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Israel is a geographically small country in the Middle East. Israel is located in ancient state of Israel and Judah. Although the ancient Israel kingdom was predominantly Jewish until the third century (Botticini & Eckstein 2012), today Israel population contains different races and tribes. Israel contains holly places that are important to Islam, Jews and Christianity. This nation has had great deal of experience and been at one point the focal point of the Islam and Christian conflicts. Israel just like other countries have been affected by globalization and it is interesting to note that even dominant religion have been changing following conquests and inhabitation of people with different faith. In this paper I am going to explore history of Israel as influenced by globalization and impacts of such globalization on Israel. I will be keen to explore negative and positive impacts of globalization on different sets notes.

Israel is located on the ancient kingdom of Israel. This is the land where Hebrew Language and Abrahamic religion. Hebrew language is still spoken to this date in Israel. After the third century, Israel became predominantly Christian then predominantly Muslim between the seventh century and the middle of twentieth century following the Muslim conquest. This fact shows how inhabitation of people professing other faiths can influence religion. Despite Israel being the origin of Judaism, and Abrahamic religion, believes have changed as per the circumstances and the group occupying the land. Despite Israel being seen as the enemy of Muslim, Israeli believes has been changing with time and this is a proof that globalization in the early days caused change in culture and even religion. Today Israel is a predominantly Jews country with a population of approximately 7.2 million. Other religions that exist in the State of Israel are Christians, Muslims, Druze and Samaritans.

Impacts of globalization on Israeli economy

After its rebirth in 1948, Israel state has kept contacts with the outside world especially with western civilizations including the US. This has enable Israel to defy the odds and develop a vibrant economy in the midst of unfriendly neighbors like the palatines. Since the rebirth of the State of Israel, it has maintained a liberalized external trade and it kept its door open for international investors and market. Israel has been perusing international trade treaties and opportunities. It can be said without reference to US financial aid that Israel is Dependent on International Community for its economy. Israel is one of the most innovative countries in the world. Israel has designed and produced items that are applicable in defense, communication and other industries. Israeli economy has also found a helping hand from foreign investments and globalized trade. Work force from around the world including Europe and Africa is taking part in the economy building in Israel. Despite its location that may be unfavorable for business, Israel is defying the odds by building a robust economy. This is contributed to by assistance from US and the proactively of the policy makers.
Technology is one aspect that is brought about and shaped by globalization. Israel has been among the top designers and producers of defense and communication. Although Israel controls a small percentage of multinational companies dealing in high tech, her contribution to technology is felt around the glob. In the 90s Israeli communication sector grew by about 500% this significantly influenced the entire economy as this figure represented 14% of the GDP.
Just the rest of the world, Israeli policy makers are endeavoring to develop monitory policies that will ensure price stability, and the disturbance of the status quo (timbering with the business circle). Taxation and interest charge is a common phenomenon in Israel’s economy. Israeli policies are aimed at harmonizing Israel’s Economy with the world’s globalised economy. Israel maintains a balance of trade by fair exportation and reasonable importation. The ministry of finance maintains a globally recommended fiscal prudence. In 2010 Israel had a moderate external debt following capital inflow that has increased exponentially since 1990s (KWR advisor 2003).
Israeli Economy has failed to realize its potential. As a result of intifada 85,000 people lost the job subsequent to the start of intifada. This was a terrible effect on economy and recover will cost effort and money as well. Globalization has not always been positive to Israelis. Intifada caused many other crises around the country. Israel is famous for item- equipment and the intifada cased the crisis of the NASDAQ (David 2001)

Life with technology as brought by globalization

Internet being one of the most progressive technologies in the world that started in the US begun invading Israel in 2000 and by 2003 Israel was the most wired nation in Asia and 32.8% of the population could access internet. The telecommunication sector grew rapidly and more people could an access the internet. The presents of the internet in this south Asian nation changed the approach of business and further opened the nation to the outside3 world. The 21st century had implication on the entire planet. This era has been termed as the communication error and the world became a global village where people across nations could exchange ideas and in formations. With increased interconnection between countries, Israel expanded its collaboration with other nations in terms of trade and defense.
Today Israel has a high household broadband penetration rates translating to higher internet accessibility rate. Market competition in the data markets its high both between Internet Service Providers and DSL infrastructure. These have created favorable market digital media and tripple play market. The platform for a new dimension of business in the media is about to be realize as the major Israeli TVs has both the data and delivery mechanism to tap into tripple play services. Communication firms in Israel are faced with fierce competition and this has p[rebelled the firms to newer technologies like the HSDPA and third generation services.

Internet use

Internet use is now part Israeli culture today. The number of people using the internet has increased exponentially since 2000. The following table as extracted from business daily Globes (internet world states 2014)

The table below shows how internet users grew with population from 200 to 2012

Israel is only the second after Canada in internet usage rate. Statistics above show even distribution of internet usage rate across demographist. This shows that Israel has welcomed the idea of internet use.

War and Human rights as affected by globalization

Israel declared independence in 1948 May and neighboring countries attack almost immediately. Borders remain in dispute to this date and there are still occasional strikes and military confrontation. The war that is almost a culture in the State of Israel has however subsided in past two years as the international community mounts pressure on the Jewish nation to use other means that are available to resolve conflicts. Globalization has made Israel part of an international community that operates in certain laws and regulates each other actions by imposing sanctions on nations that break the code.

Arab Israeli conflicts

Israel and Arabs have lived as neighbors but divided by deep social and economic lines. Boundary conflicts have persisted for decades and have been influence by globalization. According to Dr. Uri Ram, the integration of Israel into global economy including transformation from state centered to market centered caused the Israelis to take part in the Oslo negotiation process. (RAM 2014)
Globalization has greatly affected the perception the Israelis on their neighbors (Arabs). It has brought about different social class though living standards are generally increasing. The entry business into Israel has made the public dealing in business to advocate for peace and cooperation with their neighbors.
Globalization has brought about changes in governance and Israel is one of the few democracies in the Middle East. Democracy gives rights to individuals to support whoever they prefer or whichever party they like but this has brought some tribal and pogical drifts. This is a problem common in most democracies because politics end up making enemies from people of same nation.
Israel economy has been doing perfectly well and going through a lot of improvement. Israel has taken part in design and distribution of high tech technological devices that have helped the country venture in international markets. Israeli linked investments have been targets more than twice for instance the attack of the Kenyan West Gate mall by the Terrorists. West Gate mall is linked to Israeli Investor and it seems Israel has won itself global terrorists as well.


Israelis foreign policy as affected by Globalization
Globalization may have been known for exchange of information and trade but Israel is an example of how globalization can affect nation’s foreign policies and perception. Employing foreign policy theories analysis and globalization theories, Amnon Aran investigated relationships determining Israel’s foreign policy especially in reference to palatines and Hamas. In his report Amnon Aran shows that elements of globalization like the economic policies, government, the media and social stratification affect foreign policies (Amnon Aran 2014). It is a common knowledge that Israeli foreign policies especially in reference to the PLO ewes entangled with effects of globalization on socio economy and culture in the late 1980s. There is a close relationship between globalization and foreign policy.


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