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Widespread development in the garment industry has resulted into introduction of new types of trims and labels. Clothing companies have been on the frontline of designing custom labels with respect to customer’s preferences such as hand bags, T-shirts, aprons as well as furniture. Labels can be woven or printed. Both printed and woven labels are mostly made of cotton, silk, polyester, satin, damask and taffeta threads. The labels can be effectively used on both industrial and apparel clothing.
However the cost of producing the labels varies with respect to the material used. For instance, the cost of printed labels varies from $195 (when made from poly yarn) to $495(when made from rubber tape. Printed labels are easy to made and sewn into clothes. On the other hand, the cost of woven labels varies from $150(when made from poly yarn) to $1280(when made from satin). Also clothing labels a minimum of $360.
Among the most common types of labels embraced by clothing companies include brand label, size label, care label, flag label, manufacture and special labels. Many clothing manufacturers usually include brand labels on their products. Brand labels provide information about the brand logo, durability, quality as well as feel good factor to convince customers buy the product.
There are also size labels, as shown above, provide information about human body measurements corresponding with the product. Among the sizes mostly displayed on garments include small, medium, large and extra large.
Other clothing products come with care labels, just as shown in the above photo. Care labels provide necessary information concerning appropriate washing, drying as well as ironing procedures and precautions to be followed. The other information includes fiber content and country of origin.
Among the three discussed clothing labels, it is clear that some can be used on almost every product while others are relevant with a given garment. For instance, durability labels are relevant on aprons, lab coats and small bags. Similarly, care labels are relevant for use on lab coats, apron and small bags. On the other hand, size labels are suitable for use on both lab coats and aprons, but not necessary on small bags. Basing on the price difference offered, woven labels are cheap and easier to make than the other two labels.

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