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NPR has two main sessions of the news, and they are morning and afternoon edition. These two versions are equal to a total of two hours a day of news broadcasting. All the remaining time is dedicated to other programs and advertisements. The maximum working hours for the NPR staff is eighteen hours a day. To add on, during weekends the NPR has the particular Saturday and Sunday edition which takes a longer time than those of weekdays
The number of the news and the length of the news broadcasted by the NPR is dependent on the public awareness of the news headline. For example, they will take much time on an outbreak of a disease so that they can warn their listeners on this tragedy. Other headlines of little weight are given less time.
NPR tries its best to use outstanding and capturing topics of the same story with its affiliates so that it remains outstanding. They also work to ensure that they do not use misleading questions that will be different from the news content. This attribute sees them stand distinguished from their competitors’.


Differences between the news programs of the NPR affiliate and those of the commercial news stations
In NPR affiliate news program, there are short breaks that are widely distributed within the program scheduled time. On the contrary, commercial news programs are characterized by commercial breaks within the program that take quite long.
Comparing music programs of the two, NPR affiliates focuses on both the up-coming and the already known artists. Commercial programs, on the other hand, concentrate on the artists that are well known by many people in order for their program to get more listeners.


The fact that NPR is a nonprofit and publicly supported ensures a high standard and quality of news delivered. The public funds will encourage them to conduct extensive research so that they can deliver quality news. Therefore, the fact that it is publicly supported will make a difference in that there will be enough content of the news headline, and the story will take a much longer time.

Were longer stories more comprehensive and thoughtful?

Yes, longer stories were detailed. Longer stories had the definitions of all sophisticated vocabulary and phrases. Therefore, the listeners are left with no unanswered queries. Longer stories also defined every event of the story comprehensively thus ensuring that the listeners understand better the news topics.

Meaning of the differences

These differences imply that NPR will attract more listeners. This increase is because of the comprehensive and top class of stories they present to the listeners. The differences also indicate that NPR is winning the trust of the listeners thus seeing it grow daily.


I think NPR deserve some public funding mechanism as a way of appreciation of the work they do. If NPR advertise so that it can generate funds, this will interfere with their news programs and ultimately the quality of work they present will be affected negatively. The main reason behind it will be the time factor, whereby much time will be consumed in advertising leading to little time of news presentation. Therefore, the news will not be comprehensive enough.

Difference between noncommercial and commercial programs

There is a dissimilarity in the type of news and delivery provided by non-commercial and commercial programs. In non-commercial program, the advertisements are widely spread, and they are not the primary source of the station funding. These programs include those presented by the NPR affiliates. On the other hand, commercial program is the complete opposite there are commercial breaks and may be long. This is because advertising is the primary source of funding for the station

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