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Chapter 15 Discussion and Other Thoughts

Chapter 15 Discussion and Other Thoughts

Chapter 15 of The American School: A Global Context from the Puritans to the Obama Administration” tries to address a number of issues that have been faced since Obama took over the government. At the same time, it seeks to review the United States’ history with regards to the “No Child Left Behind” Act, commonly referred to as NCLB. In 1968, a number of the white voters were disapproved due to the link of being used as tools to desegregate the schools. NCLB was a right act in pursuit of justice against any form of discrimination. In the same 1968, a number of American schools, colleges and universities were brought under a rigorous criticism for the acts of racism and oppression that had been prevalent amongst the schools. The criticism led to involuntary busing of students as a way of enabling them end the segregation at their schools. However, the move was opposed by the government. Nixon thought that for him to restore the bilingual election and cultural integration, he must have promoted career education.

Control of the schools.

Towards the end of the ‘60’s a debate over the control of schools arose. The experts found it tough to face and convince the public in what we could call a witty battle. For accountability, all the schools were required to submit and publish standardized test score on an annual basis. After that, powers were kept in the education experts, whereas tests became a central pillar of education. Later on the end of common schools was marked by privatization of schools as well as establishing a charter school. Charter schools came to gain popularity due to its speedy operations. The chartered schools were varied according to the state law. The NCLB was a very sound and significant in the unification of not only, the students in US, but also globally. During Reagan’s reign, the primary foci were; restoring cultural values in schools, students’ capacity to compete in the marketplace and; limit the involvement of federal government while promoting the state’s role in education. Many legislations on education continued during Clinton and Bush regimes, notable reform the Educate America Act of 2000. This Act promoted both adult education and preschool education.

Additional thoughts

The national federal accountability standards were met through the efforts of the NCLB. Therefore, favoritism in the education sector was immensely reduced. Although at first NCLB focused on all the students, currently they have seen the need to address the concerns of the children with acute needs. The NCLB legislation helped in getting rid of the efforts of establishing bilingual education systems in all the public schools by the Mexicans, Native Americans, and Puerto Ricans. NCLB meant good, especially in terms of cohesion and cultural integration. Fulfillment of a just and flaw-free system of education is going through a lot of challenges such as insufficient funding, abortions, pornography and homosexuality among others. The state then responded by issuing stun regulations on the same issues. No standard has suggested the appropriateness of the 2010 reform. Some of the criticism that are facing the NCLB included; Removing the connection between the person reading and the literature, limited education range, and focus on American based and Shakespeare’s literature. In words of some critics, training is focused solely on economic growth and industrialization.

Were the goals of the course met?

After reading and reviewing this chapter, I can say that the objectives of the course were met. The first goal of this course and reading, in particular, was to establish the role of NCLB in education, various reforms in education, as well as the major contributors of these reforms, the book has comprehensively touched on the milestone in the education sector, making it recommended for further study on the same.

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