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One talent management strategy is to understand various forms of learning opportunities of the groups (Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials), and to have these groups interact professionally. The Traditionalists will need to convey the intangible knowledge they have gained over the decades in more of a seminar format. The boomers, as they are getting ready to retire, can act like coaches to help “set career paths that are aligned with team and organizational goals” (Reitman). X’ers and Millennials are more digital learners, and learn best through technology via web-based training, and often seek “cross-functional positions” that are of shorter duration and place them on “senior-level teams” where they can teach older generations of recent developments in technology (Reitman). Having multi-generational workgroups or teams seems to work well with providing the skill transfer and development. It adds to “new avenues for problem-solving” and generally increases workplace “productivity, safety and morale” (Mikitka).
Each of the four generations have different motivators to recruit and retain, and the challenge is to “’create a culture that addresses . . . unique and specific drivers’”. Traditionalists will use more word-of-mouth referral network and newspapers to find employment, and if given respect, will stay at one company. Boomers will use LinkedIn and job boards but will be unlikely to want to relocate, and they seek health and retirement benefits as well as financial stability combined with an “opportunity to mentor younger workers” (Marks, Part 1). Gen X seeks companies with a culture and image that relates to their worldviews, and want flexible schedules. Millennials seek tech-savvy company website that allow them to apply online and to receive feedback, even if rejected. Companies that provide “excitement and new experiences” and offering plenty of feedback and short-term reward will be able to retain these new workers (Marks Part 1).
Since all groups are now using some form of social media, companies that allow their workers to share publicly rewards earned or recognition given with their friends and families will fare better at keeping them. This gives the workers a sense of well-being and increased the employer’s brand, leading to “a positive impact” as the recognition will not just be in-company, but through the company website and social media, it can be world-wide (Marks Part 2). Companies that encourage multi-generational mentoring programs and then focusing on recognition of the mentors’ contributions and the mentees’ development will “’create a culture of inclusion in which every employee can thrive and work toward common business goals’” (Mikitka). Allowing this culture to be widely broadcast can only add to recruiting new talent and keeping the current workforce intact through “the strength of the bond” that is share publicly when recognized by the company (Mikitka).

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