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A local theater company is in need of a space to put on a production of the musical, Hair. There is a church in the neighborhood whose chapel is currently closed due to economic reasons. In order to raise funds for the parish, the church is renting the chapel out for community events and meetings. The theater company is considering renting the space for their production of Hair. Should the church consent and rent the space to the theater company in light of the controversial content of the play?
Hair was originally produced and presented on Broadway in 1968. It is an anti-war play and reflects the values of the Hippie/Bohemian movement (Rado and Ragni). Drug use, open sexuality and adult language made it controversial in the 1960’s when it first debuted. There is a brief scene of nudity in the original production. Despite the controversy at that time, Hair has since become a classic of American theater representative of the youth culture in the 1960’s. These counter-culture values and adult themes and references are imbedded in the storyline and the music of the play. Editing of the content would not be a consideration for the production company. In this day and age, Hair does not carry the same reputation as it did in the 1960’s. It is considered a classic.
The church represents certain values and morals that simply will not be in agreement with those expressed in the play. On one hand, the chapel has been consecrated and has been used for mass. It is considered a space for quiet contemplation and a place to worship God. The chapel has always been a place for local community members to observe religious ceremonies and holidays. However, the church members have opened themselves up to renting out the space which demonstrates that they are open to negotiation.
The church space would lend itself to the play very well. It is large and open and has plenty of seating. Lighting and sound system are already in place. The altar space will be perfect for the stage and choreography. The sound quality of the space is also excellent. The rooms back off of the altar are spacious enough to serve as dressing rooms and preparatory areas. There is even signage at front that is generally used to display masses and schedules (Theater Project Consultants).
Is it possible for a partnership between the church and the production company? The church is in need of financial support. A consistent run of the play over a period of time will ensure cash flow for the church as opposed to renting the space out erratically to meetings and other singular events. The production company should approach the church with a positive attitude. Presenting the play as a commentary on brotherly love and peace would ease the minds of the church. Despite some of the adult themes of the play, it truly is a story of friendship and love. The production company should also be willing to make a concession not to involve nudity in its presentation. The church will probably not view the play as “pagan” unless it is a fundamentalist church. If this is the case, the theater company should just keep looking for a venue (“Win Win Negotiation”).
An understanding could be made between both parties. The church can raise the funds it is need of and the theater group can obtain a great space in which to present its play. There needs to be some understanding and mutual agreement on the “taste” level of the play. Concessions on the part of both parties could result in a success for both of them.

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