Sample Essay On History Of Religion On Planet Earth

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After reading the chapters by Stone and Ellwood, I can now trace history of religion of humankind on planet earth. The article gives highlight to the origin of religion back in 7000BC. During this time, the worship of the female deity was the main focus. Later, a male God was introduced around 25,000 BC. However, the practice of worshipping female goddesses continued and still finding its place in our contemporary society. 2. Describe the religion of early gatherers and hunters.Early men were hunters’ and gatherers. The role of hunting was left for men only. Hunting  was considered a special function and before going for hunting   a kind of ritual had to be performed which symbolizes some religious beliefs. These include magic’s and fasting. Life of animals was believed to connect with humans’ beings in such a way that we were one. On the other hand, gathering of roots, nuts and vegetables was women duty. Besides, women also had a function of reproduction or fertility. 3. What changed in religious ideas as a result of humans shifting from horticultural to agriculturalists?The introduction of Agriculture changed human lifestyle. In addition, it offered a platform also to change their religious beliefs and practices. Men slowly shifted their attention from animals to agriculture. The practice of agriculture was now being associated with some religious acts and rituals. During planting, harvesting and weeding a kind of ritual was needed to commemorate the events. Quickly, an element of goddesses for planting and harvesting emerged, these goddesses could die just like seeds and resurrects during harvesting symbolizing rebirth.
4. Who is Ashtoreth? Ashtoreth was the chief female deity being worshiped in Canaan, Ancient Syria and by the Philistines who called her as Asherah. The Ashtoreth goddess had female attributes and was responsible for fertility, harvesting and other ritual practices involving women or is associated with female roles. 5. What is matrilineal kinship? Matrilineal kinship is the practice whereby an individual traces his or her descent from her mother and all her maternal ancestors. It refers to a society where each and every person identifies through the mother’s lineage. These beliefs system even involve sharing of property or family titles deeds only through female gender. 6. Define dzuli and explain their significance. Shaman was a kind of religion practice in the life of early man. They were powerful and were able to connect with the spirit world. In addition, they could receive instructions from the spirits and pass to people. Consequently, they were able to use the same spirits to heal and offer hope to the healed to another utopian world where sicknesses and diseases could not reach called dzuli. Dzuli was very significant because it shows the power of Shaman (witchdoctors). In fact, it was also a temporary relief for a promise of a better place just like the current religion promising heaven where there is no sickness or any struggle but happiness throughout.7. What does Stone mean by "the Neolithic morning"? Neolithic morning the evidence supporting the practices and beliefs of worshipping goddesses in both Paleolithic periods and Neolithic periods that was similar. Female clay figures are raising their hands above their breasts. These symbolize the idols of the mother goddesses.8. Why do some humans today worship a female deity The practice of worshipping female deity in the contemporary society is a reaction to the perception that religion is male-dominated, and goddess is focus on gender and femininity. It’s a widespread belief among the neopaganism. However, historian and archeologists argue that the first religion of humankind was predominantly female deity. Perhaps the new movement of the female deity is also being supported by quest of man looking for history as a foundation to reshape their current beliefs systems.

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