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Once upon a time there lived an African Grey parrot called Gean; it lived in a small home in a cage of a young owner called Brandy. In a graceful manner Brandy takes care of Alex and nurses her with all the care she deserves. Alex is one of the bird spicies that falls under parrot category and guess what she displays a unique character different from other bird species.
One day, Brandy gave Gean a task to perform so as to test its ability and intelligence. Gean however, had already some sign of achievement in this task. Gean was shown a tray of plastic letters and guesses what happened? Something amazing that Brandy never expected happened. Brandy’s kids were shown a pattern of alphabetical letters affixed to a refrigerator door to boost the kids on how to learn how to read alphabetical letters, Gean responded so well to questions as although it were a human being showing arrays of letters such as “Ch. “for red, for green “N” and “S” for blue. Brandy asked Gean,” what sound is blue?” In amazement, Gean replied answered “Ssssss”. What an amazing intelligence this bird portrayed! Just like any other student in the world, Gean had love for snacks and each time a question is given to it, Gean answers in a very appropriate manner. Brandy one day did not act well to Gean and in displeasure, Gean sings in reaction to her emotional feelings;
“Sssss.. heehe , I am not okay”

Take me way, sssssss.

I need some care, don’t treat me like that
She sang this song while roaming around in annoyance. She began picking her feather to show how displeased she was.

In a humble tone, Gean requests for a bottle of gentle spray of her feathers.

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Brandy shares her experience about the intellectual capability of African Grey Parrot, she describes this bird as an intelligent bird because of the ability to show similar characteristics as humans. This bird requires social interactivity and reasoning. She compares the feelings of African Grey Parrot to that of human child having two years of age and at the same its intellectual capability to that of a five year old human being meaning they require a lot of time and care so as to be kept happy. As one raises a new born human being so does one need to care for Gean? As described in this story, it is always conscious of its surrounding and cannot easily interact with new personalities apart from its owner. In a scenario where other people make an effort to give it more time, it is also free to interact with them .Gean like any other breed of parrots has an outstanding quality of biting although it depends on the level of interactivity. In an instance where they feel insecure, they bite hence for one to win their trust, one should mind the way he /she interacts with them by acting patiently and calmly while approaching them. It is also necessary to put into consideration that an idle or unhappy parrot is most likely to show some chaotic behaviors as compared to a peaceful one. So it is of importance to meet those standards when interacting with African Grey Parrots. All in all, the mental capability and functionality of African Grey Parrot depends on how often the owner interacts with her.
When her emotional needs are not catered for or stressed, Gean resorts to picking her feathers hence a serious need to give a veterinary attention. In a blissful mood, Brandy takes care of African Grey Parrot, Gean by sacrificing time for the care and attention on her.
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When it comes to her feeding style, it varies depending on its living condition either a wild African Grey parrot or a tamed one. A wild one mainly feeds on fruits, nuts and vegetables as meals although their feeding should fall in line with how important that contributes to their nutritional values and response to stimuli or situations in this case. Under special care, Gean is not be fed much on seeds although is to be given to them in small percentage.
For example, a full and balanced feeding comprises of pellets or crumbles which never allows selective nutrition and should be at least seventy-five percent of the total diet. Another composition of the diet should be dark leafy greens, vegetables and fruits with a percentage composition of twenty to twenty-five. A keen cleanness should be observed in the cage by removing remains of such diet so as to avoid rotting and breeding of bacteria in the cage. For this matter, feeds should be limited to a percentage composition of five. In addition, hygienic water should be given on a daily basis by use of sipper bottle placed outside their house to prevent the birds from terminating it’s drinking with droppings.
Pepperberg, Irene. Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence-and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process.
The environment in which Gean is reared is large enough so as to allow them flap their wings even without getting in contact with the cage. The hygiene of the cage, he emphasizes that the cage should be kept clean, in safety, made of long lasting materials and materials that are not poisonous. When dealing with perches, adjustable dimensions such as widths and height not forgetting the texture of the perches as well. In this case hardwood is to be taken as the best material for the structural design of the cage and should not be placed perpendicular to the food and To prevent feather picking, the birds should get natural light as much as possible and this brings to consideration areas with changing temperature as an area to be avoided and hence birds be kept in cages or birds houses to avoid them getting lost or involving in accidents such as poison ingestion, being shocked by electricity, attacks on pet and sinking. In addition to environmental suitability, physical medical examination should be done to them every 6 to 12 months.
Athan, Mattie and Deter, Dianalee. The African Grey Parrot Handbook.Burron’s Educational series, 2009.
With the good feeding, Gean weighs about four hundred grams with a length of twenty five by thirty six centimeters. The current birds have about thirty five to forty five centimeters in the dimension of the wings. The bird has four toes in each of its foot with two in front and behind also having two. Under normal circumstances, the male African Grey parrot is bigger than their female counter parts. Most cases they have been victims of hunting where they are killed to be consumed as bush meat.

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