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Mission Statement:

Collaborating units under Denton County health Department:
Immunization Coalition
Pandemic influenza
Environmental Division
Women's health services
Women, infants and children
Health education
Health emergency alert response team
Brief Description:
Denton health department is a public agency that offers health-related services including programs in the County of Denton, Texas. It offers health-related services to various households, learning institutions with the health services department offering health education programs at the Denton admin complex health services building. Denton County health department, on the other hand, has a wide reach, and strategies that it uses to deliver health related services within the County at large. Therefore, collaborating with such a unique government agency is a plus in that it will give an insight on delivering health educational programs within the Denton community.

Priority population and key health issue:

A county with a diverse population of about 728,799 people and more than one ethnic background. The county is composed of 51.3% (females) and 48.7% (Males), with more than 98% living in the urban areas of Denton County ("Denton County Profile"). Most people living in Denton are whites (79.9%), African American (9.4%), Indian natives (0.9%), Asians (7.3%), natives of Hawaii and other Islanders (0.1%) and other multi-racial groups occupying the rest of 2.4%. Most of the population of about 61.2% in the County are in white collar jobs while the others (38.8%) are in blue collar jobs ("Point 2 Homes") with the married population at (53.3%) living there mostly while those that are single at (31.4%), while the rest being widowed, divorced and separated constituting the rest of the population.
Denton County is served by schools and colleges, within an estimated 35% of the adults having Bachelor's degree, and almost 86% having at least a high school Diploma.

Key Health Issue:

The key health issue to be addressed is to educate the working population on the need for safe employment practices in order to safeguard their health in order to have a vibrant workforce. This is because most of the population are educated and in employment, as such there is need to educate this segment on occupational health and safety, since most spend more time in their careers hence the need to maintain a stable and healthy life. This program particularly will be established to respond and to help people safeguard their lives while at work. It is primarily influenced by the health complications of workers in the nearby gas industry.

Epidemiological data:

The epidemiological data is based on statistics indicating a growing trend in the number of people, especially at workplaces being affected diseases. The data is mainly founded on the gas industry in Denton County, with major diseases affecting the working population in the gas industry, because they come into contact with poisonous emitted gases in the mining site during work.
(Institute of Medicine Roundtable)
One of the major objectives and functional area in healthy people is occupational safety and health. This functional area has the main objective of preventing diseases and work-related illnesses while at work or in work-related sites. It is better realized by mitigation strategies that can only be achieved through early educational initiatives aimed at informing consumers and employees of the necessity of having safer working environments in order to remain healthy while at work. The health issues can be mitigated by observing some simple steps and procedures on how to maintain a good health status, which is the main directive towards a healthy people.
The relationship between this program and the health indicators is that the program aims at designing an educational platform that can address certain health issues that are common at workplaces. Its main objective is to provide a way of improving people's health by identifying the health issues and outlining their preventive measures that can be practiced by employees in order to prevent work-related illnesses.

Leaders/Stakeholders and supporters interviewed:

Livingstone Matthews
He is the county health manager in-charge of all the aspects of health service provision, and he is also charged with establishing linkages with other not-for-profit organizations in the event that external collaboration is needed. The most important information obtained during the interview concerned is the sustainability of the program, due to the sensitive issues it is likely to address. This is because there is the need to form public-private partnerships, since most workers are employed in private firms. The other information obtained regarded the County legislative requirements concerning the health program that must be addressed so as to abide by legal requirements of the County. His perspective is that the program will positively impact on the community, but there are legal concerns and requirements that should be met in order to prevent any legal suit from private investors.

Oscar Fernandez

He is the lead program implementer. He works under the supervision of the health manager, and is in charge of coordinating all health related programs, as well as establishing and maintaining internal-external partnerships, with interested parties aimed at improving the lives of the community. The most important information is the concern for sustainability of the program. He is of the view that it should have enough funding in order to set up administrative structures that can propel and sustain the program in the long-term. This is because people in the community are affected by occupational hazards and that it would be necessary to be long-term focused. There is also another private healthcare provider within the Denton community, with the healthcare provider being Beylor Medical Center

Mission Statement

The mission statement for the health promotion plan is to increase occupational health and safety for the employees. The program will offer a working environment that places the safety of the employees as a priority that adheres to the healthy people 2020 objectives (Healthy People, 2014).

Goal of the Program

The health promotion activity is to achieve a high level of safety for the employees that ensure mitigation of health hazards in their working environment. Attaining a work environment that assures optimal safety as well as precautionary measures to mitigate risks to the employees would define the goal of the program (Healthy People, 2014).

Objectives to Meet in order to achieve the Goal

In order to attain the goals, the business would need to achieve prescribed objectives to measure the performance of the health promotion program. The objectives that the business would use are as follows:

Protective Gear

The administrative objective of the business is to ensure that all employees working in a noise-polluted area wear protective gear i.e. ear plugs, helmets, etc. to ensure safety of the employees (Daniel, 2007).

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The learning process that the business needs to achieve is to enhance the working knowledge of the employees. The organization needs to design SOPs and train the employee to use them effectively (Goetzel & Ozminkowski, 2008).

Prevention of Hearing Loss in Employees

The outcome objective that the business needs to achieve in order to measure the performance of the health promotion program is to eliminate the hearing loss incidents. Preventing loss of hearing in the workers would signify the efficiency the program (Goetzel & Ozminkowski, 2008).


Good morning Sir, My name is Sunday Lawrence. I am a clinical psychology student at Northwest Denton community college, undertaking a course in public health and occupational safety. There is a promotional program that we will be launching with the main aim of addressing the Denton community on healthy lifestyles and what can be done to enhance occupational health.
This interview will entail gathering information concerning the intended launch of the project. It is a requirement stipulated in the project, that a feasibility analysis be carried through interviews to help us gather information, mainly from major stakeholders in responsible positions in steering such projects within the Denton County. I would like that you spare a few minutes in a brief interview, to help me gather some information, possibly it would take at most 15 minutes. Sir would you be willing?
Interview Questions
I thank you for this noble idea, which will be launched primarily to help curb this menace that has crippled our community, "the occupational sicknesses". This has been an issue in our community, with many people being left helpless after serving years of decades working for their livelihood. First, I would say that my main responsibility as a stakeholder would be to ensure that people turn up in large numbers to received education regarding this. On the other hand, I would like to see that resources are pulled together to help eradicate or reduce this greatgreat issue that is in our midst.
As you know, most people remain in their helpless status due to lack of information, information is power and any community including my community would progress at the slightest hint on how to curb this health issue, and so to say, an informed lifestyle will greatly impact on the health status in the community.
Thank you very much, our organization is working mainly in coordinating with other law enforcement agencies to ensure that the employed people are informed in terms of legal measures that they can pursue in instances that they feel they are endangered mostly in the workplaces. This is because living a healthy lifestyle free from intoxication is important in the event that we are to live healthly lives.
What partnership would you be able to offer in this health promotion program in order to address a healthy living lifestyle in the Denton community?
Sure, as I said earlier, very key important things that is resource availability and mobilizing people to turn up for this program. I would say that I would much offer to avail resources such as the resources that would be used in the process, team up with institutions in this area, and to involve volunteers, on a revolving basis to help as part-time resource personnel's, and educational staff in specific mobile points, targeting those employees coming from work.
What other community organizations/resources do you think would be helpful to us in planning this health education/promotion program? Yes, that's a great question, basically in think, finances and resources such as vehicles could really assist in this program, due to the wider reach that has to be covered, in finances, just to give the volunteers a small stipend as a form of appreciation, do TV adds, put billboards, yea, I think this would greatly help us achieve this noble task ahead of us.
Is there anything else that you would like to add?
No, personally I would like to thank you for this great idea aimed at educating the community about the need to stay a healthy lifestyle. It is a noble idea that will save thousands of lives. I hope it will go further so as to make it more effective. I wish you good luck in your endevours. Thank You thank you indeed for the great effort and hope to see you.
Daniel, E. (2007). Noise and hearing loss: a review. Journal of School Health, 77(5), 225-231.
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