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Published: 2020/12/24

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, political party can be defined as “a group of persons organized to acquire and exercise political power” (“Political party”). Scientists outline several typologies of political parties. They can be distinct based on: the ideological orientation (liberal, conservative, communist, etc.); in relation to social change - radical and moderate, reformist and revolutionary, progressive and reactionary; participation in power - the ruling and opposition; the organizational structure – mass-based and cadre parties.
In my research, I will describe two major political parties in the USA (Democratic, Republican) and two major political parties in the United Kingdom (Conservative, Labour).
According to the Library of Congress, “today, America is a multi-party system” (“Party System”). Nevertheless, the most powerful are Republican and Democratic parties.
Republican Party, the second name - Grand Old Party, is ideologically based on the conservatism, economic liberalism and American nationalism. Republicans, unlike Democrats, adhere to the following: tax cuts, reduction of the state budget deficit, increase in military spending and spending on national security, more aggressive foreign policy. Democratic Party is one of the oldest parties in the world. Its ideology is based on the principles of progressivism, modern American liberalism and social liberalism. Most Democrats support abortion, the death penalty ban, and limited intervention in economic processes and social life of the US. The Conservative Party, informal historical name - “tory” is a center-right political party in the UK, bringing together supporters of conservatism and British unionism. British Labour Party - one of the British leading political parties; in opposition from May 11, 2010. Its ideology is social-democratic; its activity is closely associated with the British trade union movement. The party is one of the most influential members of the Socialist International.
Political parties’ systems and ideologies can be very different and specific in both democratic and non-democratic countries of the world. But although political programs and tasks are undoubtedly important, in my opinion, the main issue in this aspect is the fulfillment of promised actions and deeds by the winners of the elections.

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