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Do you know what expression “to feel the inspiration” means? The understanding of these words came to me when I was only a six-year-old boy on the green meadow near my house. That day, when I met Lucy. The day that changed my life forever.
My mum, escaping from an alcoholic husband, grabbed me and we moved to the sunny San Francisco. After settling down in a new place, I’ve decided to look around the back yard. Taking a robot, a toy my granny presented me for the last birthday, and strolled down the path. I’ve raised my head and there she was.
Despite my young age and amount of time passed, my childish memory remembered that moment perfectly. Bright red hair caught my eye at once. Long ringlets framed her lantern jaws, deep green eyes smiled from her cheeks, have a nigh-on magnetic attraction. Simple sky-blue dress suited Lucy greatly, made her looks like a fairy. The moment I saw this girl, with the most charming smile, I felt a joyful awe through my whole body. At that time I did not know what happen to me. Those new emotions seemed so strange. Now being a grown-up, I understand that was friendship at first sight. After some time I was awakened up to reality by her thin voice: “Carefully, your shoelace is untied”. “What?”- asked I shyly. “Your shoelace is untied”. That was our fist, but not the last conversation with Lucy at the meadow near my house.
As time passed, Lucy and I started to know each other better and become the very best friends. When we talked, I had a feeling that I known her forever. Everything was simple and easy. As our next door neighbor, Lucy and I spent the great part of the day together. My mum and her parents found a common ground very easily, so every Saturdays Lucy stayed at my place for a sleepover. Before fell asleep, we spent hours contemplating the stars through the glass roof at my house, dreaming about the future, making plans, sharing ideas.
A lot of common memories: good and bad made a bound between us. One hot summer, on Lucy’s tenth birthday parents gifted her dog. I’ve remembered that day very well. I’ve never seen her as happy as the moment she opened the box and a little shivering puppy looked at us with the big scared eyes.
Captain that was the puppies’ name, grown extremely fast, making Lucy the happiest girl around. She was kind and gentle dog, but destiny made it so, that Captain left us in a couple months.
One day Lucy run to my house, tears rolled down her pretty face. She choked with rage and insult. Later on, after not very clear mumbling I understood what disturb her. As it turned out, that suddenly Captain disappeared. We spent the whole evening in attempts to find the dog, searching the whole neighborhood, but the results were disappointing. Lucy lost her heart. She was sad and depressed and did not know what to do. All our free time we passed trying to find Captain, but nothing works. As Lucy was an only child, she did not have a sibling to turn to. But she had me, and I was there for her. I managed to find the right words and calm her down. Eventually, after a few months of hopeless searching, Captain came home. One afternoon we found her at the front door, skinny and scared. We never known what happened to her, but were happy to have her back. Such sad moment in our lives made us real friends.
One fine fall day, twelve-year-old me found a letter in the mail box. My aunt, father’s sister, reported that my granny died because of liver cancer. For a moment I froze. Though, I have not communicated with my dad, my relationship with granny was wonderful. I love this kind and warmhearted women very much. Disappointed and in a great necessity of a friend, I came to Lucy. She attentively listened to me, calm me down and encouraged me. She immediately found the right words to support me. In that very moment I understand how lucky I’m to have Lucy in my life. Her compassion and kindness helped me to live out those dark days.
I have a lot of favorite memories about Lucy. A lot of laugh and tears. Our summer evenings, phone calls and sincere conversation. I felt free to talk to her about everything. I knew for sure, that she would never give me up or judge me or leave me.
But not all out adventures ended in a good way. When we were teens, Lucy’s parent allowed us to toss a party at their house. The only condition was not to contact with Lucy’s father collection of the antique vases.
About nightfall the house was full of our common friends and classmates and just neighbors. We were celebrating the end of the semester and forthcoming summer. The cheerful laugh was heard from the living room. But suddenly everyone become quiet and a cracking sound was heard. When we entered the room, the priceless Chinese vase was cracked on the floor. For the second we did not know what to do. Thousands of thoughts run in our heads at that moment.
When Lucy’s parents came home that evening, they took a long look at the vases. The one disappeared. The father was upset, but no angry. We felt so shamed that evening. Without doubts, that adventure was not the one, that ended good for us.
Now, being an adult, flash back to my childhood, Lucy graces the most of the memories. That red-headed girl with small dimples on her cheeks changed my life, made it more colorful and interesting. It was a real blessing to meet such friend as Lucy.
Carrying our friendship through the years, supporting and encouraging each other at the challenging times, we proved that a real friend between a boy and a girl is existed. Though we living in different cities now, when we have a chance to meet each other and to talk at some quite place, we always recollect some stories and events that made us best friends. Our first day at school, our graduation, her marriage, me becoming a godparent, my marriage, all those bittersweet adventures that we experienced together. I am so grateful, that I had a chance to meet this girl years ago. If I have a chance to live this life again, I want Lucy to be my best friend.

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