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E-Business Strategy: Model Characteristics

The case for e-business cannot be overemphasized. In order for companies to perform sustainably in current business ecosystem, key characteristics are required for an integrated strategy. Further, an independent (but integrated) e-business strategy should be in place in order to manage products and/or service more effectively across different online and offline platforms and channels. For current purposes, focus is laid on key characteristics for an e-business strategy.
Notably, an effective e-business strategy should cover main areas, namely: micro-targeting, personalization, content innovation, customized browsing experience, channel integration and investment in mobile (Evans). By identifying specific niche markets in an online platform, potential consumers are better targeted. Building on micro-targeting, shopping experiences need to be specifically personalized to individual consumer experience. This personalization can be performed by different means, including optimized, interesting content. Indeed, properly optimized and search engine-friendly content is apt to enhance consumer's / shopper's browsing experience as to render conversion more likely. This browsing experience – supported by interactive feedback system and optimized content – should, if anything, be well integrated across different channels (particularly social media platforms). Not least, investment in mobile platforms is becoming a critical component in current marketing and branding efforts. If anything, mobile facilities – particularly smartphones and phablets – are driving growth across different product and/or service category and/or business lines.

Amazon: Core Strategic Components

Amazon is a dominant market player. Having a host of market assets including, only for example, powerful global distribution channel and high brand equity, Amazon controls much of online retail. This market power is, however, challenged by players as Apple and Google. If anything, Amazon is a platform for a broad range of Apple and Google products. This has, interestingly, enabled Amazon to discontinue selling Google Chromecast and Apple TV (Barrett). This has, accordingly, led to leveraging Roku, Xbox and PlayStation (Barrett). Thus, by sheer brand power, Amazon has been able to "recommend" Roku, Xbox and PlayStation as more "interesting" TV streaming products compared to Google Chromecast or Apple TV. In brief, strong brand equity is apt to capture retail consumers and, more significantly, leverage (or not) brand equity of powerful players as to enhance company's market positioning (as is shown shortly by introducing an Own Brand).

Amazon: Metrics for E-Business Objectives

In identifying e-business objectives, Amazon is recommended to emphasize non-financial metrics as opposed to financial ones. That is, as opposed to standard quarter sales reports, Amazon is recommended to appraise consumer satisfaction, for example, based on brand equity. Further, Amazon is recommended to enhance her consumer flagship review program (Amazon Vine). This can be achieved by monetizing Amazon Vine. True, online feedback and "giveaways" create buzz for more reviewers. Still, Amazon is recommended to further structure Amazon Vine into a more monetizable program, similar to Google's numerous incentive-based programs, particularly in publishing and sharing video content.

Amazon: Strategic Options

For current purposes, one major strategic option emerges as most viable in short-range. Given growing significance of mobility applications, Amazon is recommended to accelerate an Own Brand smartphone. If anything, early market signs – including, for example, buying out 3D mapping startup UpNext, acquiring voice recognition software creator Yap, and launching a prepaid wireless service in Japan (Business Insider) – point out to an imminent release of an Amazon smartphone. Given abundance of structured and accurate data, Amazon has a promising potential not only in mobility manufacturing but, more significantly, mobile advertising.

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