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Part One

Job advertisement/ Description
The Kens Label Inc. offers an opportunity for dynamic and vibrant candidate to join its team of experts. The company is currently open for applications in the position of Purchasing and Distribution Manager in the Department of Purchasing and Distribution.

Purchasing and Distribution Manager

Concise summary of the job role
Making key prime decisions and managing stock levels and the stock controls.
The candidate oversees the distribution center, distribution logistics, and the purchasing operations which include the protection of the inventory and ensuring satisfaction of the internal customers.

Plans and develops procedures and systems to improve efficiency and quality of the operation.

Give assistance and directives in the compilation of the inventory reports, value and type of on-hand materials, stock and equipment, and recording the quantity.
Assists other departments in drafting and stipulation of specifications for the various equipment purchases; analyzes/reviews bids and recommend on purchasing details.

Concise summary of the experience, knowledge, skills & abilities of the candidate

Master of Business Administration or Bachelor degree in Business Administration from HEC recognized institution / university.
The candidate must have at least ten years of relevant experience at large private or public organization.
The candidate must have undertaken project management.
Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills for the facilitation of good relations with the internal customers and external suppliers.
A considerable level of knowledge on budgeting techniques.
Vas knowledge off legal and ethical purchasing practices.
Considerable ability to make an analysis of quotations and prepare spreadsheets.
Reward package
The salary will be between $ 9,000 -12,000
Washington, DC.
Job tenure
The Distribution and Purchasing Manager position is a contact that is running for two and half years. The contract is renewable but at the discretion of the management of the company.

Application details

There is only an online application through the company’s job page at; there will be no any other acceptance of any form of application. The applicant should upload his/her resume and cover letter. Applications are due before 0000 hours April 4, 2015.

Statement of equal opportunity

There will be tolerance of any level of canvasing. Every application will be treated with respect and equal opportunity accorded to every applicant. Though, the selection process will be competitive, and candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of merit.

Any relevant information

The candidate should have a valid Washington D.C. State Driver’s License

Participation/membership in national/local purchasing organizations is given preference.

Part two:
Employee recruitment and selection methods
The role played by the process of recruitment and selection in the organization’s context of managing, developing and leading people. The recruitment and selection process is very pivotal in specific significant respects. The importance of the recruitment and selection process is on the management of people within the employment relationship (Farnham and Smith, 2005). Thus, a critical view should be given to the process of recruitment and selection chosen for hiring candidates.
When giving focus of the recruitment and selection of employees for the business, there are several factors that need to be considered. That is, the process of recruitment involves a number of stages, and all these stages are advanced and combined towards enhancing the chances of hiring the best candidate available for the advertised position (Gatewood and Field, 2009). That is; the selection process involves shortlisting and assessment of the applicants to enable decision making on who should be granted the offer. Again, the management and leadership of workforce would be an uphill if the recruitment process didn’t resolve into the best individuals. On the other hand, firms tend to seek to find an internal candidate first before outsourcing. This factors among many other revolve around the process of recruitment and selection. Two suitable methods of selection that can be deployed in selecting the right candidate for the chosen managerial role is:

Internal Sourcing

The selection method of internal sourcing is the scenario in which the practice of making advertisement of a recently or new vacated position within the organization to the existing employees. A number of businesses have come to use the internal sourcing method in recruitment of the employees laterally or upward within the company because involve no or just little training and even no time consumption in conducting orientation to the new employee (Dale, 2003). Likewise, there are no expense for advertising and running he background checks. The internal sourcing method of recruitment and selection, furthermore fosters parity and loyalty among team members.

Interviewing/ pre-selection

Interviews form a crucial basis of employee recruitment and selection. This is the face-to-face interaction of the persons who have been shortlisted for assessment to fill a vacant position. Businesses suggest that the interviews should be scheduled at the right time when there are very minimal interruptions in the system. This would enable reviewing of the job candidate’s details of the resume and hence conducting an insightful interview. The interviewing process should not just focus on the candidates experience and credentials but, also a presentation of hypothetical scenarios on which the candidate is examined on how he/she would evaluate and get a solution to the presented problems (Dale, 2003).
The interviewing technique in the context recruitment and selection would be suitable on the following grounds: there is a higher level of flexibility in the selection process. This is attained in sequence, direction and wording. The room for making clarity in the areas of the interrogation that need some harmonization. Furthermore, highly structured interviews result to collecting a lot of quantifiable of information about the candidate. Additionally, the interview method creates a platform for capturing verbal and non-verbal cues, and such aspect creates a great difference in selecting an employee.

Face to face

Most of the digital forms of communications are impersonal. But it is important to note that, though, the digital platform have revolutionized communication, there is need to balance them with the face-to-face communication (Rees and French, 2013). This is because of the effectiveness achieved in the process of meeting at individual level.

Telephone interviews

The advancement in technology has led to development in the carrying out of the interviewing process. This involves carrying out telephone interviews in which a candidate is asked questions and he answers on the phone. This technique is highly convenient and very immediate when such need arises.
The challenge arising from the telephone interview is the only aspect of its reliability, especially when the mobile networks are experiencing weak signals. On the other hand, face to face communication may be time consuming and cumbersome to conduct.

Challenges associated with employee selection methods.

The critical and most important role of Human Resource personnel is the process of selecting, recruitment and hiring of employees. Therefore from a rational perspective, the success of any firm depends on the talents in the firm and the quality of human resources (Marchingston and Wilkinson, 2006). This makes the aspect of effective recruitment a crucial and a central point to the success of the daily functioning of every organization. Even though, the success of the recruitment process depends on getting those individuals with the right qualifications, right skills and expertise to deliver on the objectives of the organization and the capacity to positively contribute to the aims and values of the organization, but the process still faces challenges from the perspectives of legal, operational and ethical concerns.

Hiring persons with disabilities

Employers are not legally allowed to discriminate against anyone for being disable, even though, they can, in particular scenarios, be allowed to base their recruitment and selection decisions on the results of the test which one has been prevented from passing due to his disability factor as argued by Sachheim (2002). Within the U.S. legal framework of employee hiring, once a disabled person has been hired, the federal laws provide that accommodations are organized for him.

Rights of a job seeker

There is the prohibition by government authorities upon any employer who hires or not, from imposing some level of discrimination against anyone on the basis of nationality, gender, race or religion among other factors. The individuals are protected from being denied benefits, employment, training or pay due any of the factors mentioned. There is further defense to the employee from workplace harassment (Rees and French, 2013).
On the other hand, the job seeker has the right to fair selection and administering of the employment tests in a manner that is highly effective to ensure that test results are accurately reflecting the aptitude, skills or any other factor that the test is structured to measure, instead of reflecting an employee’s or an applicant’s impairment.

Managerial Training

Another challenge posed by the process of recruitment and selection is the need of relevant training skills. The managers who are having the responsibility of hiring employees need to have some training on the various aspects of the hiring and selection techniques. The process of employee hiring involves questioning, and when a manger is not skilled or vastly endowed with relevant information, it can be of challenge for the personnel to maintain the right course of the process. The benefits that an organization reaps from a competent, experienced and full of expertise HR personalities are enormous.

Job-related Criteria

An effective employee selection entails matching the job requirements to the potential applicant’s skills, but this on a greater extent seems to pose a lot of challenges into the hiring process (Hunt, 2007). The hiring managers and the business owners may lack the essential human resources background needed for the translation of the job duties into the criteria for specific hiring. A good institution clarifies the specific job related criteria that is required in the applicant for the job, and thus more likely to find competent, qualified employees and thereby avoiding claims of hiring ion the basis of any other reason other than job competencies.

Implementing recruitment and selection methods

Organizations need to address the various required knowledge and skills in applying and determining the most appropriate recruitment and selection methods (Goldfish and Wallis, 2009). This encompasses making a choice for the suitable recruitment and selection methods for a particular context or job specifics, undertaking the application of the chosen method and appraising its effectiveness. The undertakings involved in the effective implementation of the recruitment and selection methods are of different aspects as this paper depicts.

Selection of an appropriate recruitment and selection methods

This is the first step in ensuring an effective recruitment and selection method is implemented. It entails working with the stakeholders in the identification of requirements for the stated positions in which candidates are to be recruited. Selection of an appropriate channel of recruitment and the assessment methods is undertaken in consideration of the relevant internal and external factors (Sims, 2007).

Facilitation of the recruitment and selection methods

This area of the undertakings in achieving an effective recruitment and selection implementation involves reviewing the criteria for selection to prepare assessment or interview materials to be used in the recruitment and selection process. The organization further ensures that it provides support to the panel tasked with the selection process in the use of assessment and interviewing techniques in the facilitation of the selection process. An effective process of facilitation towards evaluating the applications for the shortlisted applicants should be in place. Furthermore, the process of assessment evaluation with respect to the details of the selected candidate should be enhanced (Dessler, 2000). The management should also ensure that there is preparation of a package to provide an offer for the preferred candidate. Lastly, the HR department informs candidates of the decision of the selection panel to enable closing off the recruitment and selection process.

Review of the applications of recruitment and selection methods.

There is need for the selection panel and the overall HR unit to consult with the organization’s stakeholders in order to evaluate the outcomes of the process of recruitment and selection. Then analysis of the data and feedback is undertaken to establish the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection methods. Lastly, according to Arthur (2012), a recommendation of the modifications and refinements to the recruitment and selection methods is done to ensure that the next selection process would be done better than the previous one.
Over the implementation of the recruitment and selection method, there is need to identify vacancy available and evaluate the need to hire such a person into the workforce of this particular organization. The process of recruitments provide every department to give the staff skill, set the objective and roles of the candidate. This is basically for the purpose of hiring the right person.


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