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The perception of what is good and bad health has changed over time. Unlike in the past, being in good health nowadays does not necessarily imply one is free of diseases or illness (Herrman, Saxena, and Moodie XVII). The modern definition of good health is broad and involve mental, social, and physical aspects (Gordin 4). Maintaining good health in the modern context is broader. The difference between healing, health, and medication is now evident. Medications cannot treat all conditions while healing involves a process. However, health is what one experience. Although medication can offer solution, it is just a small part of a larger puzzle that comprise social, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.
One of the best ways of maintaining good health is to exercise regularly in order to stay in shape and maintain physical health (Edlin, Golanty, and Brown 106). Such physical exercises include activities like walking, cycling, gardening, doing some housework or any other active or manual activities. Exercising also involves engaging in active recreational activities such as playing, dancing, cycling, or swimming. Sport activities that involves physical exercises include tennis, soccer, gym, and rugby among others.
Besides physical activities, a college student has many other options to do in order to maintain good health. To maintain a good physical health, a student can use various approaches. The first one involves maintaining proper diet and good nutrition. Good nutrition implies taking food or fluids with the right combination of nutrients required for a healthy life. This include taking a balanced diet comprising foods or fluids containing major nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, oils, and minerals (Edlin, Golanty, and Brown 106). In addition to food, one should also take adequate amount of water on a daily basis. Instead of taking huge quantities of food a few times, it has been pointed out that it is health to eat small quantities of food at intervals. Evidence also suggests alcohol and drug intake should be either controlled or abstained altogether since they have been found to affect body processes and moods. One way of maintaining physical health is to practice self-care when using medicines. For example, any minor illness and injuries ought to be attend without delay. Emergency medical attention ought to be sought where necessary. While some ailments and injuries can be adequately handled by first aid kit, certain ailments require intervention of a medical doctor (Edlin, Golanty, and Brown 251). A person should also take enough rest or periodic relaxation, and sleep since they are important I rejuvenating the body. Sleep ought to be in a place with minimum disturbance.
Good health also involves good mental health (Medical News Today). A college student who stays far away from home is occasionally suffers from psychological, social, and emotional health. Such health conditions can affect so many things in a student such as relationship with other students, reaction to stress, feelings, thinking, making choices, and acting. To maintain good mental health, the student can do a number of things. This include keeping a strong relationship with other people. This can be fellow students and other people in college. It is also important that a student get a bit indulged in activities that diverts attention by engaging in activities such as dancing, hobbies, playing, drawing, joining clubs, walking, reading, filling crosswords, and sewing among others. Continuous learning is also another way of maintaining good mental health. This include learning new things, taking new challenges, building new attributes, and confidence. In circumstances where there is unavoidable stress, the best thing is to manage stress appropriately. To cope with stress, one has to live for a moment, be aware of self, avoid worrying about the past or the future, focus on the moment, and seek assistance from those who can help relief stress. They ca be fellow colleagues, a doctor, calling parents, or even a counselor (Smith, Segal, and Segal; Khanna).

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