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Criminal Law

Tissue Banking Scope
According to Suh, Sarojini & Youssif (2013, p.2), tissue banking refers to the collection of human biological material (HBM) that can be used for future research.
It is important that the consent of the person is obtained prior to the collection of his or her HBM and later on transferred to a tissue bank for storage and future research use (Suh, et al., 2013).
However, the transfer of HBM to a tissue bank will also have to comply with the mandatory requirements under the state law or regulation.

Tissue banking is important in order to provide foundation for future research for personalized cure for cancer.

Tissue banks played a role in identifying bioinformatics and experimental design to discover possible medicine to treat cancer patients.
Another benefit of tissue banking is for the parents of newborns can store their baby’s umbilical cord blood for future use that may help a sibling or relative to develop a disease or health condition that can be treated through a stem cell transplant (Cooper & Severson, 2013, p.62).

Umbilical cord blood banking may also be donated for use in clinical research on stem cell transplantation.

However, one of the problematic aspects of a successful tissue bank is the manner of maintaining the same quality of the stored samples in the facility (Suh, et al., 2013, p.2).


Some patients do not give their consent in storing their biosamples to be kept in a tissue bank.
One potential reason for the refusal to have their tissue banked is due to the fact that the information about their tissue can be used against them (Suh et., al, 2013).

It is important to disseminate information regarding the advantage of storing biosamples in the tissue bank to the patients.

It is through direct communication and educating the patients and other interested parties on the potential benefits of tissue banks in hospitals.

Surgeon/Technical Researcher

The lack of understanding on the future use of their tissue is the primary cause for the denial of consent of the tissue owners (Suh et., al, 2013).
They should store biosamples in the tissue banks that can be used for future research discoveries and looking or other possible cancer-treatment drugs.
Another suggestion is to require the patients to attend seminars in order to improve the level of education on the new models on tissue banking such as software engagement for educational and commercial purposes (Suh, et al., 2013).
According to Lipworth, Ankeny, & Kerridge (2006), potential people who might be interested to store biosamples in tissue banks should be provided information at their level of comprehension, the purpose, methods, demands, risks, inconveniences, discomforts, and possible outcomes of the research.

DNA extract/Cell Culture

Parents should be educated about cell transplants from cord blood can be lifesaving for their child who may develop a medical disease or disorder that can be cured using a transplant taken from the cord blood stem cells (Cooper & Severson, 2013, p.62).
It is through direct communication and educating the patients and other interested parties on the potential benefits of tissue banks in hospitals.

Scope of management plane of tissue banking

Determine the eligibility of patients or participants to become donors of tissue samples for predefined research and future research (NCIC Clinical Trial Groups, 2013).

Correlative endpoints or purpose of the identified research study.

Exploratory research questions on the collection and storage of biological material (HBM) in tissue banks (NCIC Clinical Trial Groups , 2013).
Concept of Biobank project scope
Tissue biobanking project should have an internal committee that will operate the central office.
The specimens that will be collected from the donors and participants of the study shall not only be limited to tissue, but to include bone marrow, plasma, serum, whole blood, urine samples and serum (NCIC Clinical Trial Groups, 2013).
The process of collecting tissue banking shall be governed by reputable medical organizations that will define the scope of the project, study design, procedures and policies, collection and storage (NCIC Clinical Trial Groups, 2013).
The assignment of roles, responsibilities and accountability of the concerned representatives shall be defined in the policies (NCIC Clinical Trial Groups, 2013).

The access to the samples of the specimens shall be closely monitored by the screening committee.

The governance and operation of the biobank project will be fully explained in the manuals, guidelines or policies.
Defined Project Activity
Sequence of activity
Tissue bank will install a comprehensive quality management that will follow all procedures that are recorded in a complete quality management handbook (Lipworth, Ankeny & Kerridge, 2006).
The procedures for quality management of the tissue bank must first be fully accredited before use (Herpel, Koleganova, and Schreiber, 2012, p.80).

Estimate the activity resource

The activity source will include the acquisition, characterization and handling of fresh-frozen and paraffin-embedded human tissues (FFPE) that will only be used for research purposes (Herpel, et al., 2012).
The tissues will also be used for the preparation of tissue specimen derivatives for the scientific practice and research of tumor and cancer (Herpel, et al., 2012).

Estimate the activity duration

The estimated activity duration for the acquisition, characterization and handling of tissues will be 6 months to 12 months, depending on the type or kind of tissue collected (Herpel, et al., 2012).

Develop a schedule

For mandatory tissue collection, it is mandatory that the primary step is to acquire consent of the owner of the tissue to be obtained.
The second step is to submit a separate consent form of the patient aside from the initial consent obtained in the collection of the sample in order to access and the release of tissue.
The third step is that the patients shall be briefed of the informed consent process that will explain if the tissue samples will be utilized in a defined research, or kept for storage for future studies (NCIC Clinical Trial Groups, 2013).
The fourth step is the actual gathering, collection and acquisition of tissues after the consent of the patient or any interested party has been obtained.


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