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Apple has been associated with cutting-edge innovation, colorful re-invention, quality and perfectionism. Most of Apple’s products have historically been only affordable to high-end users, especially on the mobile platform. Apple1, a home-created computer built by Steve Wozniak, was Apple’s first product. The second product, Apple2, was significantly more successful than the first because of two factors: the release of the first spreadsheet product and the graphical features of the Apple2. The first spreadsheet application, VisiCalc, was designed specifically for the Apple2 computer and introduced Apple computers as useful business tools. The “killer-app” catapulted the company into public attention and recognition by other companies. It was a great financial success.
The infighting at Apple in the next decade (1980s) led to the production of Apple’s first financial failure: the Apple Lisa. It was expensive and, slow and the company eventually let buyers trade it in for a small price, for the Macintosh. The Macintosh, the subsequent release, was saved from mediocrity by third-party creations: an affordable laser printer, LaserWriter, and PageMaker. The latter two products arguably led to the rise of the desktop publishing market. The late 1980’s saw the dramatic power struggle between Jobs and John Sculley, and the subsequent resignation of Jobs from Apple. From that period and till the beginning of the 20th Century, Apple experimented with a series of products and features. During this period, Apple released the Macintosh Portable, which was bulky and ungainly in comparison with other products of its kind, such as Toshiba notebooks. The Newton, although innovative, proved to be a failure due to its size, short battery life and hard-to-read screen. Another failure was the Performa, which was meant to bring Apple products to the low-end market. Apple also sued Microsoft for using a GUI similar to the one in Lisa.
Apple once again became profitable in the early 2000s with the release of Mac OS X. The iPod and iTunes store ensured Apple’s dominance in the music industry. The MacBook Pro and iMac were also financial successes. In 2007, Apple dropped the “Computers” in “Apple Computers, Inc.” to emphasize a shift from the desktop market to mobile devices. The iPhone and iPad were commercial successes as well and were lauded for their innovative design.
The industry dynamics of the computing industry are branding, user satisfaction, a balance between affordability and user experience and a very cannibalistic and competitive environment.

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