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Published: 2020/11/21

Every designer should be unique but most of them have violated being unique (Design and Violence). Design has thus led to violence and human rights ignored as a way of trying to make things better. The use of the hood as a way of preventing prisoners from escaping is not only a brutal idea but also against the human rights. It is, yes, a creative and unique approach to deal with prisoners but blindfolding them is not only denying them their right but also torturing them. Denial of rights is a very inhuman practice that demoralizes the prisoners.

Violent ways that have been used to deal with prisoners

It is the goal of every country to ensure that those found acting against the laws of the land faces the wrath of the law. The essence of subjecting law breakers to punitive measures is to ensure that justice is done to the affected individuals and the law breakers are impacted upon in a positive way. However, some practices are against the human rights and lead to torturing of the prisoners. Some of the common torturing techniques used in prisons include
1. Sexual assault
Sexual assault is used to induce fear and lower the esteem of prisoners. Forms of sexual assault that most prisoners face in clued rape, being forced to watch pornography, stripping men naked in front of female prisoners and soldiers and forcing them to wear their under wears and dance with them. Such practices do not transform the moral behavior of the prisoner but lowers their esteem and indulges fear in them (Cole & Sands, 54)
2. Temperature extremes
Using too high or too low temperatures has been practiced for many years in most prisons. Most prisons have come up with ways to ensure that the prisoners face extreme temperatures as a form of punishment. Sweatboxes and cold cells have been a primary practice to achieve this. Extreme temperature denies the prisoners conducive environment to live ion, and most of them end up with health complications or even death.
3. Isolation
Isolation is a very inhuman practice, and it has a very impact on the health mentality of the prisoner. It can at times cause permanent mental damage. The effects of isolation include hallucinations, depression and delusions. Every human being should interact positively with others and denial of this highly affects their mental behavior.
4. Watching others being tortured
Watching others being tortured has the same effect as experiencing the violence. The psychological impact has a very negative implication in the behavior and mental state of the prisoner. This technique has caused depression, stress and humiliation to the victims.
5. Sleep denial
Denial of sleep as a way to reduce the body from resisting pain (Greenberg & Drate, 68) leads to the mental implication. It is a very useful technique and it highly affects the functioning of the body. It effects include headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and hallucinations.
It is right to subject prisoners to some form of punishment as a way to rectify their behaviors. Although prisoners should face punishment, however, the form of punishment used should have a positive impact on them. In most cases, the methods used to punish the prisoners have an adverse effect on both their health and their social life.

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