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Budgeting ProjectIntroduction

There have been changes in the demographic, social and economic set up within the geographical under consideration. These kinds of changes are usually impacting the schools budgets such that the fluctuations being experienced need necessary adjustments to the budget. As is in the current case, changes in the population have brought about effects to the number of students enrolling in the schools. For this reason, the staffing of the organization needs to be altered to ensure that it meets the need of the society.
It is common knowledge that only those institutions that are flexible and adapt to changes are the ones that do survive at any economic challenge. There is an experience of the public schools enrollment shifting in the United States, all these results from past events that did occur. For example, the baby boom is one of the major factors that directly contribute to challenges being experienced by the schools. Factors that have led to this particular condition are the use of birth control, development of suburbs among others.
In USA rate of delivery has been significantly dropping in recent times. This condition has been affecting the school enrollment hence changing the number of staffs needed at various institutions. When budgeting for future enrollment, it’s necessary that there be consideration of the number of births, changes in household composition as well as the quantity of housing movement Roberts (2011).
My budget project will be based on the Central High School based in Philadelphia. The project will try evaluating the statistics of the class as to able to know the student composition. When the needs of the students have been identified then, it will be easy for any staffing to be done and after that achieve the necessary targets being considered


Enrollment in this context entails the registration of students in the school i.e. the number of students in the school. I will base my admission into three classes namely enrollment by ethnicity, by student groups and by gender.
In terms of ethnicity, it is clear that the African American constitute a larger percentage of the entire group. 53.43% of the students in the school are from the African American race. The Hispanic is the next to follow representing 18.9% while the white are then extract that follows with a 14.16%. The other races that have been enrolled in the school program are the American Indians, Asian, multiracial, and the native Hawaiian. In terms of groups, the economically challenged for the majority of the students. 84.86% is the percentage of this group; special education follow suit with a 13.23% while the English language learner represents 8.71% of the total enrollment. Male are 51.45% of the total students while the ladies constitute the other group.
The total number of students ranges from 2000 to 2500 in total over the past yearswhen budgeting for staffing for this set of students then it means that it is important to understand some of their factors that do affect enrollment. When the future enrollment is known, then it means that the management can be able to establish the amount of resources it so desires. The factors that affect enrollment have been discussed below;
Boundary adjustment; in case there are any changes in the boundary of the Philadelphia region then this element is depicted in the school enrollment at the area. It may result in positive changes or adverse changes in the number of students enrolled in the area. Students may have to leave the school thus leading to the reduction of amount allocated to staffing within the budget. There can also be an increase in enrollment for the school therefore leading to the general expenditure of the staff. The management should, however, know that there is a direct relationship between the levels of enrollment to that of the cost of staffing. I, therefore, recommend in the budget be necessary levels of provisions which will aid in accommodating any further increase that may not be anticipated. When it comes to the decrease in enrollment, then no provision should be provided in the budget since the amount conserved will be used to fund other projects in the near future.
Interest rates and unemployment shifts represent one of the factors that can influence the projected student enrollment. When the levels of unemployment in the region then it mean that there will be a drop in the level of recruitment. When the above is anticipated in future then management needs to allocate fewer funds to staffing since it is expected that the level of enrollment will drop. However, when the unemployment level goes down, then it is expected that enrollment would increase since many parents would be able to enroll their children in the institution. There is an inverse relationship between unemployment and enrollment.New school openings; if there is any chance that a competitor would come into the market then this would present a worrying sign to the budget project team. In case a new school offering similar services as us comes into the market then it means that there is a possibility enrollment would decline. Therefore, the possibility of a new school opening up shows to be allocated to staffing in the budget would substantially decrease. It is because of the anticipated reduction in the level of enrollment at our school.
Changes in program offering; if the management anticipates increasing the number of programs it is currently offering then this presents a chance of increase in enrollment. There are currently 20 advanced placement courses being offered. I first need to determine the relationship between these factors on the enrollment. Once the ratio is known, then it means that the anticipated increase in the number of courses causes a certain amount of increase in the level of recruitment. When all this has been established, it means that necessary funding for the staffing can be set. It can be known if there is extra cash needed for the budget of whether there is surplus.
The impact of housing activities; any anticipated housing construction brings with itself the possibility of increasing the number of enrollment in the school. When it’s the condition, then it is necessary that the management gives extra funds to staffing so as to accommodate the rise in the number of students after a certain period. Students are usually attracted by accommodation such that any planned housing development in the area around the school will bring with itself the rise in the number of students. The management should, therefore, increase the level of funds to the staffing since there is the need to build more schools and even hire more teachers so as to satisfy the students.
The performance of other schools; when the other institutions performances are on the drop while our performance remains constant or raises then it means that more students would be attracted to our school. It is, therefore, necessary that in this the management sets aside more funds to staffing activities such as the increase in number of teachers, increase in the number of classes. The budget will, therefore, need to provide provisions aimed at ensuring that the number of enrollment in the future is met accordingly through proper planning.

Special education/ English language learners

The category of special education has three subdivisions. Students without individualized education plans constitute 74.6% of the entire group. It proves that any changes are affecting this particular group of students significantly affects the entire staffing needs. For example, if there is a 5% increase in this group of students then it means that more would be felt than when students with disabilities increase by the same amount. It is, therefore, necessary that the planners of the budget to know what may result in the increase or decrease in this set of students. Mental gifted students constitute 24.6% of the students in general. The percentage may decrease or increase depending on the particular influence caused by critical factors. It is established that 0.8% of students have disabilities, and this means that budgeted amount to this sector represents a smaller proportion of the general expense. Therefore, this amount may be increased or decreased without necessarily causing significant impact on the performance and revenue generation by the school.
The English learners are the smallest number of students in the school representing only 1.9% of the entire student population. The other students represent 98.1% of the students as seen in the year 2014/2015. In the projected budget of 2015/2016 it is possible to cut the number of teachers teaching the English language. The funds above may be injected into the other students not undertaking the English language. Reduction of the resources to the English department by half that in the 2014/2015 will be inserted into the other subjects hence resulting to the anticipated increase in the performance of the firm.
The factors mentioned above represents a great deal of how the budgets can be prepared. The anticipated increase in the students doing English language will make the budgeted amounts to the staffing increase by a significant amount.

Academic goals

These represent the targets which have been set by the school management. The only way that such targets are to be achieved there is the need for more funds to be invested into it. For example teachers’ attendance has been increasing over the years since 2011 when it was 95% to 97%. If more funds are given to facilitate teacher incentive will create more benefit since the target of achieving goals will be achieved. The more the teachers attend classes then it means that improvement of performance being one of the contributing factors to success is attained. The projected budget of 2015/2016 should put more funds to this sector for the achievement of academic goals
Attendance of students in class has been increasing; however, the target is to ensure that there is no further absenteeism. Provided that the students all attend a class then it means one of the academic goals has been achieved. However, it is hard to attain this hence more funds required in the budget.
The targeted level of the academy is 90.8%. When the above factors have been implemented then, it means that the target above can be attained.

Facility constraint

The percentage of students is on the rise in recent time. Many students are enrolling for various courses being offered. Despite all this positive benefits are constraints being felt? It is quite clear that construction is an important factor. For the targets to be achieved then, it means that such constraints are eliminated. In the projected budget, some amounts may be set aside for a construction of more classes so as to meet the ever increasing number of enrollment. The budget in progress should ensure that more funds are set aside for funding more teachers hence the constraint being eliminated.
ReferenceRoberts, P. (2011). Effectiveprojectmanagement. London, UK: Koran Page.

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