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The emergence of the Internet since 1980s open an enormous channel of knowledge ranging from public, private, business, academic and government information linked through an array of optical, electronic or wireless technologies. Thank you to Tim Berners-Lee, known as the father of the Internet, and individuals, schools, hospitals, government units and businesses are reaping the benefit brought about by the introduction and existence of the Internet. The Internet is available 24/7 with enormous range of information and offers different ways of connecting, socializing and communicating with other people all over the world. In terms of education, this technology provides a broader avenue for students to conduct research and collect information for their projects as well as develop their computer skills, writing and critical thinking skills. Handicapped students will benefit much on the Internet as they do not need to physically visit the library and search for journals and books. Most academic institutions are offering an online library that accessible through the Internet . The Internet provides convenience to every member of the society from online shopping, paying of bills, inquiries and online request of legal documents. The business industry, on the other hand, is taking advantage of this technology to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. The Internet is use to perform internal business transactions with employees, customers and suppliers .
The last 35 years evinced how the Internet successfully permeates the different dimensions of an individual’s life and undeniably showed dependence on the technology. Its continuous evolution materializes primarily because of vested interest of various stakeholders, user focus, governance and regulation and the movement in the framework of the Internet. Because of this, it is important to understand the needs and upcoming development of this technology in order to foresee not only the technical issue but also its impact on the multidisciplinary issues. One of the expected future trends on the Internet is the incessant growth in content and data. Information will become available online, thus, organizations that are not developing online contents are practically missing a massive opportunity of maintaining its edge over the others. Furthermore, the Internet, whose main clients are the individuals, will likely require specialized social studies exploration in the adoption of technologies. It is obvious that the most effective marketing of any information, products or services these days is the social media. Among the popular ones are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. As an aftermath effect, the suppliers of smart phones will need to improve its specification in anticipation of the flooding of data, use of social network and online transactions . On the developmental side, there is an expectation on the exploration and research of other technologies to prop up new usage of internet. These technological researches include more efficient storage, transmission and retrieval of large digital objects and streams from multimedia, cloud computing as well as radio systems for broadband in accessing various networks.
Future Internet research is heading towards exploration on the psychological and sociological usage of the technology. This investigation may potentially explore the Internet requirements based on gender, culture, class and age, intensive security, privacy and identity protection and psychological insight in the interactions via the Internet . In the area of commerce, health, education, media and politics, it is important to look out for the concept of Internet of things where connection among all information including the brain will occur. A forecast by 2020 revealed that at least 30 billion equipments and devices will entail deep learning, thus, establish connections. The concept of big data will also drive the different industry as all content related to social media connects with new strategic devices, tools and software to predict the attitudes buying behavior of every individual .
While there are vast benefits and advantages brought about by the adoption of different technologies such as the Internet, it is equally important to understand the impact of its implementation not only to the business but also to the society. Massive information will become available online as predicted. Organizations adopting the usage of technologies must clearly state and define business and technological policies to empower its employees in managing and protecting their online privacy and identities that they leave on the Internet. This ethical move ensures that the ability of individuals to utilize the technologies mandated by their organizations will not sacrifice their personal privacy as part of the Internet values. Furthermore, any organization must ensure that everyone accessing the Internet must have the same user experience in spite of the language they speak, age or culture. Moreover, an organization must guarantee that there is a superior consideration on the human rights when technologies are in place. On the other hand, while there are new discoveries and innovations brought about by the introduction of each technology, organizations must take into consideration applying for intellectual property rights in order to preserve and manage knowledge, data sharing and establish awareness. As individuals are the main audience of technologies when adopted, it is necessary that every firm and organization consider every impact it will bring in order to optimize and reap the value of the evolving changes in the technology.

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