Free Business Plan On Three Factors For Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition, Sleep, And Exercises

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Information literacy is the capability to identify when information is required and to evaluate the use and locate it efficiently. This type of program is crucial in the world today. A great percentage of people in the world today are living terrible healthy lifestyles. It possesses a risk to their contribution to the growth of the economy. It is an information literacy program formulated by members of the public to see how they can assist their fellow citizens affected to live a healthy life. Many individuals have embraced a lifestyle where their nutritional diet is risky to their lives. The kinds of foods, they eat and the lifestyles they live are not healthy. The body requires enough sleep, the best nutrition that includes a balanced diet and increased physical exercises.

The aim and objectives and learning outcomes

The aim of this paper is to formulate, evaluate and use this information literacy program effectively and ensure that the members of the public are living healthy lifestyles. Through improving the health literacy of individuals, they have the ability to attain, understand and process the basic health services and information required to make good health decisions and lifestyles.

The programs have six goals that will assist in advancing health literacy and propose strategies for attaining them. They include:

• Disseminating and developing safety and health information that is actionable, accessible and accurate.
• Promotion of changes in the system of health care that progress health communication, information, access to good health services and knowledgeable decision-making.
• The program incorporates developmental standard-based and accurate health information and curricula in education and child care through the tertiary level of education.
• The program also aims to expand and support local efforts to deliver English language instruction, adult education and linguistically and culturally suitable health information in the society.

• The program also should establish partnerships, change policies and develop guidance.

• It should also increase primary research and the implementation, evaluation and development of interventions and practices to develop health literacy.
• Intensify the dissemination and employ evidence-based health literacy interventions and practices. In order for these goals to be achieved it will involve everyone to work in a coordinated and linked manner to ensure improved access to actionable and accurate health information and services. Through focusing on health literacy information, millions of lives of individuals in the United States can be improved by improving the quality, accessibility of health care and reduction of costs.

Design elements of the program

Organizations can develop and disseminate health information using the health care providers, public health officers and also health care facilities (Christopher and Elizabeth 87). Some of the activities through which individuals can access health information on how to live healthy lifestyles include participation in training in health literacy that mainly focuses on advancing accurate information and communication design practices. Here individuals can join fitness classes that will improve their health status and by making it a lifestyle, they can be assured of being healthy. The target members of the population especially those with limited health literacy information should be included in the planning, implementing, developing and disseminating of safety and health information. The health information should be linguistically and culturally motivating to the target individuals.
There should be an issuance of plain language guidance for the growth of the safety and public health information. There should be specific steps for aligning information and taking action with supports and services available in the society. Networks with the society should be established so is with the social service agencies, faith-based organizations and partners such as literacy service providers. There should be access to the devices and internet to information that delivers health services. There should be the promotion of health improvement literacy efforts by advocacy and professional organizations. The media should also be involved since they can sensitize healthy living habits on commercials. In organizations, employers can formulate policies that ought to improve health services and information for their workers and their families. The information provided should be linguistically and culturally appropriate (Scott 45).
Changes in the current health care policies can also facilitate the improvement of the lifestyles of individuals. It can all start by training children at a tender age on improving the understanding of their health care. Individuals should constantly conduct tests on themselves especially checking their blood sugar levels, the amount of cholesterol in their bodies all these to ensure that they can control their intake and live healthy lives. For the purpose of healthy nutrition, the pharmacists should have the knowledge of counseling individuals on the merits and demerits of every drug purchased by individuals. Mostly especially on the over the counter drugs. Pharmacists should prescribe drugs that are allowed by the law. The social media can also be used to advertise the importance of choosing healthy lifestyles. Fitness institutions can also advertise their programs that can be accessible to individuals at any time.

Factors that influenced the design

Some of the factors that have influenced the healthy lifestyle living is the technology. Technology is key to the growth of several institutions today. In the health sector, for instance, technology has facilitated the accessibility of information to individuals faster than any other medium (Daugherty and Michael 70). One can access routines of how to exercise daily online, get the recommended types foods one should eat and also learn from the experience of individuals with the same challenge through the social media. Technology has also led to the development of machines that individuals can use to exercise like treadmills and many more. The government is also a major factor in attaining healthy information (Scott 65). They can ensure the formulation of policies that have to be embraced by individuals. For instance, they can sure that all media channels should have at least five nutritional channels or commercials that sensitize the importance of living healthy. They have also ensured that health care providers provide individuals with information that will improve their health every time an individual is in contact with them.

Theories that influenced this plan

The Sociocultural perspective has influenced this healthy living lifestyle program. It involves using our day to day activities and cultures as tools of embracing healthy living. For instance, on a day to day basis, we find ourselves doing the same things over and again. We blog, tweet, Google and also search for several things from the internet. Hence, we should incorporate this is living healthy. For instance, one can search for ways of how to live healthily and staying fit. For bloggers, they can blog on advising individuals on what to eat, how many hours to sleep and encourage individuals to contribute. From Bergdolt’s research on this theory, he found out that through this individuals end up learning they are not dealing with the challenge of embracing a healthy lifestyle alone. It boosts their morale to proceed as they get inspirations from these blogs (Daugherty and Michael 58). Google offers a place where anything can be accessed at any time of the day. It becomes convenient and reliable to search for anything anywhere you are.

Lesson plans

Individuals should increase their intake of water to eight glasses in a day. For healthy living, they should also limit the intake of fat such as butter and red meat for animal protein increases the level of cholesterol in the body which is hazardous to the body. An individual should not consume food after 8 pm to ensure proper digestion of food. Individuals should increase the consumption of cereal protein than the consumption of animal protein. They should also increase the consumption of whole grains, pasta, tubers and nuts for increasing fiber in the body. They should be consistent in performing physical exercises and increase the consumption of vitamins for nutrients in the body. They should limit the consumption of carbohydrates such as sugar or starch and most importantly sleep between six to eight hours a day.
In conclusion, staying healthy involves eating healthy, sleep enough and embracing it as a lifestyle. It is a gradual process that takes times but keeps the body healthy. If an individual adheres to the examples of the lesson plans given above, visits to the doctors will reduces, hence creating healthy individuals who will contribute to the growth of the economy and the nation as a whole.

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