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30 of March 2015

The film tells about two sisters. One of them was born with a curse, she had the magic power to turn everything in ice. One day they were playing and Elsa hit Anna by her power.
The sorcerers of the tribe of trolls have saved her younger sister, but warned that if the next time the ice gets into the heart, sister would die. Therefore, was decided to erase all memories of the magical abilities of older sister and isolate Elsa from people, to let her learn how to control her magic powers. For many years Elsa was in her room, she did not go out to talk with a sister and did not let her come in. When her parents died in a storm, she had become a queen and had to show herself in public. It happened that everyone saw her power and decided that she is evil and has to be killed. The girl had run away and her sister went after her to talk to Elsa, to bring her home and return the summer to the residents of the Kingdom.
At first glance it may seem that this is a story for children. But I think this is a movie for audiences of all ages. After all, the film tells about things that are important to us at all times. Because the film tells about the problems of the family, the search of true love, the ability to sacrifice themselves for the sake of loved ones, about the ability to understand and forgive those who are near. Moreover, I think that this cartoon will be useful for children, because it will help them to educate the good qualities in themselves.
There's a lot of good life lessons, and I would like to draw attention to them. First of all, the film teaches us to share with loved ones their grief, because that is what can help us overcome our pains. If Elsa told Anna about her magic, perhaps they would have found a way to control it much earlier.
Secondly, this story teaches us not to trust the first comer, not to believe to the first impression, which is known to be wrong. Anna Hans believed and accepted his proposal of marriage on the first night they met. She believed that it was real love. But Hans just wanted to have a right to the throne by marrying a princess.
The third important lesson is that it is better not to argue and behave rudely with people from which may depend your life at the moment. I'm talking about the moment when Kristoff was trying to get from the merchant ice ax, a coil of rope and carrot for Sven. He knew that if he did not pay the quoted price for the goods, he would receive nothing but argue with a merchant. As a result, he was punished and would stay without equipment, if Anna had not bought it all for him.
And fourth, the film teaches us dedication. Even freezing, losing the last of her breath, Anna protection from bumps her sister, sacrificed herself for the life of Elsa. As a result, it saved the life for both of them, it was an act of true love that could break the spell and return Anna to life, remove the ice from her heart.
This is an amazing and very cute Film, which is full of the other important lessons, you just need to look at it with the whole family at your leisure. In my opinion, it would be useful for everyone.

The Lion King

“The Lion King” is a masterpiece of Walt Disney cartoon. It is an old and beloved film. I think that almost all the children watched it and remember it as one of the most touching cartoons.
I think those who reviewed it in as an adult, understands that it's worth it and it is full of important life lessons.
This film tells the story of a little lion cub, which was very close with his father, who was a king of the pride. Simba had to become a king after him. But he had an uncle who was too jealous of this and did all he could to prevent this. Once he has arranged everything so that Mufasa died under the hooves of running herd. Scar convinces Simba that Simba was the only one to blame for the death of his father and told him to run away from shame. At the same time he orders the hyenas to kill a lion cub. It so happened that Simba ran away alive. He ran away from home and found two friends - Timon and Pumbaa, who taught him not to pay attention to the care and just enjoy the life. Simba stayed with them and learned how to live. He grew up with them, and one day everything changed when his friend from childhood appeared, she was hunting Pumbaa. They met and Nala told him that all think that Simba died, the kingdom ruled by a brutal Scar and that their territory is almost gone of all the food, they are starving. She asked Simba to return as he is the true king. Overcoming mental anguish, Simba returns, engages in battle with Scar and wins, returns his kingdom. At the end of the film at Nala and Simba got a kid, a little lion cub. The kingdom and its inhabitants thrive and happy/

The film has a sufficient number of turning points, from which we can extract something for ourselves.

For me it was a shock that Simba's uncle craved the death of his brother, he wanted power so much that was willing to murder a member of the family, although he was never hurt by Mufasa. He hated Simba since childhood and he suffered from it. It showed me that even people close to you can be a two-faced traitor.
The film has taught me not to pay attention to the failures and live by the moment. Many people dwell on their grief and miss the real life. Timon and Pumbaa showed Simba that life is good, even if something really bad happened to you, even if you have wronged. Life is worth to forget all the bad and focus on the positive. Yet it shows how the company affects you and your outlook, as it is important to find true friends who will help you to understand yourself.
I realized how important it is to deploy your own duties. Simba was a true king, and while he was not in charge, the kingdom turned to the poor land, desert. Kingdom needed a true ruler of the right and when Simba came back, everything changed for the better.
I believe that after all, the main idea of ​​the movie was to show the audience that the family - first of all, that the family is the most precious thing you have. If the Scar was not so cruel, he would still be alive, as Simba forgave him and allowed him to leave.
I saw how important it is to forgive. After all, resentment can destroy friendship, family and ruin lives. Do not hold a grudge, you need to give vent to emotions and end-all, even if it is too difficult.


I have found some similarities between the two movies. Both stories tell us about about a king or a queen, about somebody who is in charge. The main characters had their true love, and at the beginning they did not know about it. They were both betrayed and deceived by somebody, as Anna by Hans, who wanted to rule the kingdom, and Simba by the Scar, who wanted the same. Simba and Elsa escaped from their grief and shame, forgetting their kingdoms. But, realizing their importance, they both returned and brought prosperity to their lands.
And both films were highlighting the meaning of family. Films showed that it is important to have family, that you will always find understanding, you will always find protection and your family will share everything with you, sadness and happiness, negative things and positive things and they will not ask anything for it. They will love you just for being you.
Both films are interesting for people of all ages, and are perfect for family watch.

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