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Psychological research future development studies indicate that there is a great need to understand better the impact of the traumatic events very early in the course of children. This paper focuses on the intriguing case of a girl who underwent several sexual assaults at different ages of her development. These events that were committed by his parents, friends and strangers made her exhibit severe symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in response to the traumatic incidences. This case presentation will act as the basis for discussion regarding the pertinent issues that are encountered in the Early Childhood Development and Trauma experiences.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

At an early age, Kathy exhibited a number of psychological and physiological difficulties as shown by temper tantrums and nightmares. In most circumstances, she was left alone crying by her parents for hours. In some circumstances, she had difficulty in sleeping and demonstrated anxiety symptoms. This situation would happen when she falls asleep only to wake up frightened and to scream. As observed, this child in most circumstances was sad, withdrawn and had frequent crying episodes. At the age of four, nine and fourteen, Cathy experienced subsequent sexual assaults. In most circumstances, she would feel guilty and cry for several hours alone without any help. Although most of her abnormal symptoms appear to dissipate gradually, Cathy would regress periodically when induced in response to some of the traumatic reminders. For instance, when she was married, she overdosed due to her inability to cope with her responsibility as a wife in the house. In most circumstances, the husband found the food burning in the oven. When she was questioned in the hospital, she denied ever having any sexual relationship with the wife. These veil of experiences continued in Cathy`s life until she decided to take poison. All these signs and symptoms indicate that Cathy was suffering from the post traumatic mental disorders.

Differential Diagnosis

However, it is important to note that Cathy current situation could be attributed to the stressful situation that she is experiencing at home. It is most likely that the husband is not friendly enough to love the wife and may not be hospitable enough to handle his wife, Cathy. This situation may confront Cathy and probably cause the circumstances. In some cases, such people may be diagnosed by .Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Reports on such treatment indicate that, without the knowledge of Cathy`s past events, it is possible to make such misdiagnosis.


The best treatment to offer Cathy is Trauma-Focused Cognitive –Behavioral Therapy for Childhood Traumatic Grief together with Trauma Systems Therapy. The two forms of treatment involve cognitive and emotional coping skills as well as trauma-processing technique. The coping skills will help Cathy to combat physiological symptoms in response to traumatic reminders over time and will allow for less hesitancy with regard to approaching any traumatic event. The trauma processing technique will enable Cathy mind to process feelings and thought that are associated with the events and ascribe the meaning to the events. In the hospital, doctors and counselors should integrate the use of psychopharmacology. It is important to initiate a trial of clonidine to argument emotion regulation skills by reducing Cathy`s hyper-vigilance and anxiety symptoms.


The current levels of PTSD diagnosis and treatment criteria are viable enough to provide the required treatment to Cathy. However, in circumstances of a high degree of trauma, improve diagnosis and treatments are necessary. However, it is important for the society to understand that reminiscent of the original trauma can evoke acute traumatic reactions in the life of anyone.


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