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In public administration and leadership, ethical leadership is critical. This is mainly because public servants are required to make decisions that affect a large number of individuals. Public administrators are also tasked with managing a vast amount of public funds and resources; hence, they have to uphold high levels of ethical leadership. Ethical leadership demands that any leader makes decisions that are free of bias. A leader must also avoid engaging in activities that he or she may have a conflict of interest. This will ensure that all citizens that they serve have an equal chance of benefiting from the services offered by the government (Geuras & Garofalo, 2011).
Furthermore, ethical leadership will increase accountability since ethical public officials can be able to account for decisions made or funds spent. This in turn helps in increase the service delivery speed as well as efficiency within the public office. In effect, an increase in efficiency will lead to less wastage of resources and increased development. Ethical leadership is also demanded of every leader since in many cases public officials take oaths of office promising to act fairly and will serve all citizens equally. In order to be able to uphold such an oath a public official is expected to act ethically at all times.

Learned knowledge about leadership and ethics in public administration

The most important ethical principles are integrity and fairness, promotion of the public good, commitment to the government systems and accountability and transparency. These principles form the basic guiding philosophy for ethical leaders. Furthermore, the need to leaders to be ethical in their day-to-day activities is enshrined in the constitution. This is mainly because the constitution requires public officials to act in a way that ensures that they uphold integrity and ethical decision-making (Northouse, 2010). Furthermore, every citizen has the right to excellent government services. As stated earlier, in every government institution or public office there is a set of code of conducts and well-structured leadership systems. The set standards serve as an important guideline on what is expected from a public official (Geuras & Garofalo, 2011).
I have also learned that in every government institution or public office there is a set of code of conducts and well-structured leadership systems. The set standards serve as an important guideline on what is expected from a public official. These standards must be set to ensure fairness, integrity, proper service provision to all. Without these set guide lines there would be poor performance by public offices and the lack of accountability and integrity would increase to high levels (Northouse, 2010). Application of these two principles must relate to public service agencies and apply to all public service agencies. Furthermore, ethical leadership in public office may also apply to other persons who are not public officials of a public service agency but who have a contract or other agreement with public service agency. This is important as it serves to ensure that also individuals involved in doing business with the government are ethical. The code may make different provisions, consistent with the ethics values for different types of public officials and persons involved with public sector (Northouse, 2010).
The code of ethics and leadership structures are prepared by the commission chief executive for public service agencies in conjunction with other government agencies tasked with upholding ethics in public offices. When preparing the code of ethics the government has to ensure that it consults with the public service agencies, public officials, and industrial organizations representing public. The public is also involved in the process of building the ethical code since they are directly affected by the standards. This is imperative as it ensures the best ethical codes and reliable leadership structures are established this knowledge is well explained in public service public act of many countries the systems knowledge structures are the same so I presumed the development of leader and outlay of the codes are similar across all governments. Ethical leadership will increase accountability since ethical public officials can be able to account for decisions made or funds spent. This in turn helps in increase the service delivery speed as well as efficiency within the public office.
The standard code of conducts contains the obligations of public officials, which state the tasks that a leader is expected to perform. It also contains information explaining the purpose of ethical principles and values laid out. This section is important as it provides guidance on the importance of making ethical decisions. The code also contains the standards of conduct, expected behavior and information explaining the object intended to be achieved by the set ethics principles and values. It also offers guidelines about the application of ethics principle, value, or standard of conduct. It also details examples of operations in ethical principles (Geuras & Garofalo, 2011).
Ethical leadership is well developed through learning either formally or informally. This implies that learning can happen in well-organized forums of in random unorganized situations. In order to ensure that leaders are ethical, leaders need to receive information on the importance of acting ethically. Government offers awareness for leadership structures in public sectors this also provides an understanding the effects of leadership behavior in motivating and inspiring the public sectors staff and beneficiaries. This helps establish good leadership skills characterized by vision, passion, and integrity among individuals (Northouse, 2010).
Through leadership, training programs the government help public officers acquire strategic engagement with other by adapting and connecting with others through various communication strategies. In addition, such programs enhance their personal communication skills for effective leadership and as well enable them better understand how changes affect the public. There are several training programs, which enhance leadership, and these include national public sector management, ethics and leadership program, as well as public administration program. Other programs include applied learning program, and leadership development system. Based on these are training programs it is evident that effective and good leadership is realized through detailed and continued training as well as upholding the laid out ethical principles.
The information I have been able to learn from the class has been acquired through lectures, readings and working on assignments given in class. By reading the assigned readings and completing the required classwork, I have been able to acquire a lot of information relating to ethical leadership in public offices. The knowledge learnt was applied to the case study by translating the theory learnt into class and utilizing it practically (Geuras & Garofalo, 2011).


In conclusion, ethical leadership is highly important in both public sectors and private sector. The relevance of effective leadership is because they have higher influence than other staff due to their high authority, power and their command over resources. With this, great power and control its only good ethical conduct that can ensure good leadership. Ethical leaders must also uphold any ethical principles laid out in a public office (Northouse, 2010). Ethical leaders will also help in transforming those around them. This form of leadership is referred to as transformational leadership (Northouse, 2010). Citizens look up to their leaders at all times for guidance. Therefore, a leader who acts in an ethical nature may positively influence those around him to act in the same way. This in turn will lead to an increase in ethical conduct within the public office. It is important to note that most leaders are elected or appointed into office by means of popular public vote. In most cases, the public holds a strong belief that the leader will manage their funds and resources better. Therefore, any leader must serve the public ethically and efficiently.
I will utilize the knowledge leant in class in my future work in public administration. I will ensure that when working in public administration I will uphold the highest ethical levels. This will be done by ensuring that I am an individual of high integrity. Both good ethics and proper leadership skills are inseparable. This implies that good leadership skills are characterized by good work conducts that are acquired through experience.


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