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Most religions have stepped up to show their views towards the use of contraceptives. Most religions have a say in matters that pertain birth. It is considered as a new creation. God is responsible for the creations that take place be it the human or any other form of living. Religions also play part in shaping the society to a direction that agrees with Gods wish. They must ensure that they dominate within the society to praise what is good and encourage people to keep on at the same time criticize what is not accepted under the terms of the specific religion. They are representatives and agents of God and they must execute all the actions to ensure that the society respects what God has put life into (Sahu and Hutter, 2012). The various religions that have had different views when it comes to the use of contraceptives include the Christians, the Hindus, the Islamic religions, Judaism, and other religions that overly the United States of America due to its nature having different people from different countries.
A background on the use of contraceptives indicates that they have the ability of destroying what has been created already after two people of opposite sex couple and conceive. In this case, the use of contraceptives is actually meant to destroy what has already been created through the process of fertilization. Therefore, it is classified as doing away with a being that is already breathing and deserves to live.

Two major subdivisions are present when it comes to the Christians. They are the Roman Catholicism and the Protestantism. Looking at the two, their views towards birth control by the use of contraceptives have variations with small elements that exist in each of the two forms of Christian religion (Sahu and Hutter, 2012).
The Roman Catholic Church is entirely opposed to the use of artificial contraception and other related orgasm acts that are considered to be outside the marital status. They hold the highest form of respect to what God has created and put life into the belief over birth control was generated way back in the beginning of the first centuries indicating that they have them ability of sticking to their rules and regulations without violating any norms of their requirements. Being a roman catholic translates to abiding by all the church norms that have been stipulated without violating any of them. For the act of sex, it is only allowed on specific situations where the two parties involved must express the ability of being unitive which is expressing love and be legally married (Dharmalingam and Morgan, 2004). The only form of that is allowed in the holy roman Catholic Church is the periodic abstinence where an individual is not allowed to engage in any forms of sexual acts until the time they have legally married. In this case, they are making an effort to protect various effects that come along the use of artificial birth control methods. They have been able to control the moral standards that are expected to be held by the people who practise their religion.
The Protestants also stand firm when it comes to the use of contraceptives as an artificial birth control measure. They have the full believe that God has intentions of procreation in the world. When he created Adam and Eve and put them in the grader of Eden, his intentions were for them to procreate and fill the world. Therefore, by using contraceptives it is already a violation of Gods intention irrespective of whether an individual is married or not. In this case, this branch of Christians fully advocate for sex only when people are married but at the same time does not agree when it comes to using artificial means of birth control and ending innocent lives that deserve to live according to Gods commands.


Hinduism is another religion that fully appreciates the need of having a society that can be emulated and is responsible for the sake of the religion as well as the upcoming generation. The people who are young should be able to emulate good habits and all these can only be generated from a well-bred society. The Hinduism religion has had small variations when it comes to their views on birth control. There is no specific ban on the artificial birth control methods including the use of contraceptives. It is also indicated that there is a contrast when it comes to specific Hindu figures such as the Mahatma Gandhi who had a great influence on their religion. It suggests that contraceptives should be encouraged at all because they are dangerous to the health of the people who are involved and to the doctrine itself. The figure of Mahatma Gandhi criticizes the actions of the use of contraceptive pills and terms it unimaginable for a doctrine that should be advocating for discipline to allow people to engage in sexual acts and in the end allow them to use contraceptives as a measure of birth control.

The Islamic religion:

The Islamic religion does not make any open statements that criticize the acts of suing artificial means of birth control. The only open statements that are visible in the Qur’an are that the people who are practising the religion are allowed to procreate. One of the major Islamic prophets that are considered as a role model was also reported to say “marry and procreate”.
One of the primitive birth control systems also that is existed during the time of Muhammad is the Coitus interrupts. The general comments that were made by this prominent prophet of the Islamic religion were that the people who were practising the religion were not supposed to engage and associate with the birth control system at the time. In this case, it would be argued that the prophet would be against any external factors that would induce the termination of any process of conceiving between two people. The use of contraceptives would be classified under the same case and termed as unacceptable to the prophet Muhammad.
The hobby lobby case was concluded by the Supreme Court granting a landmark victory for the religious liberty on the 30th June in Burwell V. the ruling made was that individuals would not lose their religious freedom in the event they opened a family business ("Case Timeline - The Hobby Lobby Case", 2015). The owners of the Hobby Lobby case were the Christian religion who went ahead to seek legal assistance after a controversial case concerning family business was presented. In this case, the Roman Catholic leaders were on the front line to ensure that justice was given to all the individuals who had dreams of running family business (Home - The Hobby Lobby Case, 2015).

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