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The purpose of this assessment plan is to evaluate the data that can be effective in understanding the level of growth and areas of deficiency. In order to make sure that the assessment is specifically determining the levels mentioned above, respective tools will be used throughout the process. The proposed tools include anecdotal notes, teacher reflections, checklists, videos or audio recordings, products or work samples and standardized tests. In particular, the assessment will cover the aspect of language and literacy fluency among students. In addition, the best manner in which the assessment can be undertaken is the easy and standard environment in the class that is usual in its process and does not put student in a distraction.


Education experts have laid a lot of stress on the usage of checklists within the classrooms to measure the progress. Checklist remains as a tool that is not limited to the usage of teachers. Checklists allow students to understand the pace of learning that works as a motivation for them. Language and literacy levels require a regular pace when it comes to learning. Therefore, a series of checklists will be provided to students that will have an instructor version as well. The teacher can keep a check on ideas, words, chapters, and lesson plans to be guided throughout the course or week. It will work as an agenda for effective teacher-student co-ordination within the classroom setting. In this way, the students will be able to set out their respective way of learning when outside the classroom. The checklist that will be directed towards the students will encompass the transitional understanding of language while speaking, the selection of words, the usage of expressions in the sentences and the breaks that are undertaken within the sentences.

Videos and Audio Recordings

Videos and Audio Recordings have proven one of the best way to allow students to gain or get grip over words, sentences and the formation of paragraphs to create a literary work. In the process of assessment, videos and audio recording will be used thrice in a week for its effectiveness. Firstly, talking about the video recordings, students are engaged with their eye sight and listening power that will create a throughout process and perception. Herein, students will be instructed to write a reflection that can help them in explaining in their perception. For reflection, students will be assessed for the selection of words and expression of ideas using the best combination of sentences. In addition, students will also be instructed to verbally communicate their written pieces with the other class members. In this way, they will be able to learn pronunciation and delivery of sentences with breaks such as commas, and full stop.
Secondly, audio recordings are tricky for students as they are involved in the process using their hearing ability. They are not engaged within the recording with their eye sight. It is expected and observed that students may be diverted by some action within the class. It can be tricky and challenging for the students. The words with which the students will already be aware are more likely to be understood well by them. Once the audio recording is finished, student will be instructed to answer a list of questions that will use the similar keywords that were heard by the students during the audio recording. The answers will provide possible observations about the awareness of students with words and their spellings. The audio recording tool for assessment is expected to bring better evaluation of the students because in order to understand a language and gaining literacy level, it is expected that the student knows the words used by other speakers as well. Thus, audio recording will also be used in the classroom as the final assessment tool each week.

Work Samples

As a matter of fact, teachers have complained a lot concerning setting objective for their classroom. In other words, teachers spend a lot of time in modification of the learning patterns of student and given activities. It is therefore, necessary for the teacher to use an objective method to make sure that the content of the course and the goals of the classroom are in alignment. It is due to this reason that the usage of work samples has become a popular methodology being used by the students in the classroom. Work samples are not just suggested by the academic institutions but it has also been confirmed on a state level. It is expected that the usage of the work samples will allow students to look at the content of the material that they should be able to cover themselves. In other words, the expectation of the teacher from the students are clearly and explicitly mentioned by the teacher using the work samples. It is expected that the students will not have any confusion once they will review the working sample. The working sample will include the content along with practical questions as well as exercise that needs to be undertaken on a regular basis within the classroom.

Anecdotal Notes

Anecdotal notes are clearly to be used by the teacher only as it shortlists the student’s progress throughout the course on a weekly basis. It is considered as a formative tool of assessment that is a part of the current assessment plan as well. The anecdotal notes will be collected when the students will be instructed to create a piece of prose in a group that will engaged them in speaking and collaborating where usage of words remains as the core focus.
Reflection method has been an ongoing subject of debates among teachers because the effects of reflection are noted to be self-perception based. At the same time, many assert that reflection method allows students to express themselves effectively that remains one of the major goals of a teacher in a classroom setting. Talking about the literacy level and language, it is clear that student would require a lot of help within the classroom setting through reflection. Language cannot be practiced with the help of formulas and sentence formation exercises only. They need inspiration on understanding language and communication. It is therefore, planned that the students will be instructed to read the teacher’s reflections that will discuss about the problems within the class as well as ideas that they incorporate while undertaking exercises. It is expected that the students will follow the similar criteria of reflection and come up with possible changes in their activities. In other words, the teacher reflection will work as a roadmap for students to follow throughout their classroom period.


Through the above analysis of the tools and their proposed usage, it comes to understanding that there are a variety of tools that can be used during the assessment process. A teacher needs to select the tools that are most appropriate to allow effective observation of the areas where the growth has taken place or the areas of deficiency that are needed to be covered through lesson plans and classroom activities. The aforementioned tools are not just formal but informal as well. The selection of the above tools have been done by keeping in view, the nature of the classroom that focuses on the language and literacy levels. It is expected that the usage of the above tools will be able to render the best possible learning of the behavior of students towards learning. The plan can be further amended in case the observations will indicate change of instructions. It will be only noticeable in the case of lower level of achievement in the classroom. In particular, the usage of audio and video recording will pose effective tool in the classroom. The reliance of the learning, however, is not on a specific tool but the usage of audio and video tool is expected to render the best results from the learning activities conducted in the classroom. Also, the aforementioned explanation on the tools also make it evident that the activities or the assessment plans are quiet flexible because it allows the teachers to select activities that are able to bring impact for the shortcomings that are faced by the students.


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