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The films Toys Story trilogy comprises three comic movies ( Toys story1-1995, Toys Story 2-1999, and Toys Story 3-2000. The film directed by Ash Brannon, John Lasseter bringing forth exciting comic movies. Where Pixar uses the art of computer graphics in revealing the secrets life of Toys when they are left alone without anybody watching them (Darla & Unkrich, 2010). The characters are Buzz Lightyear being played by Tim Allen; Sheriff Woody being played by Tom Hankes and the Slinky Dog being played by Jim Varey, Jessie being played by Joan Cusack. The toy incidentally, faces several issues that require quick decisions to salvage the situation. Andy’s birthday party, Buzz Lightyear mistakenly lands in Andy’s bed pretending to take over the Woody position as the preferred toy an action that has landed him being thrown out through the window. The strange incident begins to happen, and the lyrics of the song in Andy’s room can tell it all ‘Strange things are happening to me’. The review shall analyze the theme of conflict, change and how the directors develop the subsequent toys story using the main character. In toy story 1, immediately Andy left the toys alone dispute erupted. Buzz Lighter acting as space ranger takes Woody’s place as favorite toy an action that annoyed Woody thus throwing Buzz out. Accidently, Buzz falls outside the window, and the other toys in solidarity go outside to look for him. Besides, they are not happy and blame him for killing Buzz (Pixar Animation & Lasseter, 1995). The viewers are introduced to all manner of problems, concerns as well as considerations in the toys ‘universe’ when they are alone. The fight for seniority and insecurity makes our main character go out of proportion and allow anger instead of reason to rule him (throwing Buzz outside the window). But this incidence annoys the rest of other toys which cannot leave anything to chance but to look for their colleague however this action landed them into more problems. We see conflict due to jealousies, but we also appreciate solidarity and friendships making the toys go an extra mile to search for lost Buzz. All toys have been threatened by being replaced by newer, cooler and bigger toys every birthday. The perceived threat to their safety causes them to remain vulnerable and fuels nearly their actions in the film. What they do as birthday approaches they send a soldier to eavesdrop. Woody given any opportunity tries to negate Buzz; Rex tries to improve his roar and Woody is tagged as a murderer. There total insecurity fuelling conflict within the ‘toys family. Woody is thrown back-and –forth by the mere facts that he is the best favorite of Andy. In the game of pleasing Andy, what matters, experience or skills, Woody wonders? In Toy Story 2, we are introduced to the mistreatment of toys in the hands of uncaring mothers, the sadistic boy next door and dogs. Here again, the emotional character is Woody (Tom Hanks) while his friends try to rescue him from unscrupulous toys collector . However, Woody is offered a deal by his collectors to face his mortality that is preservation in toy museum. Stinky Pete lays out the emotional conflict in the film. The so-called adaptors use gentle words to convince him. ‘How long will you continue staying with Andy? Do you really think Andy will surely take you to college? Andy is becoming older, and it's better you make a noble choice Woody. You can go back to Andy and perish or stay with us and last forever, you will leave a mark in the generation of your time (. You will be adored by children for generations once we kill you and place you in the museum. In toy story, 3 introduce us to another scene of childhood pain, the death of childhood and death. Conflicts are also seen through sad moments of death. The real conflict is the fear of abandonment. Watching the scene of toys getting abandoned as Andy goes to college only gives remembrance of how some parents become uncaring and leaves their children to go to the streets. The toys in toy story, 3 subsequently are taken to a daycare center where they are being mistreated victimized and harassed. The theme of change portrayed throughout all episodes in the movies from toy story 1, toy story 2 and toy story 3. For instance, there is a perception that toys may be replaced by newer, better toys come Andy’s birthday. This perception makes the toys uncomfortable to an extent that they send emissaries to investigate every birthday party whether the parents of Andy are planning to bring him new toys. Wherever Andy moves out, the toys take their naturalistic position and just like humans beings jealousy of whoever is more loved disturb them. Buzz quickly leaves his position and takes over the preferred toy position an action that angered Woody and throws him out of the window. The toys feared change. However, some changes in the film were inevitable like when Andy reached 17 years and was to join college. The toys were taken to daycare where the audience sees them being mistreated and victimized. In toy story 2, Woody is offered by the collectors to be killed, and his remains placed in the museum as opposed to remaining with Andy, who will abandon him and will not go to college with him. Every Andy’s birthday, the toys are threatened by the fear of being replaced by finer, smoother toys. And this action triggers them to behave differently even change their voices, actions and perhaps please their master to reject any perceived offer. The main role of the toys, as we watch in the film, was to stay with Andy and make him happy through the act of animations. The directors of this trilogy use Woody as the main character. However, in the first episode Woody is presented as insecure, competitive and jealous he feels entitled to sole possession of Andy’s bed. However in a surprising tone, Woody appears as very active and takes – charge kind of cowboy. He often calls meetings, plots strategies and mobilizes other toys in case there is an issue to be sorted. In addition, Woody is a go-getter and is willing to jump into an issue even if it means beginning a confrontation. He often gets into trouble with the rest of other toys throughout their stay with Andy. Wherever he is out to achieve something, he will do it regardless of the likely outcome. He has a linear approach to solving issues. One particular scene we see is when he thinks ‘Hmm if I decide to push Buzz behind the desk, Andy will have no otherwise but to go with me to the Pizza Planet. After such kind of thinking, he attempts a simple cause and effect operation. He used RC Car to push Buzz off the desk. Nevertheless, he failed to consider how his action would stir public opinion against him. However, after realizing he had been discovered he offered himself to save Buzz again as a matter of correcting his name or for public opinion purposes. Overall, Woody is a physics character. The beginning of the film clearly demonstrates how Andy uses Woody as a playing thing. It's this preconceived love that finally defines Woody's character in the film. He initiates activities, take-charge and ready to jump into the fray. He calls meetings. Get into fights, plot strategies and sometimes scarring. He often wants to be heard, increased playtime that Woody considers as the hallmark of his status. His experience of being number one is something he is not taking for granted. It's this history that finally defines his sensitivity to issues as regards status. Trying to reduce him out from that position is something he is not ready to condone. I love the documentary style John, and Lee uses in the introductory scene. Even though after that there is a twist the storyline remains compact and the message in the beginning well communicated ‘its Woody the favorite toy’. Lasseter have used music on the background. However, the use of music often in several scenes was not appropriate because this was real toy movie. However characters never used broke into song, but the song was often used to depict their action or feelings. Lasseter claimed his songs were touching, satirical and witty and capable of delivering the emotional underpinning of every scene.. Walt Disney Records produced the sound trucks for the Toy story. The use of music somehow relates to the events happening. In addition, it also depends on the mood on the ground as Toys relate to one another and their master. Different music had been used Strange things are happening to me, music that was in Andy’s room when strange things began to happen which subsequently led to Buzz being thrown out. The other example is in Toy Story 2, the cowgirl Jessie’s heartrending song describing how her mistress by time fell out of love with her as she became a teenager. The audience gets a picture of change processes shifted the goals and experiences of people (McArthur et al., 1999). A child perhaps who was very close to the mother now is joining boarding school. In that instance the usual mother environment would not be present; such situation would call for adjustments here and there a situation Andy is facing now with the toys. The toy story 3 tells us that in every situation may not be permanent. The idea that all is right, everything running smoothly seems to be so good to be true. Even the toys ‘universe’ however much they enjoyed together, the time had reached when their master had reached 17 years and life had to take a different direction. Sometimes departing from loved ones may be too painful especially when you have been close together for instance the perceived relationship Woody had to the mistress. It's quite unfortunate that the emperor where Woody had been commanding attention was to come to an end. It’s at this moment that slow-starting story is reaching it magnificent end. This is a great escape movie. The older folk are the only ones left behind as Andy goes to college. The movie combines children stories and the adult’s teachings and training. The central issues handled are aging, impermanence and mortality. The directors, John Lasseter, and Andrew Stantori have managed to push cowboy Woody in a crisis transition. Indeed, it was done without prior consultation with the toys; the reality check is that their Andy has outgrown them and time to move to college has reached. The hilarious question here is where is their fate? Will they be packed in limbo? Or flung in the bin bag for trash? After several deliberations, the toys find themselves in Sunnyside children Daycare Centre a place of despair and ruin. The viewers are left wondering with excitement what will become of Woody in the new estate where there is completely absence love and no one to command. In conclusion, the design of Toy’s stories is such that one complements each other. Watching at toy story 1 will assist you built later in terms of characters as events unfold in a different perspective. Toy Story 2 improves on toy story 1 as well as toy story 3 improves on toy story 2. At toy story 3, Andy ‘s time of joining a college and give up the toys finally has dawned. It further reinforces the idea that the preferred toy Woody would return to Andy to face certain abandonment. Even if Woody knew that one day Andy would leave him, he became adamant not to leave Andy. The film has a fantastic adventure for adults and the children. The stories are real adult’s experiences as they relate to their children. How prescient the first Pixar picture captured the word story in the title. The use of computer animations in visuals is yet another hallmark in the film. The work is ingenious, comical mixed with several stylistic devices for movie creation. The movie touches on nostalgic concerns as well as the loss of childhood. The movie is consistently hilarious, and it’s a new treasure that has ushered in a new age and perspective if the use of animals in theatrical arts, advertising, and film industry. Finally, we see Andy looking sorrowful because he has lost Woody and others, Woody still cannot believe the change in life at the daycare and nostalgic memories of their stay. Nonetheless, toys trilogy is more than a comedy but an adventure, fantasy and the use of animations can be used to pass live messages to kids, as well as adults. The concepts of change usually alter the relationship between parents and their children. It reaches a point when the close parental love fades as a child turns to adolescence, and the school life demands the formation of new relationship and friends. Just like the toys, the fear of change, possibly another child who is to be loved most by parents usually affects sibling’s relationship. Children more often demonstrate their inner bride when they are alone in the absence of their parents just like the toys were able to exhibit. Otherwise, the trilogy has brought in the new approach and looking at comic movie industry with a new perspective more than entertainment per se.

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