourism industry?
What possible adjustments can be made in the tourism industry of the Bahamas and the world at large?
1.3 Research Objectives
One of the major objectives of this research is to expand my view of tourism not just in one country but in others as well. Another objective is to connect what I have learned in class and what is happening in the real world. This will also open more opportunities to learn because information received is first hand and reliable. It is also important for the class because we all are going to share different ideas and expand our knowledge.
1.4 Significance of the Research
Major significance of this research is to connect what we have learned in class and what happens in the real world of tourism. It will help students learn a lot on their own because they will have to do the research on their own. They will discover a lot of stuff and go back to class more knowledgeable and with a clear knowledge of what is taught in class.
Chapter Two: Literature Review
2.1 Introduction to Literature Review
In class, we learn a lot about tourism. It is important for us, on our own, without the help of any teacher to do our research and learn new things (Faulkner, Cooper, Fredline, & Jago, 2003). This is why the project investigates one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, The Bahamas. It has a lot to offer which will help students increase their knowledge.
2.2 Main Body
The research begins in class where students will discuss on various topics of discussion. Each student will identify a unique field in tourism that he or she will cover. In my case, I chose to cover the tourism industry in the Bahamas. This will help us know a lot more that we learn in class.
2.2.1 Research
The students to help them gather information together will conduct this in various ways.
2.2.2 Sampling and analysis
Once all the data has been collected, I will sample and analyze it with the help of my teacher and fellow students
2.2.3 Conclusion
This will be done at the tail end of the project.
2.3 Conclusion of Literature Review
After the project has been concluded, I will check whether I have met all my set objectives. I will also check whether the project in line with its purpose. This will determine whether the project is a success or not.
Chapter Three: Methodology
3.1 Research Philosophy
Data, in this case, will be gathered through different research methods. It will later be analyzed in order to choose the best and most reliable information. The chosen data will form part of the recommendations and conclusions. This will also show how that the research took place and whether it was successful or not (Gill and Johnson, 2002, p.100).
3.2 Research Approach
It can either be inductive or deductive. This means the two will be used because they help during the research. For the deductive approach, I will state the truth about the industry in Bahamas which means the conclusion will be automatically correct. For the inductive part, I will put things to chance and try to come up with a conclusion to prove that I understood what was taught in class.
3.3 Research Design:
3.3.1 Research Strategy/Methods
There are various strategies and methods I will use for my research. The research designs are case studies, survey, and grounded theory. In the case study, I will look for any relevant information that I can find about the Bahamas. I will also conduct my survey. This means that I will be forced to travel to the Bahamas to talk to few people. Alternatively, I will talk to people who have been to Bahamas and see if I can get information from them. The grounded theory will help me in the inductive part of the research (Stebbins, 2006, p. 45). This is why I will use all the information I know to come up with conclusions about the tourism industry in the Bahamas.
3.3.2 Research Methodology
Quantitative and Qualitative research methodologies are the bet applicable for this research. Qualitative research will provide an insight into the problem and uncovering the trends in the industry. This will help in developing an initial base for the research. Quantitative methodology is to quantify data and summarize the opinion given by the results. It helps in coming up with a solid conclusion (Carlsen and Charters, 2007, p. 87).
3.3.3 Research Instrument/Tools
The most appropriate tools for this research will be questionnaires and interviews. Questionnaires are known to give more detailed information if the person filling the questionnaire is honest. Having a direct talk with someone will help in having first-hand information. These two methods will help in gathering reliable data for my project.
3.4 Sampling
This will happen once I have collected all the data I need for my project. I will categorize the data into groups and analyze it step by step. This will help me filter the unwanted information and remain with the most relevant information that I will use for my project. It is also her I will be able to know whether the information collected is sufficient or not. I will be able to tell whether I will still have to go back to do more research or whether I have enough information.
3.4.1 Identifying Population and Research Site
3.4.2 Sampling Strategy
I will use the rational sub grouping sampling strategy. I will do this by grouping all information under different sub-topics. This will help me go step by step to see what is missing in every group. I will ensure that no information is overlooked and that it is well utilized.
3.5 Ethical Implications
Ethics should always be upheld in any research. One of the ethical values to uphold is confidentiality. I will not leak any information that is private. I will also not conduct the research against anybody's wish. I will only interview and issue the questionnaire to the people who are willing. I will also be honest in my research. Is sill state all what I have found without overestimating or underestimating any information to match my expectations or imagination about the tourism industry in the Bahamas.
3.6 Research Scope and Limitations
I will carry out every step of the project under the stipulated time. This will help me finish my project in good time and present it to the teacher. I am expecting a few limitations. One of them is that I might not be able to find all the information I need about the Bahamas. Secondly, it might be possible t travel to the Bahamas. Thirdly, it is going to be difficult to convince people that I need certain information to sue for my project in school, and lastly I am not sure whether all the information I will collect is true or false (Blaxter, Hughes and Tight, 2010, p. 66).
Chapter Four: Timescale
I am expected to finish my project in three months. My breakdown is expected to be as shown in the table below.
Chapter Five: Conclusion
This will be the last stage of my project. I will first go through all my work to ensure that it is good and that it has met all the requirements. This will help me identify any errors and give me a chance to correct them. I will present the project to my teacher. I will wait for the teacher response to determine whether I did a god work or is still have to go back and redo my project. I hope the project will be a success (Bell, 2011, p. 90).
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