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Published: 2020/11/29

Beth is in a dilemma of whether to instill her preferred ways of instruction to the institution or to enforce those in existence in the college. However, there are various options that are open that may help Beth deal with her perceived conflict between constructivist and behavioral approaches to instruction. Beth believes that these modes of instruction may not be the best for the students as they are too harsh and may put off numerous students from attending the university. One suggestion that Beth would wish to adopt is that in this line of career, the constructivist and behavioral approach of teaching is amongst the best practice. The rationale is that this class requires dedication and discipline in the students and this can only be achieved through this approach.
In addition, the chef wishes to maintain the quality of the graduates produced from the college. This calls for strictness and follow up in all aspects of the students. The suggestion would therefore be that Beth tries and formulates a policy that incorporates all the aspects this type of teaching behavior as it works best in this type of industry. one derivative from the case study is that traditional behaviorist approach of instruction cannot be completely ignored when coaching learners on certain disciplines. The principle is that some of the courses require this approach so as to maintain class and quality of the graduates. Moreover, this approach is helpful in maintain the standards of the college.
The problem with Dean Jacobs is that he is losing students as they drop out of the class. Beth Owens has the problem of deciding the policy to formulate so as to maintain quality and retain students while Chef Reiner wishes to increase enrolments in the college. The cause of conflict in Beth is that her ideas of good methods of instructions do not match those of the Chef. Her preexisting ideas go contrary to her observations of the program and this is the root of her problem.

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