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1535 Glyndon St SE Vienna, VA

Georgine Fishman(General Manager)

Patti Ramroop(Head Cook)
Lizvett Melgarejo (Head Decorator)
George Rejalli (Account Manager)
Morgan Simpson (Marketing Manager)
1535 Glyndon St SEVienna, VA

Form of Business

Vision Statement
Mission Statement
3. Market Analysis

Company Strengths

Planned Responses
4. Industry Description

Opportunities and Threats

5. Management

Organizational Chart

Business Goals
Ethical Issues
Social Responsibility
6. Marketing Plan
7. Sales and Promotions
8. Financial Analysis
9. Menu
10. References
Callaloo Kitchenwill be a small family restaurant and bar opening for business on January 30, 2017 and will be located on 1535 Glyndon St SE Vienna, VA. Callaloo Kitchenwill be open to the public six days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Our business mission is to provide customers with a delightful fusion of Callaloo Kitchen. The perfect combination of different island food and serviceswill leave them dreaming about their next visit to our restaurant.
Our delicious unique menus are the most important key of Callaloo Kitchen, andproduct quality is essential for our business success. Callaloo Kitchenwill start by offering a variety of curries. Callaloo Kitchenwill also offer specific flavors and decorations according to the season and holidays of the year.
Callaloo Kitchenwill take advantage of this great location in Vienna, close to Tysons, which will attract people towards our business. People from all ages, business people and local community social events will contribute to our business growth and success.
Customer awareness is the first step in promoting a new business. Strategies for making consumers aware of our restaurant will include advertising and hosting a grand opening. Offering free samples of the tasty treats at the grand opening may lead to both consumer’s interest and desire. By building customer awareness, interest and desire will create the best marketing tools in this industry word of mouth and highly satisfied returning customers.
Callaloo Kitchenwill have a family leadership style, where the family members will be involved actively in the primary objectives and goals of our business. Mrs. Georgine Fishman, who has a good personality with strong organizational, disciplinary and leadership skills and more than twenty years of experience in the industry will be the General Manager. Mr. George Rejalliwill be the accounting manager. He was born in USA, and speaks Spanish and English very well. Mr. George Rejallihas strong mathematical and computer skills, proficiency in web payroll systems usingMicrosoft Word and Excel. Ms. Morgan Simpsonwill be the marketing manager. She was born in USA and speaks German, Spanish and English. He has a business administration degree. Mrs. Patti Ramroop will be the head cook. She was born in Guyana and speaks Creole, Patwa and English.She also has more than five years of experience in the industry and will be in charge of the back of the house duties. Ms.Lizvett Melgarejowill be the head decorator. She speaks Spanish and English. Her family owns a restaurant in her country and she has a lifelong working experience.Callaloo Kitchen will also hire an assistant cook, a prep cook,two waitresses and a bartender.
The first year of Callaloo Kitchenwill be mostly operated by owners establishing business in town. The next year will focus on incrementing our sales during summer. The third year, hire more employees. The fourth year add services like catering and delivery and the fifth year will be to bulk manufacture for retail, growing one step at a time ensuring quality and consistency of our products.
Callaloo Kitchenwill need a start up budget of $300,000 which will be distributed among the rent, utilities, opening supplies, insurance, advertising and promotions, small equipment, salaries and wages. Our company will apply for a bank loan for the amount of $160,000, and Patti Ramroop, who is the owner of the restaurant, will invest $100,000.Mr. George Rejalli, the accounting manager, will invest $10,000.Georgine Fishman, Lizvett Melgarejo and Morgan Simpson andwill invest $10,000 each as well.
Callaloo Kitchen will provide customers with a delightful fusion of caribbean flavors in all our foods. The perfect combination of flavors:freshly made, mild and spicy, from the fire to your plate, will leave you dreaming about your next visit.
Callaloo Kitchenhas elected to operate as a division of a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). An LLC is easier to set up, has lower state taxes, is more flexible, the owners have limited liability for the actions and debts of the company, and it is suitable for smaller companies. As an LLC, it provides much more flexibility with taxes.

Our mission at Callaloo Kitchen is “To provide the community with healthy and environmentally-friendly delectable delights that you ever tasted.”

The restaurant’s vision is to build a neighborhood retreat where people can relax, indulge, and still feel good about what they are putting into their bodies and into the environment. The owner stands by the idea that healthy food can and does taste better than junk food, especially when prepared well and with the freshest ingredients.

Our values that will guide daily operations at the restaurant are:

Healthy food should taste better than junk food
Good food requires good ingredients
Everyone should be able to eat healthy food, no matter what their dietary restrictions are
Being environmentally responsible is a requirement, not an option
Anyone who sets foot inside our restaurant, will always be treated with kindness and respect
Cleanliness of the restaurant and staff is essential

Turmeric Indian

Danor Plaza, 405 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180
Turmeric Indian: Turmeric Indian is an Indian restaurant located in Vienna, .3 mile from our location. This restaurant is Casual bistro in a strip mall featuring traditional Indian eats curries & a daily lunch buffet.
The owners have appeared as guests on numerous other TV shows, including the Martha Stewart Show, Rachel Ray Show, and the NBC’s Today Show. The restaurant sells an average 500 dishes daily. Thy have buffet system o lunch, which is huge attraction for customers to taste most of authentic Indian food.
a. Strengths


Time in Business
Relationship with customers
Variety of cupcakes offered
Economies of scale
Facebook/ Twitter links on website
Caribbean Corner
4008A University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
Caribbean Corner: This Inexpensive Caribbean fast food restaurant is located in Fairfax Virginia 5.5 miles from our location and is the closest Caribbean restaurant to us. It offers similar type dishes.
a. Strengths


Time in Business
Relationship with customers
Variety of food
b. Weakness

No Facebook or Twitter Accounts

Noodles and Company
201 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180
Noodles and Company: This Inexpensive restaurant is located .2 of a mile from our location, has name recognition and will be primary competitor. It offers some curry flavored and similar type dishes.
a. Strengths


Time in Business
Relationship with customers
Variety of food
Economies of scale
Facebook/ Twitter links on website
b. Weakness

Lacks personal connection

Company Strengths

Passionate ownerswho believe in giving back to their community/environment.

Experienced owners who have a creative flair.
We will have well trained, experienced cooks, who have been in the industry for many years and most importantly they possess great passion for a restaurant business. We have our own special recipes that make our product outstanding and competitive in the industry. Besides, all the food will be made from scratch byour great and creative cooks,which makes our products more competitive in the industry.

Sustainable competitive edge of adaptability to all occasions, trends, and consumer market needs.

Unlike other food, Caribbean food does not have one or two specific target market; it has a variety marketing ranges. Customers of all ages can be targeted as our aim. And of course, customers of all ages will accept and love ourdelicious food. Because among all other choices, our menuwill be affordable, making it a lot more flexible with its target customers.

Using organic ingredients, resulting in high quality fresh products,from our local nearby vendors.

All of our products will be made from scratch and mostly, organic ingredients. Therefore, we will provide the best product quality. Moreover, we will use fresh ingredients to make a variety of tastes, styles, and appearances to ensure our customers get what they paid for.

Minimal, but experienced staff to start business and save money.

Likewise, we have experienced and creative cooks as well as our company faculties. They are the core dynamics of our company, which enables us, will have a relatively easy beginning without exploring and perplexing, which could take a lot of money.

Financial resources will be used to give back to assist in the national environmental goals.

First time business venture.
This is the first we start business. Despite the fact that we will be a small business, no matter how good we are, how great staff we have, we will still be facing unexpected issues.

Starts up costs are only estimates.

All the startups are based on our estimates. We don’t have actual information that can show us about cost.

Funding a small business could be difficult.

It could be potentially understaffed if our product demand increases drastically.
Since we are running a small business, a lack of faculty will be considered once our product is demanded more than our expectation. Then we will have other issues such like long waiting time, and directly affect the customer’s satisfaction towards our product.

Experience in marketing our product is minimal.

We will be facing the difficulties with marketing our product properly. We will be located in the busy and prosperous street of the Town of Vienna, within the city of Fairfax and Tysons Corner, no doubt there are so many café shops, snack bars and convenience stores.We will improve our marketing strategy to make our product more outstanding and attractive than others.
Some of the challenges that would be faced by the business hindering the operations as well as the revenue generation is due to the competition in the industry. The business has many competitors in the industry that offer differing food and taste for a competitive price that makes operations of Callaloo Kitchen challenging. The business needs to maintain its pricing and quality as well as update its menu and respond to customer feedback effectively in order to maintain an edge in the market. In addition, the business would face challenges with the rising costs of operations due to the inefficiencies in the system such as wastage of food, poor productivity from staff, and negligent purchasing patterns. A restaurant business needs to deal with perishable food products. Therefore, ordering the stock in an inefficient manner would certainly increase the costs of the business. Similarly, poor productivity from employees would have certain cost implications as the business would need to hire more personnel in order to keep up with the operational requirements. Furthermore, staff that performs poorly would certainly affect customer satisfaction.

Planned Response

The business needs to implicate effective inventory management system in order to increase the efficiency of the purchasing department and to minimize the wastage. Inventory management software would help the business to maintain the required level of stock in store that is consumed before they become stale. Similarly, the business can engage with its employees for feedbacks in order to determine the areas of lacking and implicate effective motivational factors to enhance their performances. The restaurant can offer effective training programs to the employees that would equip them with the skills needed to perform in their duties with greater efficacy and commitment.


Capitalize on changing market.
Join the trend of modern taste of food from different islands of the Caribbean.
Focus on large sales by participating at local events in the community.
We can have more opportunities by cooperating with other event planning companies to extend our market. For example, receiving orders for weddings, parties, and even school and church activities, which will make our product become more popular.

Green technology will improve our image.

All ingredients that we use are organic.
We will use all other material that has great recyclability and degradability to boost our image.
Once we grow rapidly, we can have an extension with other business. For example, we can have our ownline of products together with the restaurant, and build our own supply chain system.


Competitors could “steal” our ideas.
In today’s world, ideas can be easily copied and stereotyped,such as design, style or even flavors.Also the ways of marketing and all other things may get easily stereotyped by other companies.

Partnerships may not become available.

Financial problems could threaten our first year’s success.
Time management could falter our productivity.
Callaloo Kitchen will have a democratic leadership style where the members will be involved actively in the primary objectives and goals of our business. ‘Callaloo Kitchen’ is a company that counts with a fusion of different cultures and its diversity will open more opportunities to succeed.
Ms. Morgan Simpsonwill be the marketing manager. She was born in Guyana and speaks German, Spanish and English. She has a Business administration degree and currently working as executive sale marketing for a broadcasting company. Ms.Morgan Simpsonwill be monitoring and analyzing market trends, studying competitor’s products and services, exploring ways of improving existing products and services, identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate with them he is very creative and have knowledge of a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts.
Ms. Lizvett Melgarejo will be the head decorator. She speaks Spanish and English. Her family owns a restaurant in her country and her lifelong working experience in this kind of business will be predominant the start of our company. She will be working mainly in the food productions and decorations. She will also monitor the quality and quantity of goods prepared, inventorying, sanitation and maintenance of the kitchen tools and equipment.


Business Goals
The first year of Callaloo Kitchenwill be mostly operated by the owners. Emphasis in the first year will be on advertising, marketing Callaloo Kitchento become part of the community providing friendly neighborhood feel atmosphere and introducing our quality of food is good for everyone to enjoy at a fair price attracting customers and establishing business in town. The next year being an established business in town will give Callaloo Kitchenmore room to focus on incrementing our sales especially during the summer months since the volume of high income people are higher in the Tysons. The third year goal is hire more employees and decrease the working hours of the owners. The fourth year will be to evaluate options for additional services like catering and delivery. The fifth year will be to bulk manufacture for retail and franchising.

Ethical Issues/ Social Responsibility

Within our industry, all business should be dealing with all different kinds of ethical issues with different areas. And of course to maintain a healthy and wonderful environment of the society it’s not only one or two, but our entire obligation to have be ethical. For our Callaloo Kitchen, there are 3rules for all of our staff to follow. Which are “Respect our customers” “Respect our competitors” and “Respect ourselves”.

Respect our customers

We will create a delightful environment for our customers and respect for all their needs and make sure of their satisfaction on both our product and services. We are eager to build a wonderful customer relationship from the time when they walk in. We will avoid any kind of non-respect or discrimination on any of our guests with race, gender, age, disability, religion, nationality and etc. We will always be ready to offer a genuine smile and warm arms for our guest whenever they come. We believe the most correct way to win our business is to win our customers.

Respect our competitors

Always be focusing on how to make our product and improve ourselves to be better, and always be respectful to our competitors. To our competitors, we are competing in the same industry and we avoid any kind of evil competition or stereotypes. We avoid “stealing” other competitors’ ideas and avoid stereotyping their products to make our own. Always is creative and hard working to make our own product and service outstanding. And always be transparent with our product in the industry.

Respect ourselves

For every employees of our company we should be aware of the big function of ourselves in each of our positions. Within any time, we should be responsible and respectful for both ourselves and others. During any time, we should always improve our skills to make ourselves better and become better. The best way to win other’s respect is to respect oneself.
Callaloo Kitchenwill be a small family restaurant located in Vienna, near Tysons. Our restaurant will be offering a variety flavors,with the twist of spicy or mild comfort food from different Island of the Carribbean. This restaurant will contain a comfortable seating area allowing customers to stop in and sit down in our cozy and elegant island atmosphere, greeted by our friendly and efficient staff.Callaloo Kitchenwill also include a catering service to deliver large orders for big events and also provide greater convenience for customers. Callaloo Kitchenwill have an extensive target market. People of all ages enjoy delicious food, and will therefore be include in the target market. Callaloo Kitchenaffordable item; they are obtained by nearly anyone, despite varying incomes, again keeping the target market large. Between the numerous product options, convenient services, and a broad target market, this restaurant will be able to meet the needs of wide spectrum of consumers. Callaloo Kitchenhas identified its overall market to consist of people who have a higher level of discretionary income to indulge in and appreciate the exquisite creativity and flair to consume extraordinary food that not only taste good and look good.
Product quality is critical in the food industry. For that reason Callaloo Kitchenwill ensure product quality through the use of fresh ingredients, sale of only fresh food. Also we will focus on the cleanliness. Innovations of new product are also a goal of the company. One way which this will be accomplished is through creating new flavors and variety of food. Moreover, Callaloo Kitchenwill provide seasonal dishes with flavors corresponding to the seasons. These treats will also provide a limited time of the year. Qualities of the products and innovations will be a main major of Callaloo Kitchen.
Though Callaloo Kitchenwill be open as a single, small restaurant, over time the business will strive to expand. Once the restaurant proves to be success, the business increases, the business will open more stores in areas near by the original. With a company website, customer will be allowed to view everything offer by the restaurant, as well as grant the option for customers to place orders.
The company will research the prices of comparable products of other similar business in the area to know the price requirements to remain competitive. The prices of Callaloo Kitchenwill strive to be competitive with the industry. Costs of products and expenses will be calculated to provide the business with the minimum price option, preventing any losses. As long as the industry prices are high enough to cover the calculated costs, Callaloo Kitchenwill choose prices similar to its competitors. This plan for Callaloo Kitchenwill be able to help the business grow more profitable and successful. However, through the use of financial analysis, customer surveys and market share comparisons, the company will be capable of determining which of these strategies truly are productive to help the business thrive.
Breakfast: ● Tuesday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Determine objectives:● Generate daily revenues of $200 to $300 during breakfast
Create action plan:● Flyers distributed around the community advertising the breakfast items● Direct mail with coupons for 10% off the first two visits● Newspaper ads: mention our innovative fresh food in the community paper● Get the community to sign up for our e-mail list
Evaluate and revise:● Compare breakfast deals and coupons in local area● Guest surveys and comment cards● Interview community and collect ideas about what they think about our food and services● Add breakfast items that other restaurants in the area do not offer

Market Segmentation

‘Callaloo Kitchen’ emphasizes its marketing efforts towards people of all ages, especially children, teenager, college students and tourists. Among potential customers identified to be a part of our target market we have identified special events that would involve those customers such as:


Anniversary parties
Birthday parties
Bridal showers
Congratulatory celebrations
Holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine’s Day, Passover, Memorial Day, etc.


Delicious authentic foodis the most important key of Callaloo Kitchen, and product quality is essential for the success of the business. In order to ensure product quality, our company will emphasize cleanliness and sanitation, use quality ingredients, and will always be sure all dishes are properly cooked. Innovations are also an important factor in the growth and success of the company as well. Callaloo Kitchen will start by offering a variety of options to taste, from simple flavors to spices. Callaloo Kitchenwill provide more options flavors such as Bahama,Mama made with our exotic Caribbeanliquor,flavored drink or maybe a Margarita, or using liquors such as Rum or Whisky to make a flavored taste of how you want it made by our experience bartender, this flavors are for adult only, as well as different kinds of decoration styles for all types’ of occasions. It is important for Callaloo Kitchento innovate a new product and recipes to grow the company business. Doing so will allow the company to have more variety to offer and possibly attract new customers. Along with this, Callaloo Kitchenwill create a couple of seasonal dishes, which will only be available during certain times of the year. Each year the same seasonal dishes flavors will be offered, providing consistency and giving consumers something to look forward to. With new innovations, Callaloo Kitchenwill not only grow a business, but will also increase sales and revenue to company.


Callaloo Kitchen has a great location, the place is located in Vienna, our product will be more than satisfying for the guests who visit us here and it can also be for the people that live in this area. This place will be the perfect place for everyone to stop in for a bite, for a drink or for a small business meeting in. Everyone who eat in our restaurant will be respected in such a way that they will help with word of mouth this will business increase our sales if this food attracts them.
Moreover, the internet is extremely efficient way to expand the business to wider range of areas; therefore, Callaloo Kitchenwill develop a website on which customers can place orders, and can pick up later if they are not living in the area of the store. Callaloo Kitchenwill market its products’ adaptability and its utility adaptability in a venue of different online and offline approaches which include:

Online such as electronic press releases, website, e-mail marketing campaign,

Web video ad, message boards, online catalogs, etc.
Offline such as brochures, menus, direct mail, television spot, radio ads, business cards.
Doing so will help increase the number of customers that will be able to access the business.
After Callaloo Kitchenfirst opens doors, the key objectives will include strong market share, survival, and return on investments. ‘Callaloo Kitchen’ will be competitively priced, and will also offer great quality food and services. Our company will provide the value of product to customers. The company will choose prices which are competitive with the industry. The standard price for the appetizerswill be $ 2.25 -$10. Doing so will help Callaloo Kitchen stay in business with prices that are not high over other competitors, which is most likely turn customer away. Yet by not being immensely below the market price, the business will be able to receive much possible income while remaining the competitive. At these prices in the strong market share and survival of Callaloo Kitchen, the company will then be able to use income to pay returns on investments, and in time, receive profits.


Customer awareness is the first step in promoting a new business. The company needs great strategies to deal with the question that how to make the products and brand become well-known. Strategies for making consumers aware of the restaurant will include advertising and hosting a grand opening. Offering free samples of the tasty treats at the grand opening may lead to both consumer interest and desire. As customers try the delicious delights, they will be less hesitant about making a purchase. The events will be promoted through flyers around the area, advertisement in the newspapers and word of mouth. By simply building customer awareness, interest, and desire, consumer purchases will increase, raising company sales. Moreover, the promotional plans which can help the company promote the product quickly and more potentially of Callaloo Kitchenare included:

Create online and offline press releases to introduce new business

Radio Commercials
Displaying Merchandise
Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Google Buzz, Linked In, Yelp
Ads on Google, and other sites
Coupon offers, both online and offline , Gift Certificates
Magazine and newspaper ads.
Direct mail
Frequent guest program
Specialty advertising items like calendars, pencils, pens.
Callaloo Kitchenwill also utilize public relations for promoting the business. Being part of the community involvement will greatly contribute to successful promotion of the business. One way Callaloo Kitchenwill demonstrate public relations is through community involvement such as sponsoring and taking part in local events such as parades and holiday parties or charity events. This will not only show the business participation in the community events, but will also be a great form of advertisement to increase consumer awareness. Donating or cooking for fundraisers will also help Callaloo Kitchenpromote itself. This will show the company's desire to be involved and help out the community which is exceptionally appreciated by community members. Those things can help improve company image and make the customers to have positive attitudes to the company. Public relation will be important for Callaloo Kitchento be successful.
8. Financial Analysis

At Callaloo Kitchen, we are planning to sell an average of 350 dishes per day and 10,000 dishes per month.

For each dish that we sell in Callaloo Kitchen, we figure out to spend $ 0.60-50 on ingredients, $ 0.57 cents on mortgage payments and utilities, $0.48 cents on labor, @0.18 cents for miscellaneous expenses and $0.04 cents in insurance.
For a regular familyrestaurant, the heat and electric fees would be very significant to the business, it directly affect the restaurant’s business. However, depend on different time and different days; the utility fees would certainly be different. Oven: For our restaurant, the main utility cost would be the oven, normally, for our small business, we use 4 deck ovens and need four of gas for every hour, and we use the oven pretty much 4~5 hours one day. Electric: Generally, we are going to spend more electric in cold days because of the continualness use of heat and AC.Phone: We use 2-line speakerphone with caller and digital answering system.Internet: In order to provide the great environment for our customers, we will use the wireless internet to cover our entire store. Once people walk into our store, they can get easily connected to the internet; they can have their smart phones connected.In total, the estimated monthly cost of all the utilities will be approximately 5,000 to 10,000 per month.


As we estimated for our business, rent is going to be $6.000 per month for 2000 SF/$38/sf/yr, all supplies are going to cost about $80,000 initially and additional monthly $3,000. Insurance should be around $5,000 monthly, and utilities will cost about $5,000 monthly and plus $5,000 yearly for permits and licenses.

Therefore, for short-term, we are going to seek out a bank loan for $200,000 annually for our company.

Balance Sheet
31 January 2015

Current Assets

Cash in Bank $50,000
Cash Value of Inventory $100,000
Prepaid Expense (insurance) $10,000
Total Current Assets $160,000
Fixed Assets
Machinery & Equipment $75,000
Furniture& Fixture $25,000
Real Estate/Building $60,000
Total Fixed Assets $160,000
Total Assets $320,000
Liability & Net worth
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $50,000
Taxes Payable $25,500
Notes Payable (Due within 12 months) $45,000
Total Current Liabilities $120,000
Long Term Liabilities
Bank Loans Payable $90,000
(Greater than 12 months)

Total Long Term Liabilities $90,000

Total Liabilities $210,000
Owner Equity (Net Worth) $110,000
Total Liability and Net Worth $320,000

Balance Sheet

Current Assets
Cash in Bank $156,593
Other Current Asset $12,000
Total Current Assets $168,593
Long Term Assets
Long Term Assets $160,000
Accumulated Depreciation $50,000
Total Long Term Assets $90,000
Total Assets $258,593
Liability & Net worth
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $14,574
Taxes Payable $15,000
Total Current Liabilities $29,574
Long Term Liabilities
Bank Loans Payable $120,000
(Greater than 12 months)

Total Long Term Liabilities $120,000

Total Liabilities $149,574
Owner Equity (Net Worth) $109,019
Total Liability and Net Worth $258,593
________9. Menu

CALLALOO KITCHEN“Authentic Caribbean Cuisine”

Doubles 2.50Poulourie (per dozen) 2.50Aloe Pie 2.75Fried Plantain 3.50Beef Patties 2.35Black Cake (a slice) 2.50


CaramelSweet MangoChannaTamarind BallSweet PlumCherry Mango AmcharKurma 2.95 each
Roti Skins:
Dhalpouri Roti 2.50Buss Up Shut 2.50
Rice Dishes:White rice 3.00Brown rice 3.00Fried Rice 3.00Pelau with Chicken or BeefSmall 5.00Large 6.50
Curry Dishes:with Rice or Roti& Channa/Aloe 8.00Pepper Shrimp 9.50King Fish 10.50Salt Fish Dinner 7.50Jerk Chicken Dinner 7.50Boned or Boneless Chicken 6.50Goat 8.50Beef 7.50Duck 9.00Shrimp 7.50Channa/Aloo 3.00

Stewed Dishes:with Rice or Roti& Vegetables 8.00

Vegetarian Delight:Peas and Ricew/ Vegetablesand Fried Plantain 6.00
______ 10. References

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