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Leadership and management are two of the most debated concepts in business. Many often confuse and use the two interchangeably; however, there are many differences between both. According to the Harvard Business Journal, management is, “a set of well-known processes, like planning, budgeting, structuring jobs, staffing jobs, measuring performance and problem-solving, which help an organization to predictably do what it knows how to do well” (Kotter, 2013). Management helps a company produce the products or services and do so in a consistent manner on a day-to-day schedule (Kotter, 2013). Leadership is a lot more difficult to define because it encompasses so many aspects. Leadership: Theory and Practice defines leadership as being a process in which an individual influences others all in effort to achieve a shared goal (Northouse, 2012). Leaders and managers are two widely discussed positions that are different in nature but unite to achieve an organization’s desired goal.
Management consist of power that is derived from the position an individual occupies. Titles such as team leaders, supervisors, directors, administrators, and plant managers (Northouse, 2012). Power is defined as “the capacity or potential to influence” and occurs when a person can influence others’ attitudes and beliefs (Northouse, 2012, p. 8). Management power typically encompasses legitimate (having status or formal job authority), reward (having the capacity to provide rewards to others) and coercive (to influence others to do something against their will by using threats, negative reward schedules, and/or punishment) power (Northouse, 2012). On the other hand, leadership involves personal power which derives from how followers view their leader and whether they believe he or she is likable and knowledgeable; leaders are given power by acting in a way that followers perceive as important (Northouse, 2012). Personal power is comprised of referent (followers' identification and liking for the leader) and expert power—followers' perceptions of the leader's competence (Northouse, 2012).
I support the view that leadership and management are different concepts because both command different types of power and responsibilities. According to Leadership: Theory and Practice, “to manage means to accomplish activities and master routines, whereas to lead means to influence others and create visions for change” (Northouse, 2012, p. 13). Leadership is different from management in that it pushes the organization towards the future, and searches for opportunities to exploit (Kotter, 2013). However, both are necessary to efficiently run an organization; managers are needed to ensure daily functions and processes are operating, and leadership is essential to garner people to pursue a common goal or purpose. Leadership is important because it influences the people in a company to buy in and produce useful change (Kotter, 2013). The main difference between management and leadership is that management is a formal position in an organization, whereas leaders do not always have formal positions yet are able to influence members to follow them (Northouse, 2012).
A great example of both a manager and a leader was Steve Jobs of Apple Technologies. His ability to inspire people through his vision gained the trust of his coworkers and those that invested in him. Rather than be domineering he worked with colleagues to create change. Leaders are good with maintaining communication with followers and understand how to influence and persuade others to buy in to their vision (Adams, 2012). Steve Jobs was able to influence employees to share his vision and purpose for Apple. He also held many managerial duties because of his status as the CEO. Jobs derived power from being both a leader and a manager and both combined enabled him to lead Apple to the technological powerhouse that it is today.
I believe that leadership is necessary in any organization or on any team to achieve a common goal. Leadership is like the glue that bonds all members and motivates them to pursue something. To me, leaders are more important because they have the ability to create change within an organization. Leaders encompass the power to motivate people to act and know what they want to achieve. The responsibilities of a leader are far more complex than a manager because leaders identify with employees on more than just a work level but also on a personal level. Leaders understand the desires and needs of their followers and work to find a common ground. Without leadership, managers can only rely on coercive power to prompt employees to act.
In world where technology is rapidly advancing society, leadership is needed now more than ever. Corporations understand that individuals with leadership abilities are valuable assets because they are able to improve the organizations in many ways (Northouse, 2012). Leadership and management are two different concepts; however, both are necessary to ensure an organization functions properly. Managers do what is necessary to make sure the daily functions and processes are carried out smoothly. Their power and influenced is derived from the position that they occupy. Leaders are people that can motivate followers to share a common goals. Leaders provide a vision for the organization and take the necessary steps to get everyone on board. Managers typically are higher on the occupational hierarchy, whereas leaders can be from any level in the company but have just as much (if not) more influence and power as managers.


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